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  1. Wens Quartz 21/9/2016

    Still this, nearly 3 weeks without a change! Old pic - bit early for whisky yet?
  2. Sunday Young Guns (Post 1990)

    This one since Thursday- what's going on?
  3. Sat 3/9/2016 wuw

    Same again today
  4. I'm guessing the public liability insurance would be huge!
  5. Sunday Seniors (made before 1990)

    Looks the same as my first watch - nice! This for today
  6. Saturday 23.07.2016

    This one again, but switched to leather strap.
  7. Friday 22nd July Watches

    Been away for awhile but back now. This one today.
  8. New to me from Wales

    I'm no expert, but I rate it. Lovely

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