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  1. Bond, any update? I've been in again for a few hours and next session booked for 16th Feb
  2. I'm watching a film on Exodus at the moment on my fire stick. Paid £50 for it fully loaded as couldn't be bothered with sorting it myself...excellent bit of kit
  3. Aren't all watches top heavy? Just tighten the bracelet up a bit and you'll be sorted.
  4. Always have a watch on, so yea I sleep with one on.....nothing else mind
  5. Well I'm glad that's all sorted
  6. Robden, you sure that's the one you bought? Thought you had the same as me 1aer not 1a4er(I could be totally wrong though):
  7. Think the new one made in collaboration with Mclaren is a cool one million dollars. It has got Graphene in it though Here it is, nice in it
  8. I did it after I bought my Omega PO. Went from the start of August last year to this month without buying another. Did then have to buy a G Shock for work but won't be buying anymore for a long time.
  9. This whilst pottering around cleaning up after my kids: Then taking them out for dinner so will be swapping to the usual:
  10. Rog, who's the scary man wearing your badge
  11. Nice one Roger, I'm pants at quiz's (especially if it's about watches) but looking forward to giving it a go.
  12. Anything under 42mm looks too small on my wrist (IMO). Each to their own though
  13. Just the usual for me:
  14. I just like watches. I know decent makes from not so decent makes but apart from that not much else. I'd love to have the time to study watches in more depth but work, family and other stuff (mainly mountain biking) take priority.
  15. Great giveaway mate, would love a watch winder so count me in