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  1. Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Very very generous and I'm made up It' not just that he sent me a great watch for free it's the fact that he knew my type of watch and matched it accordingly.
  2. Postman came with a parcel today, opened up and found this free beast in it. A very big thank you to the very generous JayDeep..........I love it
  3. Saturday Automatic

    Usual for me today:
  4. Good looking G-Shocks

    I had this one which I though was a decent looking G Shock.
  5. It will soon be Christmas!

    If i can get hold of one on the next release I'm after an Obris Morgan Infinity as my new daily wear (know there' one for sale but not the one I'm after).
  6. The Postman Knows

    Yeah my Postie knows, always have a good craic with him and a good laugh. Have had the same Postie for the last 7 years and he knows everybody in the village. Only 6 houses where I live (just outside the village) so we all take in parcels for each other. Always give him a nice selection of Ales at Xmas dir his great service over the year
  7. Yup top guy, he's sent me a few freebies in the past and always with a hand written note which is a great touch
  8. And I don't really give a sh*t...... Only joking, know what you mean. Not related to watches but I know somebody who's Apple mad and won't even entertain any other brand......soo easy to wind up
  9. This for me as out for a walk at Borrowdale. Home to a couple of beers and a Cumberland sausage baguette with onions, mushrooms and chips
  10. Bargin

    £220 for that fixed up.......excellent catch
  11. FRIDAY again. HAGW all.

    PO for me today until gym session later on:
  12. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 28/09/2017

    Yea the lume ain't bad
  13. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 28/09/2017

    Now on to this, can't beat a BBQ in the dark
  14. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 28/09/2017

    Classic beater today:
  15. strap choice; big mistake?

    I think that will work (as the picture above does). Go for it and post some pics up

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