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  1. I like those I'm booked in again next week for further work....cant wait
  2. I had quite a few, for me, at one point but now I'm down to 3 so called better ones. One for work and general duties, one for my sporting activities and one decent one for everything else.
  3. Best service I've had was at David M Robinson jewelers in Mancheater when I bought my Omega PO. I spent a great 3hrs trying on all sorts of watches (the lovely, and very knowledgeable, sales person Hannah even let me try on a very expensive Rolex just for fun). Think the free champagne and Peroni helped. Even got a bottle of champagne to take away and the wife's diamond rings cleaned. Top service from a top jewelers. Oh and she wore a Tudor Black Bay so alright in my eyes This was the Rolex (£43k).
  4. Even better, why don't we all move on as this is becoming a bit boring Did I say bit......I meant very.
  5. I've shattered loads of sapphires, but never a hardlex...........does that help?
  6. Glad you got it Robden Mine says hello: No worries with this model Rog as there solar
  7. I'm looking for a new lens for my Canon 550d. I'm a total beginner at this photography lark but want a 55-250mm so I can get a bit better zoom. As I'm pretty rubbish (but hopefully improving) I'm look to get one as cheap as chips while I find my way around the endless settings on my camera. I've been looking at the EF-S 55-250mm f4-5.6 STM but are there any similar but at a better price? Thanks in advance
  8. Seiko and Casio for me. Couldnt give a toss if my watches have hardlex or's too short
  9. Most I've spent is £4k, most I would spend if I was being selfish and not thinking about my family......a lot more
  10. Most I've spent is £4k, most I would spend if I was being selfish and not thinking about my family......a lot more
  11. This, although not so much an impulse buy as I'd been after one for a few months.
  12. Buy one here for £94, quite a few members have these with various different names on the dials. Do miss mine, great watch for the cash.
  13. Everyone should try an Omega