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  1. Toddy101

    Saturday watch parade

    Taking my kids swimming so my new Garmin 735XT for me. Out for tea later so will be swapping to the P.O..
  2. Toddy101

    Thanks to Kev..........

    Sector my ar*e, all Kev is getting is a box full of Boogies hair (Nice watch by the way)
  3. Toddy101

    CW fan boy......now.

    I've only owned one CW which I quickly moved on as it seemed a bit fragile. No idea why as the build quality for the price was great. Would never pay full price on one mind. Love the design of the Trident (not the new logo positioned one) so might have to try again with the 600
  4. Toddy101

    TWF......Lurkers and Joiners.

    I'm still lurking
  5. Toddy101

    Competition and Merry Christmas.

    Nice one Rog, great gesture
  6. Excellent thread, looking forward to the next instalment
  7. Toddy101

    The Friday Thread~ 1st December.

    Off to the gym soon so my battered and bruised Garmin Fenix 3 for me.
  8. Toddy101

    Pilot vs Diver

    Divers for me as well, have tried other styles but always get drawn back to the diver style.
  9. I've had a couple of Strapcodes as well. Excellent bracelets, nice one Jay
  10. Toddy101

    Massive thanks to JayDeep

    Very very generous and I'm made up It' not just that he sent me a great watch for free it's the fact that he knew my type of watch and matched it accordingly.
  11. Postman came with a parcel today, opened up and found this free beast in it. A very big thank you to the very generous JayDeep..........I love it
  12. Toddy101

    Saturday Automatic

    Usual for me today:
  13. Toddy101

    Good looking G-Shocks

    I had this one which I though was a decent looking G Shock.
  14. Toddy101

    It will soon be Christmas!

    If i can get hold of one on the next release I'm after an Obris Morgan Infinity as my new daily wear (know there' one for sale but not the one I'm after).
  15. Toddy101

    The Postman Knows

    Yeah my Postie knows, always have a good craic with him and a good laugh. Have had the same Postie for the last 7 years and he knows everybody in the village. Only 6 houses where I live (just outside the village) so we all take in parcels for each other. Always give him a nice selection of Ales at Xmas dir his great service over the year

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