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  1. New arrival.

    Thanks all, I do rather like it
  2. New arrival.

    Nothing wrong with the pint cans of Budweiser, one of my favourites along with Moretti, Stella and Peroni (also Buttermere Beauty, Enerdale Blond, and Loweswater Gold).
  3. New arrival.

    Thanks all, might leave it on the strap for now and use the cash for a SKX007 as I miss the ones I've sold on (that would ruin my stick to 3 watches policy though).
  4. New arrival.

    Well after going round in circles for a week I finally went for a CW C60 Trident 300 as my beater which arrived today. Feels very light after wearing my Omega PO for the last few days, stuck it on a WatchGecko strap until I get the official CW bracelet. Very impressed so far.
  5. Customer complaint

    Another keyboard warrior and a waste of space.
  6. Confused Help!!

    The latest Obris Morgan Infinity is back out again mid November as they've sold out already. I've just bought a CW Trident 300 as my daily beater. Hasn't arrived yet so can't comment on quality but going by all the other positive feedback on here I shouldn't be disappointed.
  7. What can you say........

    I'm not surprised you did have a decent answer with the amount of watches you have Your going to have to start wearing 2 on each wrist and 2 on each ankle in quick rotation to prove to her that you need them all
  8. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    I did this last year. Think I had around 12 watches but then went and bought an Omega Planet Ocean which meant that most of the others weren't getting worn. Sold most of them and now have 3. My Omega as my "good" watch, my Garmin as my fitness watch and my Christopher Ward Trident as my beater. If I want a new watch then the beater gets sold and the funds go towards the new one. Works for me as they all get worn regularly.
  9. Down to 2 watches so this for me again today......new CW on its way though
  10. Breitling on strap or bracelet?

    Bracelet for me but does look good on the strap as well
  11. Friday!

    This for me today:
  12. The New Obris Morgan Infinity

    I tried as well but all sold out......gutted
  13. Most of one make.

    1 x Omega 1 x Scurfa 1 x Garmin
  14. Invicta

    Think the above was mine, great watch for the price
  15. Scurfa now up for sale, got to scratch the itch

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