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  1. Longines all the way mate
  2. The more I look at these the more I like them. Great catch mate
  3. Would be the Tudor for me, very nearly bought one last year but opted for something else. Whicheveryou choose it's going to be nice
  4. Looking forward to bed after another 12hr night shift, still got this on:
  5. Now on its bracelet :
  6. We need pics of these awsome wins
  7. I can wait, if it's a watch I really want then the length of time doesn't really bother me. No point in just buying a substitute then thinking I should have waited. Easier now that I'm down to 3 better watches instead of a box full of ones that never get worn.
  8. This for me again this morning:
  9. A watch is the only thing I wear in bed
  10. Rolex Deep Sea Dweller, more like 10 years than in the next year though
  11. About 6m with my 600m Omega Planet Ocean
  12. Erm......had no watch freebies and no wins Oh I did get a shark mesh bracelet of Davy P though That Tissot looks awsome.
  13. Thanks all, really liking this one
  14. This new arrival.
  15. New Orient Mako XL, removed the bracelet and now on a leather strap from WatchGecko (will be swapping between the 2 as mood suits). First time I've owned an Orient and must say very pleased with the quality. Will.make a nice beater