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  1. Why?

    I'm always on the look out for the next must have. It's all part of the fun for me and keeps this watch collecting lark intresting. I now make myself sell one before purchasing another but always put a bit of extra cash towards so my daily wear is getting better and better (as that's the only one I flip). I would seriously go through your collection, separate out the ones that you're not so sure about and sell to put the cash towards something new
  2. Why?

    As has been said Rog, why don't you start selling the ones that "don't hit the spot" (I'm guessing you've a few in your large collection) and buy something a bit more special? Imagine how much fun you can have hunting down something for a few grand.......or more Or if that's not your thing then you could always gift them to family and friends, so they can get enjoyment from them instead of them being stuck in a draw.
  3. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    Both nice but the Tudor just edges it for me
  4. Nicest Solar

    That Padi is awsome
  5. notifications

    Are you seeing the 3 white horizontallines in the top right hand corner of your screen?
  6. Show your views!

    As I live in the Lake District I get some decent views, this is 5 mins away from my house: Slightly further away (30 mins) and a bit of a climb for this view:
  7. Show your views!

    Not the nicest of days today but this is mine from the back garden:
  8. Thursday Automatics

    Omega PO for me today:
  9. Thanks mate I'm in for this. Rolex DSSD is my grail....Won't be buying one unless I win the lotto so this wold be great
  10. Aspirations

    I only have 4 watches in my collection. One was a raffle prize so unsure of price but my lowest that ive bought is £300 and my most expensive is more than that. I do get enjoyment out of all.my watches but I must admit I do prefer my most expensive. Not sure if it's down to the quality of the watch or just me being a snob
  11. Enjoying the sun.

    Am I right in guessing you're not so keen on warm weather.....just a feeling I'm getting
  12. Survey of watch owners

    Here it is in all its glory:
  13. Survey of watch owners

    Lucky we weren't talking about a Steinheart eh Mr Bond
  14. Survey of watch owners

    Wasn't been narrow minded, have owned Citizen and Armani (not an RL though) and the citizen was a class above even though it cost less. Was suprised as it was from Watchpro not just a "high street" survey. In fact I still have the Armani stuck in a draw somewhere
  15. An interesting Ebay description

    Just asked her what right she has to sell this seeing as it's her husbands....waiting on response