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  1. Nigelp

    None Barmy Question.

    In all fairness the op raised a question and we so far have answered it only with second tier information have we not? Contrived of marketing paraphernalia. I'm neutral though I wonder if it would be possible to provide the op with prime documentation reference to substantiate the claims linked to COSC...or do we only have access to that of the marketing departments?
  2. Nigelp

    ch ward logos

    someones taking the piss this is like saying is an i10 Hyundai circa 2010 more desirable than one circa 2011.
  3. Nigelp

    Sudden Crisis...

    I meant to quote the bloke who started the thread but thats not how the software works due to crossed facts. I'd let you have one of the leather keepers off one of my old omega jobs (which come in flat pack self assembly), but being English I've binned the blighters .
  4. Nigelp

    Sudden Crisis...

    Just imagine if that was sold as some sort of special when new like the denim ones etc by miltat, instead of being a tenner it would be 50 quid. the rougher it looks the more it costs
  5. Nigelp

    Sudden Crisis...

    cut the excess strap get some cotton and thread and make one it will match then and the strap will be sized too. Sorted.
  6. Nigelp

    Sudden Crisis...

    I find being poor helps with these type of crisis, as in being what can I say? Not exactly a man of independent means...i'd make do and mend and probably makes something to go round it.
  7. Nigelp

    Saturday watch parade 24th

    ok i lied...i'm really wearing my seiko as i've been gunking the engine bay on dads new volvo and i don't reckon my sub(standard)rolexalike would be up to it so i'm looking after it. I've just bought a clock as well its 200 years old and still has the sticky label inside from when it was new! How is that for originality! i'll bet the replacement batteries are going to cost a bit! look at the size of 'em
  8. Nigelp

    Saturday watch parade 24th

    I've got me daytona on but you don't wanna see that crap, so i'll treat you to another pic of my bondandbigmalikesub just in case anyone missed in in my thread about it.
  9. i'll bet, I once had an XJS which did virtually no mpg then i found out some wise guy had fitted a petrol tank that had spent the last 15 years on a council house estate in Burnley being used as a bbq. I had just filled it up to, i had to siphon off about 18 gallon into plastic dust bins so i could whip the tank out and put a new one in. I managed to get a recon one from a garden in Accrington for 15 quid. You know what that was nearly 20 years since and as far as i know its still on. Did you not feel a bit effeminate in that caddy?
  10. I loved lulu when i was a kid, i used to stop playing with my toy cars when she came on the telly and be in love. Oh yeh and you know, you see, when i'm taking the mickey, only thing sub about my sub in this thread is sub standard. Nice pants. I wish some of my ex girl friends were as understanding as you are...they all think i'm being serious when I try and have a laugh they all seem to have lost their sense of humour.
  11. Nigelp

    Longines Lindbergh

    that is lovely
  12. Nigelp

    How good are CW watches?

    your a good man and cw have a forum where you can natter about them all the time and that goes for the rest of ya 'en all just saying
  13. Nigelp

    How good are CW watches?

    sorry i was joking but they are boring lol thats a good one i like that
  14. Nigelp

    How good are CW watches?

    theyre boring can we forget about them now and get back to finding roger?

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