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  1. The tunnels took their toll on this one, still going strong but retired now, a Marathon GSAR has taken its place.
  2. Probably 3k, maybe if I earned more I might break my moral barrier, maybe not. You can try to be sensible but watch want can be hard to kerb. I have one that most, use the phrase 'flys under the radar', seems hardly a thread without the phrase, I think most only see what they want to see, it gets all kinds of attention from discreet, furtive glances, total gazing or following a tennis rally, certain locations I will not wear it. As long as you never underestimate how others value your watch its ok.
  3. Its pot luck on a Seiko if things line up, looks great on the nato.
  4. Working the child labour today, the watch that saw him into the world nearly 8 years ago.