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  1. Later, William
  2. Later, William
  3. Omega, cal.620 Superflat 17 jewels. 1964. Later, William
  4. It "sort of" looks as though the section of the disk with "D" on it has just passed the pointer. Later, William
  5. It appears to be 2:12 AM April 3rd. Simple, really. Later, William
  6. Therein rests a problem for ordinary people. Those people that purchase such watches are unlikely to have any interest in providing online reviews for the rest of the world to contemplate. I had the misfortune of growing up in the equine world, and anything a horse trader says is a lie wrapped in a boast that's been dipped in a scheme. I suspect the very first generation of used car salesmen were horse traders on the run from their previous deals. Later, William
  7. Yes, but are these designs improving accuracy or longevity, or even the owner's ability to tell the time? They appear to be an exercise in complexity for complexity's sake. As an example, Rolex's innovations seem to be centred around improvements in material preparation and assembly technique. I am given to flights of fancy occasionally, but I suspect if I could afford a $400,000 wrist novelty I wouldn't be tempted. Later, William
  8. Speaking in historical terms, Vostok never had a version that was recognised as a standard edition. There was a seemingly endless array of dials. Regarding Seiko models, such as the SKX007, the phenomenal volume of production guarantees future generations of watch collectors will not be harmed as a result of modifications. Taking Rolex as an example of the more expensive and less ubiquitous segment of the watch collector's world, it may not be relevant in the future what happens to todays 20K watches. Considering the direction of Western economies, the "average" watch collector of the next generation may have no hope of owning these watches. Later, William
  9. It is a great time for a collector of watch brands! Not so great for a collector of watches. Later, William
  10. Perhaps reminiscent of ian something or other, the one that was on about facelifts and Kerry Katona all of the time. As I recall, he only made a single watch post. Later, William
  11. Willikers, look at that! Anyway, nothing says rabbit eggs like a communist watch. Вocтok Амфибия, кал.2409 17 камней. Сделано в СССР. Девятнадцать восьмидесятых. Later, William
  12. It's the smug and self-satisfied Sunday oldies thread! Citizen Challenge Timer, cal.8110A 23 jewels. June 1980. Later, William
  13. Perhaps this lady might like you as much as Coke! Later, William
  14. I don't know. It came from South America and was far more original than the ones from the Philippines, and the price was quite good. Anyway, it runs well and isn't all neon like many of the Far East examples. Later, William
  15. Later, William