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  1. Am I wrong?

    As I recall, eccentric is a word that is used popularly to describe someone who is wealthy, who otherwise would be called loonie. Later, William
  2. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    I wish I had the opportunity to have that problem. Later, William
  3. A nearby Glen...

    Therefore, I take it you have assistants tethered to the DSLRs with a laptop performing on the fly colour correction, thus ensuring proper photographic results. Later, William
  4. Omega is funny

    The industrious Ukrainians have been upgrading "absolutely original" scrapped gold pocket watches for many years now. It is fascinating how these watches, regardless of their age or type, are genuine rare WWII pilot's watch relics. Later, William
  5. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    They sell medication for that problem, these days. Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. Later, William
  6. Seiko Five Only

    Seiko 5 Racer! It has an extra special rally bracelet from Mach! Later, William
  7. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    What we see is a pic saying "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting". It also includes the web address where you can give them money to make it work. Basically, what has always seemed like a piss poor excuse for hosting is now absolutely useless for off site photos. Later, William
  8. Forsining Fun

    Roger has the really posh model. Later, William
  9. Forsining Fun

    It's jewish! Later, William
  10. Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990) 16/07/17.

    Betrayer!!!!!!!!! Later, William
  11. Sunday Old watch (made before 1990)

    Omega Seamaster 600, cal.601 17 jewels. 1966. Later, William
  12. Services: The extra posh ServiceS elite owners club!!!!!

    Quite true, many of the cheaper Swiss movements were available in different jewel counts. Ronda did pin pallet, single jewel 17 jewel and 21 jewel versions of some of their movements back when they were struggling against tuning forks and the early quartz movements. Later, William
  13. Vintage Omega Seamaster help

    The Omega cal.600, 601, 602 and 613 are solid movements with seventeen jewels and manual wind. The 600 series was in use throughout the 1960s, and there are a great many watches out there using the movement. Later, William
  14. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    Thank you. I've been upgrading and updating some of my computer equipment for the last few weeks for a change of pace, but I do check in at the forum regularly. Later, William
  15. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    Omega Seamaster 300, cal.552 24 jewels. 1966. Later, William