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  1. Win 10 works quite well with slow multi core processors using 2gb of ram and limited storage. Win 10 keeps installs quite trim purposely in limited machines. My first gen Intel Compute Stick, with 2gb of ram and 32gb storage, web surfs and plays HD movies without any problems. Later, William
  2. You have no idea to what mach gets up! Here he is in action: Later, William
  3. In fact, mach is kind enough to point out that you're having a brain fart, when you forget the details are there and you ask him what model and movement it is. Later, William
  4. Citizen Challenge Timer, cal.8110A 23 jewels. 1980. Later, William
  5. Yes, eye indolence is a problem facing the nation these days.. Later, William
  6. Aye, there's the rub, collector prices are fine when you don't face time's constraints. Later, William
  7. My previous mobo would lose a couple of ports occasionally. I would delete them from the Device Manager and restart the computer and see if it reinstalls the drivers. Later, William
  8. Is that £8000 by gold weight, or collector prices? Later, William
  9. Roger, you could attempt to create situations that require him to sift through his steaming pile of filth. If he is like most teenagers, he always wears the same shoes. Hide one quietly under the pile, and leave him to search when he is desperate to get going. Perhaps his game controller in the back of the closet/wardrobe. If he becomes accusatory ask him if he has been drinking or having problems at school, and tell him he can talk to you about it. The "cool" dad is the weirdest thing a teenager can face. Change his desktop wallpaper to My Little Pony. It's always enjoyable to toy with your prey. Later, William
  10. Happy birthday. Later, William
  11. It is 20:49 EDT for me, not really an accomplishment being online. Later, William
  12. But I'll trade you a slightly newer and visibly worse version of the other watch for it!!!!!!! ServiceS, SWISS MADE, A.Schild cal.1187 15 jewels, circa late 1950s. Later, William
  13. Thank God! A few years ago everybody was saying "I turned around". In fact, I'm sure some people must have been dizzy as a result of turning around so frequently. Later, William
  14. Shoughie0 beat me to it, arrgh! Anyway, I will defer to an emergency question: Cats or cheese? Later, William
  15. Are we not men? Later, William