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  1. It is my belief that Gmail was created to make email useless. I have a Samsung smartphone with Android, therefore I am forced to have a Gmail account. I like a simple inbox, not a pseudo-hierarchical mystery maze. I don't use it often, but when I do, I usually find old messages I have never seen before hiding in a directory I didn't know existed. Later, William
  2. swiss

    I'm confused now, which isn't necessarily unusual. Anyway, after I put it back together I stripped the cover off of my smartphone and ran Wildspectra. It indicated 28,800, fluctuating +/-35, in six positions. I don't know what to think and I'm not going to worry about it. I do have one practical though. When the crown is pulled out to the third position is the battery electrically disconnected? Later, William
  3. swiss

    Well, that was terrifying, removing the cover with a brand new double bevelled box cutter blade. I didn't think it would happen, but then it did. There you go, 9157. Fancy that! Later, William
  4. swiss

    I've shot a macro high framerate video and zoomed in as well as slowed it down considerably and it appears that it probably is a 28,800, but the beat rate is off the mark. It isn't running at 21,600 but a bit less, though it does seem to be keeping time. I'm not equipped to tear it open so it will remain a mystery for now. Later, William
  5. Damn it!!! I seem to have erred, that should read "13 jewels". Later, William
  6. Stellaris Electronic, ESA cal.9150 Dynotron 12 jewels. Late 1960s - early 1970s. Later, William
  7. swiss

    If I read the specs correctly, the 9154 and the 9158 have a beat rate of 28,800 and mine is definitely operating at 21,600. Later, William
  8. Oh Jesus! There two schools of thought on this question. The first being there is absolutely no difference. The second being that there is absolutely every difference. The discussions can drag on for two pages. It usually ends up along the lines of "People who purchase the J version must be mentally ill to waste the extra money and will be damned to hell!". The other side end up saying something like "The K version isn't shiny enough and causes infertility!". Later, William
  9. I took advantage of Roy's recent sale and purchased a gold coloured Stellaris Electronic Q Transistorized watch. Yes, that is correct, it is full of Q goodness, schematically speaking! The front... The rear... The second hand... A squirrel... Anyway, it works quite well. Using Paul's website, electric-watches.co.uk, it would seem the movement is an ESA 9150. It is operating at 21,600, as demonstrated in one of the photos above. If I'm off the mark on this perhaps Paul can set me straight. Later, William
  10. The issue that was prized highly for the unusual omission of an apostrophe! Style and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Two things occur to me while viewing this image. The first, he looks like a villain from the Thunderbirds. The second, he appears as though he is about to go before a war crimes tribunal, "I was just a clerk following orders!". Later, William
  11. It's sex on a stick mate! Later, William
  12. I've found that some of those older tiny inset crown type of watches are a great deal easier to turn after a service. Later, William
  13. Remember, this is just my opinion... Anyway, the Seiko diver's watches are ubiquitous to the point of being rather common. The slide rule chronographs look cool in photographs but are invisible mostly, unless you have the vision of a bird of prey. Also, the quartz chrono movements contained within them don't seem very special to me, but perhaps that's just my problem. The 1963 reissue has a classic postwar man of action appeal to it and is a suitable size to go with most types of attire. Taking these critical points into consideration, the choice is obvious, pick what you like. You'll need to purchase and wear it. Later, William
  14. It used to run on TV all the damned time! Later, William
  15. I think maths is a diminutive, whilst MATHS is an acronym for: Mentally Affected Teachers Harassing Students. Later, William