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  1. I am prepared for this contingency! Fluffy stealing my Speedy Mk.II... Later, William
  2. Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick Rog! 10,000 and you've only been a member for about 5 minutes. Congratulations. Later, William
  3. 10,000... it's all downhill from here. Later, William
  4. I spent hundreds on an Omega Speedmaster Quartz because I had a NOS bracelet for it. When the watch arrived, its bracelet was like new. My NOS bracelet continues to wait on the shelf. Later, William
  5. Congratulations to Teg62x and good job on the part of bridgeman. Later, William
  6. Omega Speedmaster Professional Mk.II, cal.861 17 jewels. 1972. Later, William
  7. Omega Genève Chronostop, cal.920 17 jewels. 1969. Almost mint! Later, William
  8. I would like to add myself to the list as well, please and thank you. Later, William
  9. Now is the time to display your treasured oldies! Omega Seamaster Chronograph, cal.1040 22 jewel automatic. 1973. Later, William
  10. Later, William
  11. Jus' keepin' it real y'all! Later, William
  12. As an added backup, you can get 128GB USB 3.0 flash drives for £20 - £30. Not the cheapest but if you purchase as needed it takes some of the sting out of it. Their advantage being small size and no moving parts. A fire box can hold a lot of USB flash drives. Most of the software packages that come with cameras these days have a basic management system. Usually date oriented. Later, William
  13. Providing the Hamilton is magnetised, it is merely a minor case. A watch that has been magnetised moderately will see a change of many minutes or hours per day. A watch that has been magnetised thoroughly will stop dead. You might be able to demag a watch with an old CRT monitor that has a Degaussing function. Not ideal though, as you do better with a longer cycle time. Later, William
  14. My eyes are fine, but I do have a little taste of sick at the back of my throat. Later, William
  15. It does say "Make Offer". Later, William