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  1. badgersdad

    Fridays wristwear

    HAGWE everyone.
  2. badgersdad

    A Moonphase has landed ...

    Moonphase is a complex and difficult field. So many are so ugly. That's a beauty.
  3. badgersdad

    Friday Display~ 27th April.

    Its been this all week.
  4. badgersdad

    Longines hydroconquest

    I tried one and TBH it felt a bit cheap and blingy. I much preferred the Glycine Combat Sub win blue/black. it feels more grown up and less eye-catching, to me at least. However, each to his own... If I could paste a photo in I would, but being at work i can't.
  5. badgersdad

    Something else annoying.

    Or not enough genuinely annoying things in life?
  6. badgersdad

    Reverse Panda Speedy?

    Buying and selling fakes, regardless of where it happens, increases the number of fakes out there and consequently the chance of someone entirely innocent such as myself being ripped off. If someone's told me that they did pass fake tenners but not in my shop, would I ever accept a tenner from then again?
  7. badgersdad

    Saturday 21st April - WRUW

    Have a good weekend.
  8. badgersdad

    Funtime Friday.

    Cos they're ace. Have you tried a gw5000? Honestly, brilliant.
  9. badgersdad

    Funtime Friday.

    Havent done of of these for a while. Have a good Friday everyone.
  10. badgersdad

    Holiday watch?

    Spend a little bit more and buy the excellent citizen eco-drive BN0101, or an SKX. Both brilliant beach watches and they look grown up. £110-ish?
  11. badgersdad

    Am I over-thinking this?

    Sell one and use the money to buy a gift for someone you love.
  12. badgersdad

    Friday 8th December 2017

    A change from my smp today.
  13. badgersdad

    Perfectly Satisfied

    I rarely take off my SMP300 during the week. I have no complaint about it what-so-ever. And boy, can I complain...
  14. badgersdad

    New in - Franck Muller

    I like the Scooby-Doo font.

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