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  1. Am I over-thinking this?

    Sell one and use the money to buy a gift for someone you love.
  2. Friday 8th December 2017

    A change from my smp today.
  3. Perfectly Satisfied

    I rarely take off my SMP300 during the week. I have no complaint about it what-so-ever. And boy, can I complain...
  4. New in - Franck Muller

    I like the Scooby-Doo font.
  5. Front Loaders

    We front loader owners call them monocoque cases. My King Seiko is one such. It has a screw under one of the lugs to adjust the rate thereby saving you taking the crystal out. I've never dared touch it.
  6. The Friday parade~ 3rd November.

    Have a good weekend.
  7. The Return Of The Seiko Samurai

    I generally prefer divers on bracelets, but I think this one really suits a rubber.
  8. Friday 20th.

    Half term! Just one little training day to go.
  9. Friday de Firteemf 13 10 2017

    Dark this morning. *yawn*
  10. State of the collection

    As a interesting illustration of the ecology of the watch, they are unsurpassed. Whilst the majority of divers use the same techniques as those developed by the pioneers in the early 20th century, the designers of the Amphibia did it behind the iron curtain, so, like a weird variant of a species on a remote island, they developed differently. One key feature is the acrylic crystal, which rather than being as inert as possible, purposefully distorts under pressure to increase the effectiveness of the seal. Another is the way the case back is attached by a ring which screws over it avoiding the lateral shearing forces which distort the seals in a standard screw-on case back. Thirdly, there is a clutch in the crown which avoids the stem being constantly under pressure when the crown is screwed down. The clutch only engages when you pull the crown out - many people mistake it for a production error. The SE ones are better looking though they tend to sell out quickly. Buy direct from Meronom - I've had nothing but positive experiences with them.
  11. Reissues you'd like to see.

    It's difficult to find anything with this aesthetic and in this size - I don't want a 40mm 50s style watch.
  12. Sarb035. You can stop looking now.
  13. New Watch Day!

    I miss it already.
  14. Saturday Watch Parade 07.10.17

    Don't they just sit nicely on the wrist?

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