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  1. sending watches abroad - best parcel service

    Thanks everyone. Very helpful.
  2. Customer complaint

    Psycho. I bet he's a nerdy little fella with a grudge.
  3. I need to send a watch to Denmark. Which service would people recommend? The box isn't especially large or heavy (it's no Longines Legend Diver) and I'd like to insure it to its value of £1000, but that's looking prohibitively expensive. How do watch retailers do it? Any advice gratefully received.
  4. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    In the garden centre buying turf. It's going to be another achy day. I should coco.
  5. Friday!

    At last! HAGWE! Photo from last night, so the time and date were right.
  6. Might start with one of these. Just for fun.
  7. Invicta

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with the Seiko NH36. Excellent movement.
  8. Show us your beater in its natural environment.

    I worked for a squirrel once. He was a right ba$t@rd.
  9. Steinhart Has Worn Well

    Quite. Imagine wearing a rolex to work in an industrial workshop. Who would do a thing like that...
  10. Just arrived

    Don't get hung up on the jewels - Most of them arent doing much anyway.
  11. I really like the scurfa, but realistically, now you've considered selling it, It's days are numbered. If it doesn't go to make way for the obris, it'll go for something else. Poor thing.
  12. Fridays Watch Thread

    Don't know if you know Whitby, but to my mind, and after extensive research, the best fish and chips are available either to eat in at The Fisherman's Wife on Kyber Pass or to take away from Riverside Fisheries down Church Street by the shipyard. I wouldn't queue up for the magpie.
  13. Fridays Watch Thread

    Day two for this.
  14. The grand(ish) parade of new(ish) watches :)

    I remember seeing that first one on here ages ago. What make is it? It's quite different. Nice to see a diver not based on one of a handful of standard core designs.
  15. Auto Thursday.

    This arrived today courtesy of @philjopa . I've been fancying a bit of guilloche for a while. Very smart.

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