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  1. If you feel like a bit of exercise, I can recommend walking down the Samariá Gorge - starts at an altitude of over 1200m and after walking for approx 13kms you end up at sea level - we went via an organised coach trip - started off at stupid o'clock, dropped off on the plateau at the top, walked the gorge and then we were picked up by boat and taken round the coast to rejoin the coach. By the way, if you hire a car, be aware that the roads are a little 'hairy' in places and the local drivers (particularly the coaches!) are completely mad...
  2. Gaspode

    Omega Seamaster....or is it?

    Looking at that caseback, I'd be more concerned that your hand may fall off... Secondhand vintage Omegas (in fact, make that ALL Omegas) are an absolute minefield when it comes to identifying original watches versus frankens and fakes. If you ever get the urge to buy a 'real' one, spend a lot of time researching so that you can spot the obvious faults - and take anything you're told by a potential seller with a pinch of salt unless they can back it up with their seller reputation or documentary evidence. Some sellers genuinely don't know what they're selling, but I'm afraid the world is full of folk who see a tidy profit passing off known fakes as the genuine article....
  3. Gaspode


    As an aside (and back on the topic of shoes ) - apparently Cheaney did very nicely when Cruise wore a pair of their Tenterden shoes in the Jack Reacher film (keeping true to the shoes the character wore in the original books by British author Lee Child) - shame the books have Reacher as being well over 6ft tall and built like the proverbial Brick Outhouse whereas Cruise is nearer 5ft his bare feet...
  4. Gaspode

    Vintage Omega ID please

    I'd guess it's got one of the excellent 269 hand-winding movements (or similar from the same family) - I don't think there were model names as such so I wouldn't get too hung up on identifying it specifically....
  5. Gaspode

    New Christopher Ward C5 Malvern

    Agreed - despite having a few CWs, I walked away from their forum - really didn't like the 'attitude' of some of the posters to anything they disagreed with..... As for the watches - buy them in a sale and you're getting good 'bang for your buck' - plus they come with a 5 year warranty if you have concerns about reliability....
  6. Gaspode

    Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    You can also buy in bulk - I got a tin including 12 of the impregnated cloths, a microfibre buffing cloth and a pair of gloves - can't remember the exact price, but somewhere around £15 from Lakeland....The tin is great as it helps to prevent them drying out as quickly.
  7. I have a Red Baron II: A Sea Ground (stealth version): and a Speed Timer: Less than £50 each from ebay.....
  8. Let mine update of its own accord - one bluescreen of death afterwards which was worrying at the time, but rock solid ever since....
  9. Gaspode

    Most Complications

    I have a Citizen Nighthawk and also this Ingersoll automatic: Day, Month, Date (via pointer), (proper) Moonphase - may not be the most complications, but does take some setting up when I've let it run down.....
  10. Gaspode

    Vintage Hamilton Expert

    With that style of dial logo, I'd guess it's 1960s - if you have the patience, trawl through the catalogues here: http://vintagewatchforums.com/viewforum.php?f=21&sid=bb73caea6f563360d113939de72da8e1&start=45 Hopefully you'll find it listed (though I have a couple of 'European' versions which aren't shown so don't assume the catalogues are definitive)....
  11. Gaspode

    Mechanical chronographs

    Valjoux 23: Valjoux 7733: And relatively rare hybrid Lemania (LWO) 283 (an ETA 2892-2 with Dubois Depraz Chronograph Module attached):
  12. I have the first version which I like a lot (particularly as I picked it up for peanuts on a certain auction site). In my opinion, version 2 is a bit strange (mixture of Roman numerals and bar markers just looks weird and would annoy me) - version 3 had blocky (to my mind ugly) hands. I really like the latest version with the narrow hands, but it's too close to the original for me to contemplate getting one at present. For anyone struggling to identify the versions, there's a website here which has photos: Bambino versions
  13. Gaspode

    Creation watches

    Lots of reports that the Customs man has finally sussed out their ruse with the 'measuring instruments' declaration so they're now stating full cost and people are being hit with extra charges. Used to be an almost guaranteed bargain, but with the likelihood of add-on charges (and the hassle should you need to claim under warranty), I'm not sure they're worth risking anymore. I'd also expect the same applies to other far east suppliers (such as skywatches) - the political focus on making sure people pay tax is finally beginning to bite the man in the street....
  14. Gaspode

    Seiko Lord Matic

    Slightly, but not that significant - bigger issue is that the crystal scratches and it's almost impossible to find replacements nowadays - then again, I like watches that are a little bit 'different' so I'm happy to live with it....
  15. Gaspode

    Seiko Lord Matic

    And of course, some LMs had faceted crystals :

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