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  1. First seiko recommendations

    Sorry mate, like many on here I'm useless at posting pics! It's officially the SNZF17K1 (J1 is Japanese made version). Go on Creation under Divers and it's their cheapest, actually at £98, a cracking all-rounder. As suggested the SKX007 is a great classic but you'll have to pay more. Good luck anyway Jason
  2. First seiko recommendations

    Pick up the Sea Urchin for £99 Creation Watches. Ticks all your boxes, you can't go wrong
  3. Seiko Diver Kinetic SKA371 & SKA761. Difference?

    And to complicate matters, the so-called superior one is being sold on Amazon without the 'X'! Maybe I'm the sad ******* for noticing.... Very nice and cheapest to my eyes that's actually available, an unbreakable watch. If you look you'll see the identical watch marketed as 761 is more money everywhere, including Creation. Someone, somewhere has an answer
  4. Seiko Diver Kinetic SKA371 & SKA761. Difference?

    I'm wondering whether 'fast ones' are being pulled regarding the old model sold without the 'X'; some are clearly showing the original 371 without it and others (Yorkshire for example) with. Maybe when received you don't get the 'X' as clearly the 761 is a lot more expensive. Check out Creation and you'll see price difference (although 371, at cheaper price, with an X, showing SOLD OUT). Weird
  5. Seiko Diver Kinetic SKA371 & SKA761. Difference?

    Thanks lads. it's baffling. I owned the former a decade ago (H. Samuel £299 at time) but gave to my son, still going strong. Was looking at provision of getting new one but obviously confused. MAYBE the latter has replaced the former as the original is showing 'sold out' on a number of sites. Even so, don't get justification of huge price hike. The Prospex claim seems a little ambiguous as can't see any difference??? No mate, the 371 started having the X on anyway a few years back so still baffling!
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but to my eyes they look identical...about from the price! Can anyone clarify the alleged superiority of the latter? Cheers
  7. Do you think they're overpriced? Just can't find another domed automatic that looks as good...
  8. Do you think the Cocktail overrated then? They're very beautiful with a lovely domed case and made in Japan. Thought the £266 for gold plated model looked great value?...
  9. Are there any experts who can tell me the difference between the SPP44 4J1 and the SARY076? There's a big price difference on Creation yet they seem the same watch watch? Cheers
  10. The Worst Watches you've had.

    An 18ct gold Longines QUARTZ (yep, what a sin!). A present. Unreliable, not well made and kept draining batteries. Have 20 quid Lorus that's better built
  11. Creation 'sold out' on many Invicta

    You know what's interesting? They've actually been more reliable than my Seiko's. Honestly, they're great value for money
  12. And they're the desirable diver types. Does anyone know the reason as for years they've been readily available? Cheers
  13. Forgive me if this has been highlighted already as been away for a while, but the prices seem to have gone up radically. Is this a Brexit thing?
  14. At 49 quid looks good thing

    Thanks lads. I have to say the site seemed dodgy!

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