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  1. james brodie

    Why don't all Quartz watches have 10 year battery?

    Won't get one for 15 quid though
  2. james brodie

    Why don't all Quartz watches have 10 year battery?

    Wow, comprehensive. Thank you. The interesting thing about many of the 10 year Casio watches are the huge amount of functions they additionally provide, which you'd have thought would put more strain on the battery. They're certainly value for money
  3. I'm not geek minded, but if a 15 quid Casio plastic timepiece can, why doesn't everybody else? Or is it impractical on better pieces? It's a complete pain in *rse getting batteries changed and one could argue never quite same watch again. Or is it a financial con?
  4. If battery consumption would be prohibited it seems great opportunity for the Kinetic/ Solar designers to get to work imo. Always thought quartz movement looked tacky
  5. Cool! Look so much classier
  6. Hmmm. Take your point but don't really agree. I guess if you're paying thousands for a watch you're far more inclined to pamper it and that means justifying these ridiculous servicing costs, often to keep up a warranty in the earlier days. But can assure you I have a Bellmatic and Seiko 5 that are older than many members on the forum that start after small shake every time, keeping great time. That said have a '68 Omega and Certina circa '70 that equally keep going and haven't had any kind of service in my ownership. Maybe the servicing is bit of a con?...
  7. I seriously wonder as read/ hear about Rolex (etc) owners bemoaning how much the service costs them. Surely it must *iss them off that the cheapies don't miss beat untouched for at least a quarter of a century?....
  8. james brodie

    Is there a brand you just can't take to?

    Until these 'designer' brands start using good non-quartz movements their credibility will be zero. Interestingly for me, even if they used a basic Seiko 5 mechanism that would make them 100 times more attractive as buying proposition; at least you know the thing will keep going for 30 years without any attention and justify the hefty price tag, if indeed that blingy image is paramount to the sad buyer
  9. james brodie

    Is there a brand you just can't take to?

    All the so-called designer brands who decided to put their name to crappy quartz watches.
  10. Being a good looking *astard helps a bit...
  11. They have David Beckham in GQ now advertising Tudor; not sure if that's good or bad image wise, but there you have it!
  12. james brodie

    Higuchi shipping & handling question re Sumo

    Cheers for the advice lads! Found another charging just £355 fully inclusive via e-bay. They are CITIWIDE and imply they're based in Ireland but judging by delivery time, mi-April, I'm sure they're Eastern based and getting around system. Whatever, as it's saying there's no further charges in Europe, that now looks best deal!
  13. Have read good things about purchasing from Higuchi on here: I'm taking the plunge to buy the black Seiko Sumo. After shopping around I sent Higuchi an email enquiring about the cost and they got straight back saying it's 460USD, including S & H, which they can arrange via Paypal; this works out at £327 which is by far and away best deal (Skywatches don't sell Prospex to Europe and incredibly Creation can't compete at this price) but can this involve further costs as it's coming from Japan? I have found the same watch on e-bay from a Spanish supplier at £370 all-in and wonder whether that would be safer option? Cheers lads
  14. james brodie

    First seiko recommendations

    Sorry mate, like many on here I'm useless at posting pics! It's officially the SNZF17K1 (J1 is Japanese made version). Go on Creation under Divers and it's their cheapest, actually at £98, a cracking all-rounder. As suggested the SKX007 is a great classic but you'll have to pay more. Good luck anyway Jason

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