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  1. One more Eco Drive won't hurt!

    If you are happy with what you are doing carry on Rog ,its your money at the end of the day . Nowt wrong with an eco looks a cracker, get the wrist shot up .
  2. Its Monday WRUW

    First day back at the place of misery after the relaxing break in the Lake District.

    No problems with my BFK not worn for a week and hitting 20 past . Back at work so the beater will be back on and in a couple of days it will be back on full charge , well it usually does .
  4. I Like My Steinharts

    I do like the GMT ,Jon
  5. Downs. Still waiting for sub to come back from RSC. Went wallpaper hunting. Had to strip hall , stairs, landing for above folly. ups. 710 found wallpaper she liked in record time. . Up and down bought car that I didn't know I needed until the 710 told me it's more practical and we needed it . Biggest down ,funds depleted until further notice
  6. Watch Parade 16.09.17

  7. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Rip me off and can't even remember my name , disgusting .
  8. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    This for the great wallpaper hunt ,due in the next hour . I hate wallpaper it's over rated.
  9. Friday!

  10. Tuesday Timepieces

    On a Seiko splurge at the mo this is the third in a couple of months , what's up with me
  11. How did you start on TWF?

    Ah so you misspelt your forum name , Roger the dogger .

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