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  1. Sorry Craig it would have to be three that I had when I joined this forum , and still have .
  2. What took you so long , Lawrence.
  3. Still this .
  4. Bit of blue on a beautiful morning.
  5. Nice Steve I like that even with the new logo , probably because of the two sub dials it looks balanced and not out on a limb . Nice proportions and 39 mm -40mm is a nice size for me ,so it's one I would consider out of the new logo watches they are selling .
  6. I had a chinese once with chicken in it . Could have been hare though
  7. Very generous , I'll take 84 thank you very much
  8. It is a beauty Steve , remember her every time you look at it . pax vobiscum.
  9. Very nice Steve and you never took me up on the part exchange watch I offered. Now that has got to be a keeper. I am Rog and its one I'll be keeping hold of .
  10. I don't know why I waited so long