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  1. Nice one teg and bridgeman . Never seen a watch with my favourite beverage on the dial Stella r is loopy juice
  2. It wasn't a vouyerism forum ,he almost sounded like he believed me inbetween the sniggers.
  3. I had the same with EE they blocked the watch forum I had to ring them to unblock and try and explain what it wasn't.
  4. I feel your pain Mike ,we lost our first lab last April . They leave a massive gap in our lives when they go don't they .
  5. Nice gesture Rog old bean here's a heart warmer.
  6. You better get two comps one for 10k posts and one for 10k likes
  7. Congrats on the 10k plus Rog as Rog said your a bleddy speedposter lol
  8. Congrats on the 10k Mel ,here's to many more
  9. Thanks for the messages ,quiet night , but will all change when we hit Liverpool on Friday to celebrate properly .
  10. Start today with the smiths.
  11. To start the day
  12. Now I can see it I need it
  13. Got one in black a definite keeper