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  1. mcb2007

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    It's not failed its alcohol induced
  2. mcb2007

    Repairs......how Much?

    He's from Exeter not Dudley .
  3. mcb2007

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    Why I ain't no stalker
  4. mcb2007

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    Near enough send me your details I'll get it posted , Steve .
  5. mcb2007

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    I've had a kak week n a beer 2nite , so tell what this is and I'll send you a watch .
  6. mcb2007

    Repairs......how Much?

    Argos catalogue ,pedal bin section , pick up or delivery, foot operated , foot on lever ,lid up , item placed downwards and in receptacle ,foot release .., lid closes . job done £9.99 , I thank you
  7. mcb2007

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    I've strained my eyes looking , but I can't see a fine watch anywhere oh I'm not a mod more a rocker . After the week I've had I'm rocking back and forth in mi chair . only joshing not about the week though.
  8. mcb2007

    A new watch on the way...

    Oh noooooooooooo, how much you want for it you better get down to the gym and bulk you're wrist up ready . its luverly though, now I think I need another trident after selling my last couple . enjoy the TRIDENT ,Steve .
  9. mcb2007

    Saturday 12th May wrist check

  10. mcb2007

    Breitling Owners Club

  11. mcb2007

    Fridays Favorites.

  12. mcb2007

    WRUW Wednesday..Victory Parade Day


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