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  1. Let your pang be a pang it's not for you Nige , but you already know that don't you .
  2. I caught it on a door handle and cracked it just around the 10 . My OCD kerps kicking in lol.
  3. Must get a new bezel insert .
  4. I'm bored now.
  5. Nice Alan i do like a CW , enjoy. Go on get yasel a C9 .
  6. I have a couple that are not getting any wrist action these days .
  7. It's a hard call Andy , I've bought quite a few watches since joining this forum some I've never heard of before . Now the collection has reduced slightly to 23 and I now want to reduce it again. I have no desire to buy anything since the Breitling so for now the end is near I think . I'd like to think the Rolex ,Omega ,Breitling will do me as they spell ROB .
  8. Good work Andy , look better with the chapter ring swopped IMO . Nice beads of rice bracelet would set it off