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  1. Monday WRUW 20.11.17

  2. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    over to the Ratt .
  3. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    On a shoot today so on with a knock about.
  4. WIS is a good thing to be......

    Watch it splash Watch idiot savant .
  5. WIS is a good thing to be......

    No idea what a WIS is , then again after 8 pints I do need one
  6. Stop farting around Nige and get the real thing
  7. Saturday Automatic

  8. Pick me a Seiko

    I must be odd ,I'd go for the Sumo .
  9. dilemma

    Got to be the blue
  10. Any Watch First

    First one the 710 picked and bought me.

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