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  1. You wanna buy an orange urchin a monkey will just do it . thanks for the reminder I forgot all about it .
  2. Very nice trigger looks good on the wrist .
  3. I've just bought another watch box and you , you, keep buying or bidding on stuff I need or want . Pack it in .
  4. I rip my skidders off flick them on the watch boxes and think why do I waste all this money. Then I make sure the watch I have on has enough lume to last most of the night .if not remove said article off the boxes and replace with something more appropriate , SIMPLES.
  5. It was a gift off TCJ I wear it now no again in his memory . Might be worthless but means a lot to me .
  6. Everite tonight
  7. Nice selection young man, every time I see the seamaster I regret getting rid of mine .
  8. I'm with Steve on this defo sub dial seconds . Can put up with the seconds clunking around on a plain dial but not on a chrono .
  9. Still the BDD
  10. I was impulsive but have become more focused (honest) I've let a few go recently that I would have snapped up in the past. Now I know what I want .
  11. Nice one Rog
  12. Long time no see ,welcome back Scott.
  13. Congrats on the 3k , here's to the next some lovely watches on show ,as PC said that longines is ooooooooooooh . Every time I see your Cartier I think I need one.