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  1. Downs ,. Breitling needs repair to crown. ups ,. I farted and didn't follow through .
  2. Go on ong rub it in lol.
  3. I'm not wearing the breitling again.
  4. What can you get for a tenner these days Rog. sorry other rog
  5. Very nice ,can't fault any of those
  6. Don't touch the crown whatever you do lol. Looks good
  7. I'll tell you what I'm not wearing a Breitling that will be forever known as a shiteling, remind me never to buy another . Aahhhh that's better never been a problem with it .
  8. If the JDC means jack Daniels and coke , yep that was me
  9. Looks like a stretched Austin allegro limo
  10. Simon, I was told they manufacture that way by a fella from perpetual time repairers. He was the one that told me I would need a new mid case. I have actually e-mailed you at your Essex shop , last night . Could you do anything with it ?
  11. Trying to pm you Thomsar.

  12. If that's the correct terminology . Could a soldered in tube be melted out and replaced . Thats how Breitling fix theirs in the mid case apparently, any help would be appreciated . I don't want to spend more than the watch is worth with BUK because they would want to service it no doubt.
  13. Fact 10 strippers are trained to spot a fake . I'm off out to research that bit . OMG that voice is awesome