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  1. Pam's pieces - The latest, not in top pic;
  2. Very English, with a French name! Owned by brothers Nick and Giles English, both keen pilots, they're based in Henley on Thames, a beautiful part of the Thames Valley and in the not too distant future will be producing an in-house modular based movement for it's range of watches, all manufactured in the UK. They are very successful in the UK, America and the far East having their own boutiques in London (2), New York and Hong Kong. Their watches are of extremely high quality, but yeah, not cheap. From the outset, they successfully placed themselves in the higher end of the 'luxury' watch market. In Bangkok until very recently, they were sold alongside, Panerai, JLC, IWC and the like.
  3. I'm on the mailing list so received the details earlier and was going to copy the link here, but on the CW forum they have a link to an introduction of the new watches from a blog to watch, which covers two pages, which seems easier to read. Basically they have introduced some 40mm sized watches and added a few to existing ranges. There are some extremely good looking watches, in my opinion, in the line up and I'm sort of hooked on a couple, one with a gorgeous blue dial and another with a black dial. They're not getting much wrong in my opinion, but the haters are out in force! Any views?
  4. Another resurrection of an old thread and the idiot is now saying a proven fake watch is 'cool'!
  5. I believe they do and I think that's a factor in cost, but I could be 100% wrong! But there is a huge difference in the price charged by brands such as Oris, Tudor etc than the smaller 'boutique' brands that offer more 'left field' brass and bronze watches, which tend to be Panerai derivatives. Think Ancon, Heroic 18, Maranez as quick examples, whereas Armida tend to provide mainly divers watches a la the Brashear watch (from long before that or Tudor joined the club). Obviously the price difference is also because of the brand names, movement, build quality etc. but I prefer the appearance of the smaller brands providing brass and bronze. I have one of each at the moment and I'll certainly be getting another.
  6. Actually, my brass Armida needs no looking after. It reached the patina it has quite quickly and there it has remained. It goes swimming with me and then takes its own shower under a tap to wash the chlorine off, otherwise, I don't do anything to it (and it shows - lol).
  7. CW Trident with nice logo for me today! Old pic though. Have a great Sunday everyone. Hope the music wakes you up!!
  8. I think it was Christopher Ward who said they work on a mark up of 200% on the price of a completed watch and associated costs and they don't have retail outlets and a limited, but presumably increasing advertising budget.
  9. Has the order been confirmed? Sometimes these get rejected.
  10. Well, not really. They were selling off the old logo Tridents and that is a popular watch. But to answer Mikes question, the advice always given to new members on the CW forum is don't pay the full price and to wait for the next sale. Prices have gone up as well (Swiss watches) and the rebrand seems to have made them more expensive as well. I bought my Trident in a sale in December 2015, the RRP was £599 and I paid £374 inclusive of free shipping. The same watches RRP is now £725 660.
  11. I lived in New Malden for 10 years. The local luvvie council decided creating a legal graffiti wall would stop the locals attacking every suitable site they could find. Problem was, it attracted the whole of London and beyond and made the original problem a million times worse. Just an analogy to bear in mind! I too am behind helping the little guy's, but not all start off via kickstarter, so maybe it should be open to other start up brands as well. Probably worth reviewing it's usefulness after a couple of months though.
  12. Retired Government and local Government employee, responsible for catching naughty people trying to or succeeding in stealing my employers money, whether that be staff, contractors or Joe Public. It had it's moments - some quite threatening, some hilarious, some poignant, some very sad. I guess the main three watches I wore throughout, that I can recall, would have been a Pulsar, Swiss Army Delta and Tag F1 - all gone now.
  13. A touch of orange today with the Martin Baker MBIII
  14. Me and the nut job, a while back.
  15. Yeah, we have them in the small fitness centre here, I did a few km's on it the other day!