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  1. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    This has been on the wrist all week.
  2. A Little Disappointed With Cousins

    I thought Cousins had a pretty lousy reputation in any case. I've seen reports on here and elsewhere complaining about their business practices. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.cousinsuk.com
  3. Not unhappy, but have a feeling of maybe it's time to move a few on? I tend to stick to the same few watches now and I have long worked out there are maybe 3/4 watches that I really would like to add as opposed to ones I have that just aren't getting much of a look in. I'm seriously considering selling one expensive piece to fund one or maybe two purchases, 1 new and 1 used (not made any more). Next time I'm in Bkk, I plan on seeking a valuation from a few places to see if it's a realistic option? This germ of an idea came about the other week when I reported on some watches I had looked at and the current price (over here) of one of mine amazed me.
  4. I'm in! I'm actually in the market for a 24mm rubber strap to take my bronze Ancon underwater.
  5. An essay in overindulgence

    Nice review and watch!
  6. Christopher ward

    Ho-hum. Well on my trident, where, unlike yours, all the digits are aligned properly, something I have never read of being a problem with the Hydroconquest incidentally, I also have the not uncommon crown issue of finding the exact spot to enable winding as there is now no discernible click, something else, if you care to look, you will see reported. Generally, CW have an issue with QC, which only CW seem in denial about, so yeah, get the various ongoing issues sorted and I may, just may agree with you about build quality. And actually, whilst I agree the case back on the Trident is very good, I happen to think the Hydroconquests is pretty good as well. As for the rest, it's pointless comparing as they are what they are. I've bought two and still have one and would not hesitate in buying another if the right watch comes along. But I'll never pay full price because of the sales policy. Again, I come back to this obsession with CW newbies, some of whom seem compelled to justify their purchase in the way you have demonstrated. It's pointless. Just enjoy them for what they are.
  7. No Meeting of Minds

    It seems to be quite fashionable in the UK at the moment.
  8. Christopher ward

    With respect, I was just responding to what you wrote about CW. It's a strange phenomena that newbies to the brand often exaggerate claims about the quality of the watches and the brand and I'm not really sure why that is? There are often threads about this, usually comparing CW to Omega, Rolex or both. And we weren't talking about other brands, just CW and the Trident. I think you'll find it was Reggie who mentioned the markers at 12 being out of sync, not me. He too is a long standing member of the CW forum and ironically, one of these came to light just the other week. An ongoing QC issue. By the by, I have a Hydroconquest, or at least the missus does and I don't agree with you there either, although I agree there's not much in it, but nor should there be at the price point. The Hydroconquests price has remained pretty static whilst the Tridents has gone up and up. But then again, I don't really understand what you mean, by 'wins by all points'?
  9. Well I've gone a done it....

    Looks good, but do you have a better pic of the 300 showing the numbers more clearly?
  10. No Meeting of Minds

    Yes, i do like that! Good luck.
  11. No Meeting of Minds

    Ooh do tell - which model?
  12. Christopher Ward Quartz

    AVO has the very same watch, with a different strap. He's around at the moment, you should ask him. For me, it's a shame it's quartz, but that's just personal preference.
  13. Condom hands

    CW specialises in condom hands!