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  1. New incoming - first of the year!

    And Roger and Hugh, who I bought it from!!
  2. New incoming - first of the year!

    Alas no, all has been revealed in the post above.
  3. New incoming - first of the year!

    Yes!!!!!! Bravo!
  4. New incoming - first of the year!

    Could be difficult, not many exist.
  5. New incoming - first of the year!

    Alan's on the button! Now just the make needed! Not Seiko, CW or ahem, Fossil!
  6. Christmas irritations

    Oh, they do much worse than that! I just tried to find the Daiso version on youtube and although I found a Daiso song, it's not London Bridge. But I was amazed at all the kids versions of the song, all of which show Tower Bridge, not London Bridge. No wonder kids these days grow up knowing nothing!
  7. Hey ! from 1mdb country

    Welcome aboard - we're virtually neighbours!
  8. Hamilton & Inches Edinburgh

    I'd echo the above! Do H&I have as many of their watches as you do? My number one favourite watch shop by the way, once you get past the entrance.
  9. Christmas irritations

    Same here, believe it or not! On saying that, many stores have really gone to town with Christmas decorations this year and look wonderful. It was all very muted last year as it was a period of mourning for the late Thai King and they seem to be making up for it. Slightly off topic, but a very popular Japanese pound style shop called Daiso plays 'London Bridge is falling down' all bloody year long! Sung by what seems like a young girls choir in accented English - trouble is, after a couple of minutes, you find yourself singing along with it!
  10. Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990)

    This yesterday and today. Quick and dirty phone pic whilst sat in the other half's car stuck in yesterday's Bangkok traffic!
  11. Tell me if you've heard this one

    They are available at a couple of outlets here in Bangkok and a while back I posted a couple of photos here on the forum. I couldn't get too excited about them. Nice boxes.
  12. Watch Review Request

    Are you going to do the review for them?
  13. I like it! Looks a good match to me!

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