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  1. Ever bought a watch from Switzerland?

    How close is the seller to France or another EU Country? Would he be prepared to pop across the border and to post from there? Long shot I know.
  2. Funtime Friday.

    Earlier this week there was a shark attack in Hua Hin. A Norwegian tourist got his foot bitten. This came as a surprise to many as no-one even knew there were sharks in the area and it seems they are regularly seen but not reported on. Typically Thai, trying to hide the bad stuff, so whilst it's not exactly Amity Island, warning signs have gone up in 'Pidgeon English' (as ever) and in honour of this event, I thought I'd wear my PADI (just in case )!
  3. Britain's version of Superstars. A better question for the intro might have been which superstar wasn't featured in the photo? 1973[edit] Dick Button, the creator of the US version of Superstars Originally aired in the US by ABC in March 1973, Superstars was first broadcast in Britain on 31 December 1973 as "Britain's Sporting Superstars", closely following the American format. David Vine, who was the main presenter of the BBC programme from 1973 to 1985, said "in 1972, Ron Pickering, myself, Don Revie, Billy Bremner and TV producer Barney Colehan sat in a hotel in Leeds and formulated Superstars but the BBC dismissed the idea. Then Dick Button started it in the States and the BBC bought the rights".[1] Recorded at Crystal Palace in August and promoted as a challenge between Britain's seven best sportsmen, the contest was won by David Hemery, the 1968 Olympic champion in the 400 metres hurdles, defeating Jackie Stewart, Bobby Moore, Joe Bugner, Roger Taylor, Tony Jacklin and Barry John. Featuring the first ever gym test (devised by Pickering, and comprising circuit running, a medicine ball throw, parallel bar dips and squat thrusts) the event came down to the final steeplechase, where Hemery overcame a 100m handicap to pass Barry John with 60 metres left. Shown on New Year's Eve, the programme was a major success and was repeated the following year.[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstars#British,_European_and_International_Superstars
  4. The New C60 Trident Yellow LE

    A couple of years back, a yellow 'banana' nearly became the then forum LE. It lost by one vote to nothing much*, which was a shame as it would have sold better and importantly looked great and would have come with the old logo. I think there are better options available, primarily because of the price. *Guess what I voted for!
  5. Dufrane.

    First thing that sprang to mind was The Shawshank Redemption! Nope, never heard of them and a quick recce of their website doesn't tell you much either, apart from the fact their founder, Stephen, had a watch made for him by Ochs Und Junior, which is a really good thing and he therefore has my full respect! There has to be better nearer to home, surely?
  6. Evolution of personal watch tastes

    I'm consistent in having no interest in what are called 'dress watches' either then or now.
  7. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Still look good though and not something I have seen before. Looks a watch that just keeps on giving!
  8. Lord timepieces

    It appears a one-man band buying in watches from China or wherever and getting them rebranded as Lord Timepieces. The Co. addresses of a different company with the same owner, were a succession of terraced houses in Huddersfield before ending up here (4 months before this google image was taken): https://goo.gl/maps/2JddrXyZEQs Lord Timepieces only started up last year, at about the same time the other company with the same owner, which has been going since 2015, moved to the above address. Both Companies now have this as their registered address. In fairness, they do openly state what they are about in their FAQ's - We carefully select and source only the most compelling, sophisticated and luxurious timepieces from watchmakers across the globe, all fit to match our strict criteria of aesthetics, class and design to go with an appealing price tag too! If you can find it, they do provide their address on the website as well. Good luck if you buy one!
  9. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    Re-visiting this thread, something I hadn't picked up on earlier is that the internal bezel has applied markers and numerals. I don't think I have ever seen that on an internal bezel, especially on one where the watch is sub 40mm? I think it definitely adds to the appearance of the watch, but is this unique to this watch or Seiko?
  10. Yes, Hemery, not Hemmings.
  11. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    I should have added that where I worked. TS were a 'shared service' between 3/4 local authorities and this was before the cuts. It did give them better scope to act against scroates where similar issues were being experienced across local Govt. boundaries. There are 32 London Boroughs plus the City, it's been mooted for sometime that 8 should be enough.
  12. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    I'm surprised about the negativity towards Trading Standards here as where I worked in Local Government, they were forever raiding places with the local plod and were particularly keen to deal with any counterfeiters on their patch. We shared a lot of data with them. I actually came here in the first instance to suggest what Deano has about getting a Police crime report, but you'll need something to prove it was a crime.
  13. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    More colour for the Thai New Year! From red to blue with the U2!
  14. But it sold via the Omega website, not a forum. Everyone on the Omega mailing list received details of the sales process.
  15. Just arrived...'The Great Blue'.

    It looks fantastic and well worth the wait! What size is it please?

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