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  1. Any Art collectors?

    I'll get some stuff up soon, but you'll have to bear with me first. I have been nursing what I assumed was a really badly sprained ankle for six days - hence spending a lot of time here whilst propped up the sofa with my foot in the air. But with no improvement in that time, I took myself off to hospital today to learn I have a badly infected and inflamed ankle and lower leg. I was put straight on a drip filled with antibiotics and have to return for further sessions for the next two days. Hence I have been unable to go rummaging amongst boxes shipped from the UK to find memory sticks and my back up memory which I haven't actually used since I got here! Hopefully be better tomorrow. But this link will take you to where I put some pics up already:
  2. Didn’t Realise

    I did know of that, but is it just for watches, or everything?
  3. Any Art collectors?

    Very nice pieces there Monty, I'll see if I can find pics of some of my old stuff, mainly abstract and some ceramic work.
  4. Extremely unimpressed

    Jay is Jay, that's just how he is and he has made some very generous gestures to forum members here. Just look around. He is self-evidently not a troll. Why do you constantly use that term and other derogative comments in your posts? It's not pleasant.
  5. Looks great! Were you able to visit Laco to compare between the two, or just decided on what you wanted and went for the one that best suited you
  6. Any Art collectors?

    Yes, very interested. I posted about this on the 'what else do you collect' thread. It's been quite a journey to travel from the art of the 'Pre-Raphaelites' which was my introduction to the World of art, to modern and contemporary art from the St. Ives area and now find myself visiting art villages, markets and galleries over here. I had limited edition prints from Terry Frost and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, who is probably my preferred St. Ives modernist and they shot up in value after their respective deaths. But there's a window of opportunity if inclined to sell after such an event that I didn't take and when I put them up for auction, rather than bring them to Thailand (insurance and cost of shipping), prices had settled down again, although still above the initial price I paid. I actually put most of my stuff up for auction before leaving the UK and it took a couple of auctions before it all went. I still brought with me 5 pieces, I think, and since being here had 3 more paintings from St. Ives shipped over and have bought two pieces here. One a whopping 6'x4'. But I have a new (pre-owned) house to populate!
  7. Three things that put me off the watch - the Panerai numerals, very common on 'homages' and the 'smaller' companies that produce bronze watches based on Panerai, which until recently were very common over here. The dot in front of each marker, don't like that at all and for me, the hands are too short. But overall, it doesn't offend me, it just doesn't sing to me. For the price point I'd buy one of the Magrette 10th anniversary divers and wouldn't even consider this watch.
  8. Going Deep: The First Fifty Fathoms'

    That was a very interesting read Honour and a watch very much to be admired. Thanks for taking the time to produce this. I still need to find out more about the bezel!
  9. But is that over producing or servicing a demand? I keep reading on the Rolex forum TZ-UK that Rolex sports watches are as rare as anything in the UK? I'm over the GS thing, I'd seen a few in the UK, but since coming to Thailand, I have seen heaps. However, if you are talking of a classic GS diver, well, they are very special beasts.
  10. Vulgar Watch photos...

    I want the car and the watches! Not that I'm being greedy mind...............
  11. New watch design : Charleston Watches

    Eh, how many threads has he started? I responded in another one.
  12. The weather.

    Just degrees of heat where I am interspersed with heavy downpours. Lot's of flooding all over Thailand but the powers that be only ever get concerned if Bangkok gets hit. That happened last week, although short lived, but they're getting their excuses in early for the upcoming deluge that is expected shortly.
  13. I bought a burgundy Toshi strap to put on my seagull 63 re-issue. It was a fantastic, albeit very thick strap that cost, with shipping, over £100, that in hindsight was a huge mistake because of the cost ratio compared to the watch, which came with a cheap nato! In excuse, it was early days for me in this game. Anyway, I off-loaded both to another member here - cant recall who - and maybe they're still enjoying both?
  14. New brand in 2018: Charleston Watches

    Not in the least, sorry to say. I like to be able to use my watches to tell the time and that's a really strange effort with hands and hour markers that are hardly visible, with very visible white minute markers. Good luck with your efforts.
  15. New brand in 2018: Charleston Watches

    Looks like a million and one other watches to me. Nice enough in an inoffensive, bland way.

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