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  1. Fraser Hart in Newbury were great. Very knowledgeable staff, especially Janet the manager and the American guy who was number 2. Can't recall his name sadly. A real watch enthusiast with a particular liking for Breitling. I learnt a lot from chatting to him. I liked Ernest Jones in Kingston - they had (still have?) two stores there, I'm talking about the one that just sold Breitling & Omega. The team there were always very helpful. Bremont boutique in Mayfair. Lovely place to visit, always very helpful. That's where I picked up my interest in the brand after reading about it so much. Laings in Edinburgh, where I believe I first noticed Chopard in the flesh. Very helpful. Hamilton & Inches, also in Edinburgh - sublime. Online - Iconic and Page & Cooper. Both excellent. In Bangkok, PMT, The Hour Glass at Siam Paragon Mall, I bought my Chopard from there and they dealt with the issue with the certificate being incorrect very professionally, keeping me informed by email of their liaison with Chopard in Switzerland. It's a high end store (Moser, Urwerk MB&F, VC, AP, UN, Hublot, Chopard, PP, Ressence + others), but you are made to feel you are an important customer, even when just browsing). Saggio watches, the place owned by Tony, who sells the brands you often only see online - Squale, Damasko, Ancon, Gruppo Gamma, Laco and many others, quite a few small German brands and also specialises in bronze. He's a really nice, friendly watch loon.
  2. Welcome to the forum, but don't keep us in suspense, what did you get and what's on your list?
  3. That must have helped, as they're back - lol! It was all a bit odd. I couldn't access anything google related, pics, maps, youtube and so on. I searched via bing and someone had the same issue and microsoft answered that by saying try internet explorer! Anyway, that didn't work either, tried the phone and that was the same, played around with the firewall and blocked and then allowed access to google, switched on and off and finally switched the 'hotspot' I am using off and on and that seemed to do the trick - maybe! That's a new problem for me.
  4. That's helpful, thanks. I can't access anything google related at the moment, but I have just had another dreaded w10 update, mind you, it happened before that, but I thought that might be the issue. Okay, I'll just leave it for a while and see what happens, but all I can view is the two little boxes with a cross in.
  5. Many thanks. Now I have to try and work out why the pics disappeared!
  6. Okay, confession time. I normally line up 2/3 watches on the bedside table with good lume, to act, ahem, as my clock. Well, being retired I don't really need one and well anyway, I like to look at the lume. I'm gonna regret posting this. I just took this pic of the current line up - the bedside lamp is unforgiving!
  7. I don't have a favourite 'go-to' brand - should I?
  8. I love the red bezel on the Seiko, I think that looks great - and of course the Seamaster. All very nice.
  9. This hasn't had an outing in a while, not sure why, it's great! (old pic):
  10. Three choices - yes, no or both. I'm in he latter camp.
  11. Not seen that model before - very nice!
  12. Welcome to the nut house Mortan - a nice bright & breezy intro, let's see some pics then!
  13. Great watches and great pics to complement them. Congratulation on the post total! Your input here is always worth reading!
  14. I really like and would happily own any of the four watches shown in this thread (that list doesn't include the Ukrainian)!