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  1. The Russians have arrived!!!

    A couple of very nice watches there - enjoy!
  2. SuperOcean Return

    It's a beauty! Great packaging as well!
  3. Watches and a Sartorial Touch.

    I wear shorts 24/7, not sure its possible to be sartorial in the circumstances?
  4. JayDeep giveaway

    Good to see you back Jay and hopefully things will get back on an even keel for you soon!
  5. My week in Bangkok is up and I'm taking the bus a bit later back to the relative peace and tranquillity of Hua Hin. On with the travel watch!
  6. New Omega fan

    Welcome! It would be great to see pics. Especially interested in the while dial speedy. I have a silver dialled one.
  7. Holiday's at home.

    You do here! There are several indian restaurants in Hua Hin, one or two are very good. I even have a chicken jalfrezi from Iceland as well as a vindaloo with separate portion of Basmati rice from the Blue Elephant of London and Bangkok fame, in the freezer! We also get cows on the beach here! This was a while back and the day after a huge storm, the amount of debris washed up on the beach was unreal.
  8. In Brighton for the day

    I think you'll find there's quite a bit of statistical data to back that up. It's not an issue for me, never has been. It's just that when we drove down for clubbing as young lads, it wasn't so open as it has become now.
  9. In Brighton for the day

    Used to be a Sunday day outing from SW London by coach when I was a kid. When I was older we used to go to nightclubs down there, and if we were unlucky, kipped in the car. This was before it gained a reputation as being a destination for gay's. It was also the destination for a few jolly's from the local pub, again by coach. Great memories of the place. In later years my visits were either work related or for conferences - another form of a jolly!
  10. Saturday newbies post 1990

    I've been in Bangkok for a week and didn't bring my camera. So yesterday on the small balcony of the (other half's rented) condo, I was messing around with my phone camera, which I am not very good at using. The light was just beginning to fade with a lazy sun and out of about 50 shots, I think these 3 are okay. I've had the Bremont MBIII on now for a few days. I love this watch. This one adds the balcony above and clouds!
  11. New arrival

    With your last sentence you have just explained why watch sizes are horses for courses. And many simply prefer larger watches, although personally, I wouldn't call 43mm large.
  12. Spending on Watches.

    I don't have a wife! But I still get grief! She wasn't amused to learn I have just bought a painting from the UK. Not amused at all.
  13. Perfect way to impress the 710

    I asked the same question on the previous page - check the link provided in reply. The clue is in the title of the video ! A Tokay gecko. Great to have outside a house as they eat all the nasties. They can be quite vicious. I once slept in a very remote village house in the NE of Thailand and wondered what the metallic sounding noise I could hear all night was. It even featured in my dream. I found out later, it was inside the 'house' and a few feet from my sleeping head. Hence the avatar. I'm hoping one turns up at the new house. You can always hear them, if not see them!
  14. Perfect way to impress the 710

    LOL, callers avatar is one of these!