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  1. How good are CW watches?

    I think you again are not seeing the bigger picture here. There are a considerable amount of forum members who very much did invest in the brand, not as in buying shares, but they bought into the whole concept of the company and that is reflected in the many members who do or have owned considerable numbers of CW watches. When I first joined the forum I was fascinated by the numbers owned (there is an area where you enter the number and it is shown in your profile) and 20, 30, 40 watches owned wasn't exactly unknown. That was the brand loyalty that had been created between forum members and the company. And by and large, that has gone and there are reasons for that. Now it might be that the company thought they would always take those people with them whatever, it might be - and probably was - a conscious decision to move in a different direction, but whatever the reason, that's a lot of potential sales they have lost. Just in the last few weeks a member who owned a good sized collection has been off-loading a few of them and even in this debate a satisfied owner has said he has his own reasons for not buying any more and whilst I am not a businessman, it seems surprising to me that any company would risk losing such a ready-made sales resource, but there you are. The last time I can recall seeing such an enthusiastic response to a watch, even more so than the recent bronze, was the C65 model with the blue dial and orange seconds hand. That was an almost afterthought issue by CW of a small LE run that everyone went bonkers over. Now, you get members asking whether anyone has actually bought a model, because they were hoping to see some real time pictures, rather than just those on the website. My last comment and this has been an interesting thread is re: your comment on Tridents in the last sale. Now I may have misunderstood what you said, but without doubt the main watch, again, that appeared in the sale, were Tridents, they might not have been 50% but they were in the sale alright and they were gleefully being snapped up and the reason that many buyers gave? They were old logo designs, which otherwise wouldn't be available. That's quite an indictment on the new design.
  2. How good are CW watches?

    I think you have to be a bit more aware of the brand history, the changes in direction and logo and most importantly moving away from their original ideals. They are not a threat to the Swiss watch industry one iota as they are in part, a Swiss watch company and they even market themselves as such! Although since that merger, Mike France has been far less brash towards the Swiss. I think you misunderstand about the new logo as well. The main criticism and even fear of many of their fan base, apart from being bloody awful, is the change of direction it was feared would follow, There is hardly a space left on a dial that could claim to be unused by a watch brand long before CW made the transition and whether you like it or not, it is still a bone of contention. But as Reggie says, people move on, there are many multiple CW owners who have said the same thing, as the brand they followed and bought from no longer produces watches they desire. Personally, if I was CW, I would be concerned about the amount of potential buyers that have moved away from the brand, but if you believe their rhetoric, they are doing just fine. Which is great, as it means the loans the Directors have paid into the Company won't represent lost income a la Jamie Oliver. Foe me personally, I look forward to them producing a watch I would be seriously interested in. It's been close, but not quite there.
  3. What Are You Listening To

    Obviously I was aware of the VU connection, but it was more about the music, not just Nico, that took me to Drella and not anything else about Warhol. Hard to explain really. As a side issue, what a crazy creative wonderful period of music the late sixties and early 70's produced. And then wonder how we ended up with music factories again?
  4. How good are CW watches?

    Oh I could comment so much about the above! Let's start with the Trident. I hate the wavy line versions and you have to go back a few years now to remember that CW started by basing their watches on other models, hence they threw the kitchen sink at it and copied bits from everywhere. I first saw it in the flesh 4 years ago when I went to their showroom and it was okay, they are a lot better now and what put me off then, the odd placing of the date window, has been superseded by new improved models. And not all have the Omega wavy lines. I have the vintage which has a matt black dial and bezel sans wavy lines. It's a great watch but it's nowhere close, IMHO to a seamaster, yet alone a PO, as I have also seen claimed. I to be honest, I never really understand why people need to big them up in this way? Why not just accept them for what they are? And such claims usually come from newcomers to the brand and is often knocked back by those more experienced with the brand, who have collections made up of various brands. Anyway, that's all down to personal opinion. However, it has to be said that the quality has improved no end against their own earlier offerings as you would expect at the price point they are now selling at. What's amazing about the company is that they have so few UK staff, just see the Christmas photos and this probably explains one of the issues that they now have to face, well that and financing, but seem unwilling to do so, as since Chris Wards wife left, who headed CS, it really has gone downhill and there are big issues with QC which never was much of an issue and if they want to maintain their progress that is something they really must address. Lots of issues raised on the forum and these issues are borne out by their trustfinder reviews, which highlight the same issues various forum members experience time and again (although obviously the minority - it's too big a minority) and it never improves. If they want to play with the big boy's, they surely need to address this? The motor racing series really was just a poor copy of Chopards offerings - is that my view? To a degree, but it was raised immediately by forum members when the series was issued. But on the plus side, it was the first time they issued a range of watches without the dreaded new 'logo' at 9, as instead they used the 'two flags' logo at 12 (for three handers). Introducing that new logo has cost them as many fans of the brand just don't accept it and the opposition has never really gone away. For me personally, most of the new designs are near misses, which I find frustrating as there have been one or two I really would have gone for and the new watch with a height of under 6mm (off the shelf movement, but new case design) has been quite poorly received once again. However, by way of balance, I understand it was received well on the FB appreciation page, but such things are generally fairly vacuous (I should know, I belong to the ELP facebook appreciation group). But it's odd's on it will appear in an upcoming sale sooner rather than later. But the biggest issue of all, for many, is that many of their watches now seem aimed at the fashion market, which is fine for the company if that's how they see their future, but obviously that puts it at odds with WISdom. So the quality is there, the RRP is probably over inflated, the website is pretty much unfit for purpose, their direction is all over the place, CS and QC need urgent attention which clearly isn't going to happen, regular sales are clearly part and method of their retail operation and God only knows what will happen in the future! Mike France said recently that they want the next generation at the company to take over in due course, but with Peter Ellis, he has a bit of a track record at building companies up then selling them off. Only time will tell.
  5. Your Going to Hate This

    I'm pretty contemptuous towards the author of that piece. Now bearing in mind at the time he sold on ebay as Adelsten and Sohne, it kinds of puts context into the article, plus this piece from his google page, which gets him and others, including Parnis, off the hook. http://www.asian-watches.com/2017/02/marina-militare-parnis-watches-pulled.html
  6. End of part one

    I clearly live in a parallel universe!
  7. Young Watch Sunday.

    A classic from Roy today:
  8. Dress watches?

    I agree with CW in some of their publicity blurb of the past where they stated - 'once, all watches were dress watches'. And that is the reality. All watches looked pretty much the same, even where a small seconds sub dial was added, then as other styles of watches became popular, the ordinary watch somehow morphed into a 'dress-watch' and suddenly a whole sub-industry was created to make money. Some buy into, some don't. I remain in the latter camp - wear what you want. I'm off to a wedding next month, which is a pretty dressy occasion, I plan to wear my silver dialled speedy or Aerowatch, as I want a light dial.
  9. End of part one

    What is it?
  10. What Are You Listening To

    It's funny how a random sequence of musicians can trigger something. Scrolling down the page, I suddenly thought of, 'Songs for Drella' by Lou Reed and John Cale, which I used to play an awful lot but not for a very long time now. I must have bought it with me to Thailand and I've just sorted out all my CD's and the various places they were stored into one container. When I get back to Hua Hin, I must dig it out. Now if I could only find my albums.....
  11. There are nice people about

    Good on you for contacting them about this as well! It's interesting they were aware of another copy but not this one, although I suspect they will have the same origins.
  12. Talking Watches

  13. Picture posting

    That's interesting as I have been using Edge for some time and it worked fine, it was just after the last windows update that the problem with google appeared and I'm using Edge for postimage.
  14. Picture posting

    I'd like to say thanks for @gimli for letting me know about postimage! I don't need it for here, but do for other forums where you either upload a pic as an attachment or use the image icon that many forums use including TZ, CW and all other non-watch forums I use. After a big windows update a month or so back, I suddenly could not use the simple cut and paste facility on google where I store my pics. I could cut, but nothing pasted. Like I say, it worked okay here if not using the 'insert other media' facility but meant I wasn't able to post pics anywhere else. With a little bit of jiggery-pokery, postimage has resolved that problem for me just today. I used the 'no expiration' option.

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