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  1. I go to work in fairly traditional clothes, nice trousers and shirt and tie though I like to finish it off with a pair of Addidas trainers. Class.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum from another Bristolian I also meant to say I like your name, you don't live near Turbo Island by any chance!
  3. Welcome to the forum, really nice collection. Like the dial on your Seamaster.
  4. Nice little purchase there, good looking watch.
  5. I seriously like that watch, looks like a good purchase to me
  6. Yep, can't beat a red dial.
  7. Rob, you may have guessed this already though I'm a self confessed lover of red dials. Nice watch.
  8. Nothing wrong with that. I hate that feeling when you buy something and it's not living up to expectations. You go through a phase of trying to like your new purchase and excusing one imperfection or another before ultimately being honest with yourself
  9. You crack me up, I mean that in the nicest possible way! I love your decisiveness, you clearly know when you or dislike something. I'm exactly the same, just got rid of a new car after less than a week. Can't fault your generosity.
  10. Don't think my wife cares. She just finds it hilarious the excuses I come up with for buying them.
  11. Must admit I quite like sterile dials. There's something attractive in wearing a watch that has no obvious branding. It also makes it easier to sneak new ones into the house.
  12. @JayDeep another kind gesture, you must be one of those people that restores faith in humanity! Cracking watch too, really like it.
  13. That's a lovely gesture by Jaydeep. Rob, didn't realise you were on the look out for a red dial, I have a fab little Vostok in Red somewhere!
  14. Can't post a picture of it, my favourite one is normally my next one and I have no idea what that will be yet!
  15. Jaydeep- I hadn't considered using paracord on a watch, I don't think I would either. Aesthetically, they do not fit well with my tastes. Now you have said they are uncomfortable, I would rule them out as an option for me personally, each tot their own though. I can't imagine it looked good on a Tissot Seastar, in fact I'm kind of curious as to what type of watch would look good on paracord. Maybe some G shocks could get away with it?