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  1. Twostand out for me. Firstly a Ford KA courtesy vehicle. The clutch broke 2 miles from the car rental company. I asked the company to pick me up as it had broken down, just minutes after picking it up and they refused, basically telling me to call a breakdown service. Needless to say I drove it back in first gear and gave them a diatribe. The other, and probably worse car was a Suzuki Alto I hired in Cyprus. It had so little power that when I had parked it facing down hill and had to reverse out (uphill), I had to get out of the car and push it. I took it on a motorway and it was practically going backwards.
  2. Great buy, thanks for sharing the info about the watch dealer too, useful comments for quite a few of us.
  3. Great read as ever Honour, happy new year too.
  4. I've used the powers of Google and eBay to find out a bit about this watch. It would have retailed at a decent amount originally in the early 2000s. There is one for sale on eBay at the moment though I imagine it will be for sale for a very long time at the sellers asking price. I refined the eBay search to see what other Schauer watches have sold for in the last 3 months only to find this is the only one which has been listed. Essentially, with the value of any commodity being what someone else is prepared to pay for it, and with this watch not holding a wider general appeal I would say you are unlikely to sell it for a great deal. It looks well made and from what I read about the branding should be good quality too, in my opinion I'd hold onto it as you would be unlikely to replace this watch for a similar quality watch using the funds (if any) you'd get from selling it.
  5. I would avoid like the plague, it seems to be the place for knock offs.
  6. I have the odd cigar, whiskey is my big vice, preferably an Irish single malt.
  7. Thanks Scott's watches, great way to end the year!
  8. I like it, nice looking watch, and I don't mind the power reserve in that position either. I'm guessing Bond was browsing the Web for his next Seiko
  9. I watched it with the sound off...
  10. Great read as ever. I've been looking at these online, ever since Davey P got his Bull head in fact. I definitely think I can make a more informed decision now
  11. Ethel, in the same way I love watching re runs of "Some Mother's Do Ave Em" I am genuinely looking forward to hearing more of your exploits. I read some of your posts with an open mouth! Seriously though, I was relieved you sorted it out, hope your next attempt goes more smoothly
  12. I have a friend who thinks if you have more than 3 of anything you're weird. This makes just about everyone on this forum, and any other watch forum a bit weird. Personally I think we should embrace our differences. I love seeing your photos. If someone posted loads of pictures of their Seiko, Omega or Rolex collection, it is no different to what you're doing. It isn't for me to judge whether your watch weirdness is more or less weird than my own. Hope you enjoy the champagne tonight, I'll be having a nice glass of red wine.
  13. I'm glad to hear they are firm favourites of yours. If I was going for a BB, I'd want one identical to your, red bezel and SS strap. I absolutely love Explorers bit can't decide whether I'd go for a black or white dial
  14. Nice collection, some great watches. I've been thinking about getting an Explorer 2 or Black Bay, maybe both! Which would you opt for if you could only chose one of them?
  15. Are you meant to show it when you put the battery in?