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  1. Rob, you may have guessed this already though I'm a self confessed lover of red dials. Nice watch.
  2. Nothing wrong with that. I hate that feeling when you buy something and it's not living up to expectations. You go through a phase of trying to like your new purchase and excusing one imperfection or another before ultimately being honest with yourself
  3. You crack me up, I mean that in the nicest possible way! I love your decisiveness, you clearly know when you or dislike something. I'm exactly the same, just got rid of a new car after less than a week. Can't fault your generosity.
  4. Don't think my wife cares. She just finds it hilarious the excuses I come up with for buying them.
  5. Must admit I quite like sterile dials. There's something attractive in wearing a watch that has no obvious branding. It also makes it easier to sneak new ones into the house.
  6. @JayDeep another kind gesture, you must be one of those people that restores faith in humanity! Cracking watch too, really like it.
  7. That's a lovely gesture by Jaydeep. Rob, didn't realise you were on the look out for a red dial, I have a fab little Vostok in Red somewhere!
  8. Can't post a picture of it, my favourite one is normally my next one and I have no idea what that will be yet!
  9. Jaydeep- I hadn't considered using paracord on a watch, I don't think I would either. Aesthetically, they do not fit well with my tastes. Now you have said they are uncomfortable, I would rule them out as an option for me personally, each tot their own though. I can't imagine it looked good on a Tissot Seastar, in fact I'm kind of curious as to what type of watch would look good on paracord. Maybe some G shocks could get away with it?
  10. If you change your mind about vintage but still want a Chronograph, I would consider a Citizen eco drive of some sort, possibly a skyhawk. You already have two autos. An Eco drive, which sets itself using radio control is a very easy watch to just pick up whenever you want and won't need setting. It'll pick up whichever time zone you're in if you are travelling around. Something a little different from what you have so far and there are enough options that you might find something to suit your tastes.
  11. I've given this a lot of thought and my conclusions were; it is not an easy industry to break into as an individual with no backing. Of course it depends on what exactly your role is within the industry, a retailer of sorts or someone providing a service like repairs or manufacturing. Either way you would need to have a decent turnover and reasonable profit margin to stand a chance, neither of which would be particularly easy to achieve. I've got an incredible amount of respect for people like Roy and Scott because their path is not an easy Road to riches, and I would imagine at times it can be a Labour of love.
  12. I bought a Services world time watch. It looked great, didn't work very well.
  13. Twostand out for me. Firstly a Ford KA courtesy vehicle. The clutch broke 2 miles from the car rental company. I asked the company to pick me up as it had broken down, just minutes after picking it up and they refused, basically telling me to call a breakdown service. Needless to say I drove it back in first gear and gave them a diatribe. The other, and probably worse car was a Suzuki Alto I hired in Cyprus. It had so little power that when I had parked it facing down hill and had to reverse out (uphill), I had to get out of the car and push it. I took it on a motorway and it was practically going backwards.
  14. Great buy, thanks for sharing the info about the watch dealer too, useful comments for quite a few of us.
  15. Great read as ever Honour, happy new year too.