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  1. Not sold. Still for sale.
  2. Reduced to £95 or best offer.
  3. It now has a "best offer" option.
  4. Dear Mr RWP, You are gonna have ro try harder than that to insult me. You are getting childish. Don't bother replying as your continously inane topics have sucessed in driving me from this forum. Regards Peacefrog (former member) Can the Mods please delete my account as I won't be back. Regards
  5. Top draw comment Mr mcb2007
  6. Inane, maybe. But what watch were you wearing whilst reading about inane forum topics?
  7. 10 out of 10 Kevkojak. Best laugh in ages and spot on the button as well.
  8. I found myself in a similar situation where I had a lot of different watches, mostly hand winding wristwatch and a few pocket watches as well. I sold the lot and bought a watch that reply grabbed my attention. I do not regret that decision. I now, normally, only buy one watch a year. More quality, less quanity.
  9. I have a Gerlach RWD which was bought direct from the website and I didn't have a problem. It took about 10 days to arrive, I'm happy with the watch and would buy from again.
  10. 490 euro which is approximately £370 The steinhart vintage is a beautiful watch. I want one.
  11. Try the M/S Batory by G.Gerlach. I would have posted a picture but I am on my tablet and it has a mind of its own when it comes to posting pictures. Just look at the Gerlach website. Good company, good product.
  12. A true classic. I've even been to his grave at Rice Lance Cemetery.
  13. Just had a look and there are some good buys available, especially the Tridents if you are after a 38mm watch.
  14. The Honorable Schoolboy by John le Carre. It's the middle book in the Karla trilogy, the book that most people forget about. They remember Tinker Tailor Souldern Spy (because of the film) and they remember Smiley's People (because of the TV series) but The Honorable School is often overlooked. Amazon; bargain of a price.
  15. Some people, myself included, log on and read the content but hardly ever comment.