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  1. pmhpmh

    Watch Auction

    yes not easy, glad it is not my stuff they are selling
  2. pmhpmh

    Watch Auction

    Watch Auction, I hope that this is OK and does not break any rules, but i came across an auction on Sweeney Kincaid's site for watches, short notice auction mostly rotary and citizen Peter
  3. pmhpmh

    Genuine Longines?

    Lucky begger :yes:
  4. pmhpmh

    Another Franken-Omega

    That is a nice watch.... Likeeee
  5. pmhpmh

    Where To Buy

    yes, I did worry about a quick whoosh and me having even less hair. Mel, I take it there are no suppliers of this sort of stuff in Scotland, being new to this I fancied a good browse and pick up and poke?
  6. pmhpmh

    Where To Buy

    long shot, but does anyone sell this sort of stuff in Scotland?, central belt especially?
  7. pmhpmh

    Where To Buy

    Being just a beginner at tinkering I am still collecting the bits I need. Where do you buy your watch cleaning fluid. I can buy from cousins but they only seem to have cleaning fluid in vast quantities 2.5L, 3.8 L and up to 25 L. So I dont want to have vast quantities lying around I don't use, both for space, storage of chemicals and cost. I would also like to know what you use. I was planning to get some small glass pots, 10 ml or so then move the parts by hand through from first wash, to second wash and then rinse and out or is there a better way to do it? Thanks
  8. pmhpmh

    3D Printed Clock

    Surely you were not able to print a spring or will it be motor powered?
  9. pmhpmh

    Unicorn Repair

    Ideal, will try that, the bezel looked very tight, but will work a bit harder
  10. pmhpmh

    Unicorn Repair

    Still Learning and trying to remove a movement from a Unicorn Watch I have removed both the case screws and the stem. However the movement does not want to lift out of the case. Do I need more force? or have I missed something? I am always wary of applying too much force, but dont see any thing else holding the watch.
  11. pmhpmh

    Sizing A Replacement Crystal

    Well Got the glass out, I put sellotape over the front. Measured it, Ordered replacements from Cousins, also next size up and down. Replaced crystal, put new new battery in the watch Cleaned case with puffer and rodico And Took me a little while to work out how to set the chronograph hands back to zero following a battery change, but that is done and I am happy. I know that as repairs go this is on the nursery side of easy, but I am still chuffed :grin: Peter
  12. pmhpmh

    Which Divers Watch?

    and the 710 may never even notice!
  13. pmhpmh

    Latest Project

    Looks like fun, enjoy
  14. pmhpmh

    Sizing A Replacement Crystal

    Thanks Good Tip, I will give that a try, Peter
  15. pmhpmh

    Sizing A Replacement Crystal

    Indeed, and case press has been ordered, due with me tomorrow (Wednesday), unfortunately I am booked in for an out of hours server upgrade so will not get home till late Thursday is Brownies night...........Dont ask! So can get going till Friday, So wont be able to order from cousins until the weekend, So wont get crystal till mid week So wont get to play till next weekend :wallbash: Just not fair!

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