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  1. Roman Numerals or Arabic?

    Roman numerals is a big no no for me ! has to be Arabic numerals
  2. Marathon 300m auto diver

    Bloody awesome always liked those watches , I think its that bezel !!!!!
  3. Auctions! A seller's market?

    Yes totally agree , I do try and attend viewing days but work commitments usually dictate that I can only attend on the day but when we do attend viewing days my wife and I usually have a few hours browsing and catching up with friends and acquaintances then have a light pub lunch which in my opinion makes a very pleasant morning !
  4. Auctions! A seller's market?

    I have bought and sold on Ebay and it pretty much is what it is , however buying from auction can be a great experience , specialist auctions be it watches or architectural salvage are getting pretty expensive not including postage / courier costs if the Auction house is miles away . General sales at Auction can turn up some real gems if you are prepared to do your homework and think on your feet a little , but it is easy to get your fingers burnt sometimes as well !! . Its just my opinion that Auctions are not doom and gloom and can be an interesting and profitable place . Just my opinion
  5. Saturday 25th February

    Hi Andy , always thought modern gents Cartier were a bit porn star but thats really nice hope things are good with you mate .
  6. I still have my first watch ( a Timex very similar to the one in question ) and can confirm its hand wound and not auto .
  7. Fleabay bargain just in.

    I bought one very similar from a antiques emporium in Herne bay a couple of years ago
  8. Scarborough

    That Eden camp is very interesting if your into that sort of thing , been a couple of time over the years oh and if you do go to Bridlington The Ship inn at Sewerby is pretty good for a meal .
  9. Sekonda chronograph 3017

    On a wet bank holiday decided to have a sort through the safe and decided to give my old sekonda 3017 a bit of wrist time had almost forgotten what a fantastic looking and iconic time piece these are
  10. Watch Fairs

    Yes been to the Birmingham one and also the one at Brunel University , both very good in my opinion , people are nice and the prices seem realistic .
  11. Hi from Kent

    Lovely Whitstable ...............
  12. Hi from Kent

    Your obviously not too fussed with dive watches then !!!
  13. Hi from Kent

    Hi and welcome to the forum nice part of the country Kent , i have spent some time in the Whitstable , Herne bay area over the years , is this your part of Kent ? Into most clock / watch related items mainly 1950s through to modern stuff , have a soft spot for old industrial clocks / time recorders etc , but i guess everyone has a weakness eh
  14. WEC Silverstone 6hr Race (yesterday.....)

    I have been to this event in several times in different guises and think it is probably a good taster for the famous Le mans 24 hour . It does probably lack some atmosphere and in my opinion was better when it was held in September , but thats just my opinion . I have also been to Le mans several time starting in the early 1990s and apart from the cars it is obviously chalk and cheese . Perhaps its me getting a little older but motorsport in general seems to have got a bit sterile , so perhaps this applies to the Silverstone 6hrs . Going off on a slight tangent the Silverstone classic is a fantastic weekend if you like a blend of vintage / historic and modern
  15. Will it be another Omega?

    A bit off the cuff but have you considered a Rado ? something 1960s or 1970s it ticks the box being Swiss and the quality in my opinion is on par with Omega . I had a Rado New Green Horse some time ago and regret selling it . Just a thought
  16. "My Girl Jill" - a windmill walkthrough

    Very enjoyable viewing !!! we have a similar windmill very close by at Pitsone in Bedfordshire ,sadly it is not working but is a reminder of a bygone age .
  17. How many times as day do you change watches?

    I think three changes a day is as many as i can think of , a half decent beater taking the dogs out possibly Seiko , then perhaps a rough beater if i am in the garden ( usually a Timex Expedition ) and then something nice in the evening possibly Oris .
  18. Hello, newbie needing advice

    Seiko Seiko and maybe a Seiko . cannot rate them highly enough
  19. Favourite James Bond actor?

    It has to be Sean Connery for me but to be honest i thought George Lazenby was pretty good .
  20. Think I'm wearing a dead mans watch

    I know its a bit cheesy but i remember seeing an advert for watches in a classic car mag saying something like " no one owns a watch we just look after it for the next generation " as i say a bit cheesy but a degree of truth in it i guess .
  21. "Loaning" your watches

    My opinion is if its a modern watch in as much as its pretty robust and the person i was loaning the watch to was trustworthy i would have no issues , however if it was one of my older watches i would just not feel comfortable doing so . Just my opinion
  22. Selling watches on eBay

    Most sales i have made have been pretty smooth to be honest . However dont want to state the obvious but Ebay is what it is , every man and his dog is on Ebay so by nature a wide and diverse cross section of people will be encountered this includes non payers time wasters etc . Looking at the bigger picture it is a pretty decent selling tool for both private and trade , I would add that i am a little nervous about selling items beyond a certain value but thats probably just me being over cautious . I would also add that the last few watches i have sold have achieved slightly less than i anticipated but thats probably just luck , some good results some not so good .
  23. This looks the bees

    That is very nice indeed !!! sort of Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000 look
  24. titanium watches

    Loving the T TOUCH thats pretty ...... YELLOW !!!!
  25. titanium watches

    I did have a titanium Seiko chronograph some time ago , one of those ones you get but move on fairly quickly , no particular reason , but i do remember it being obviously very light weight and in my opinion a nice color . Would not hesitate to have another titanium watch

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