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  1. If it is just the outside orange that is black, soak in soapy warm water, not boiling (that just seems to set the stuff) then I used autosol and a nylon pan cleaner. We got a set to go into our place in France and discovered why French people don't use them. Too heavy and a pain to clean.
  2. Mick B

    Special Cat Food

    A previous cat had a thyroidectomy, she was aged about 10 I think, you can't imagine how much that operation cost, but the difference in her was miraculous. Our youngest now is 3, he needs a urinary diet, the food from the vet is costed to pay for his wife's new BMW with personalised plates, so I order it from Amazon at half the price. Here he is in his younger days trying to pull the pin on a Mills (deactivated I hasten to add).
  3. Mick B

    Best Monster

    I've been away for some time (nothing sinister) and now I'm back its good to see monsters are still being discussed. I have the Dracula and orange and black monsters. I alternate the black and orange, the Dracula is ok but...I'm not sure.
  4. Mick B

    Advice On 'stolen' Watch

    Good luck. This bloke is a ****** of the first order. Just thought I would say that in the hope that he looks at this forum.
  5. Mick B

    Deliberate Or Not?

    As harry Hill said 'What is it about people who repair shoes, that make them so good at cutting keys?' Or repair watches?
  6. Mick B

    An Apology

    This forum, compared to some, is one of the politest I have seen, I don't think you have anything to apologize for, certainly a bit of banter makes good reading for the rest of us. On another forum I insulted New Zealand (yes all of it) I still get abuse and threats 5 years on and they seem such nice people.
  7. Mick B

    Watch Position, Important?

    Thank you for that prompt and informative response. It appears then that it is actually quite a technical process, keeping regular track of the accuracy and the accuracy of the corrections. This might be a daft question but is it only automatic watches affected by position?
  8. During the day my wrist with watch attached is rarely in the same position for longer than a few seconds, so why is there advice about what position is best for optimum timekeeping during the 7 hours it is on the bedside cabinet, I have read various suggestions about keeping it horizontal or on its side. Is it really important for a well serviced or new watch that's well wound to be placed in a specific position?
  9. Mick B

    Monday-Start The Week.

    This is the Vostok Scuba dude that I received from mcb2007 (cheers, I love the look and fancied a bit of Russian), I changed the strap for a vintage (circa 1986) NATO and think it looks the part.
  10. Mick B

    Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    mmmm....seller claiming ignorance to gather in the watchers, they do mention SPORK though.
  11. Mick B

    It's Not Always What You Buy

    Having that sort of relationship built on mutual respect is priceless, especially these days where every bootsale and 2nd hand sales monkey calls themselves an antique dealer.
  12. Mick B

    What Are You Laughing At Right Now?

    Re-runs of the IT Crowd, brilliant.
  13. John what is the metric barrel size stamped on your Tempest? And can I ask, please don't whet my appetite to start another collection.
  14. Just goes to show how eclectic and educational this forum is. Barrel sizes for the Tempest were 5.6mm. I haven't fired any weapons, air or other for over 25 years and i wonder what the difference in mv would be between the 5.5 and 5.6, a fair bit I would think.
  15. Mick B

    Good Things And Sad Events

    You forgot Kim and Kanye's wedding.

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