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  1. I am in a library at the moment, without access to my notes on Accurist. What I can say is that Old England is a brand related to Accurist and founded in the 1960s. I am not sure when Old England disappeared from the scene, but I have found a few quartz examples here and there. I am planning to write a major article about Accurist, and I find your mechanical OId England watch most interesting.
  2. Great question Roger,as always. I have been steadily collecting Accurist watches, mechanical or otherwise, as well as info on the company, with the idea of writing a detailed article for the Forum on the story of Accurist. However, other topics seem to enter my fevered brain that I just have to research there and then, with the result that my Accurist project is still simmering on the back burner. For example, I have posted Part 1 of an article on the history Mido watches, with Part 2 still in preparation, because I felt that pre-Swatch Mido is still not a name frequently encountered on the Forum and has a rich history that needs to be collated and told.
  3. Appreciate the remark dear seikotherapy, and of course it is fine to tinker with movements that are of no real value. I really meant it is unwise to tinker blindly inside watches that are in one's collection...
  4. Try and repair a mechanical watch movement when you don't have a clue what you are doing. There you are Rog, I got in quick and for the first time I have had the first post in answer to one of your fantastic questions.
  5. I wholly agree with Goridar on this one. Are you honestly prepared to risk that much money on a pre-owned watch from eBay that could so easily be a fake? If you want a genuine Bulgari pre-owned watch then surely it would be sensible to go to the places where reputation counts and watches can be guaranteed as being what they say on the dial, so to speak.
  6. Oooh, Davey, an Oris pocket watch going cheap... I could never have resisted that one. I give you full marks for your stoicism in the face of such temptation.
  7. Dear Lenny, could you please ensure that your posts are placed in the appropriate section of the Forum? It has been reported to me that you have placed this same post previously in the correct vintage watches section, and have received replies. I therefore feel it is a bit misleading to repeat the same post in a section not devoted to wristwatches.
  8. It is sometimes a good idea to place the same information in a couple of different sub-forums here, and it also sometimes permissable to post in one forum section directing members to another post elsewhere on the Forum. The problem arises when a member posts multiple copies of the same post on different sections of the Forum, and here I concur with Chromejob.
  9. I must admit that I have enjoyed collecting cheaper pre-owned and new watches so much over the last few years that I am never envious of those who stick to expensive or luxury watches. I revel in finding inexpensive examples of brands that I don't know or that need some research, and the world of inexpensive pre-owned watches is so vast that I never feel I have exhausted it. Even brand new, some inexpensive watches can be pretty damn good, and no, I am not averse to browsing the Argos catalogue in order to get a heavily discounted cheapie. For me, the joy of collecting watches is that there are no rules (except decent behaviour between seller and buyer) and no-one can tell me what I should like and what I should buy. Indeed, it would make my hackles rise if someone attempting to be wise suggested that I only collect Rolex or some other similarly priced brand on the grounds that they will be a great investment.
  10. Delma is defined by "Swisstime" as being a as being a traditional Swiss watch producer active for over 75 years and now trading as Delma Watches Ltd. The company has been at lengnau, in the Canton of Berne, Swizerland since its foundation in 1924 by A & A Giloman as "Thuya." The "Delma" brand name only came into existence in 1952 on wristwatches, and since then the firm has always sought to provide a range of affordable decent quality watches to cover most needs. In 1966, the company was bought by Ulrich Wuthridge (umlaut on 'e') and his former partner, but things seem to have carried on much as before. However, in 1987 Delma launched its own distribution arms in the Far East and the USA. Delma had its 80th anniversary in 2004. I have not had time to research Delma exhaustively, and I am sure there is much to learn. The company not only made its own watches but also produced models for other firms, including Gucci and Bucherer. How the firm managed to deal with the quartz crisis is not exactly clear, but I would presume that it began to major on quartz watches in the 1970s and 1980s. One intriguing sideline is that Delma also made watches branded Gabriela Sabatini, and was not only responsible for timepieces but entered the world of fragrance in 2000 with the launch of "Aqua di Delma." I presume that Delma are still in production and that their watches are still designated as being Swiss made. It would seem to me that there is nothing wrong with Delma watches, and the brand might be quite collectible. Just how many old and pre-owned Delma watches are out there I am not sure, but a brand new Delma watch at a heavily discounted price must surely be considered a sound purchase.
  11. Buy both. ... But then, buy the automatic version without the date window as shown by Lampoc and Wrench.
  12. STOP PRESS: For those of you who are interested in the history of Mido, I have just researched, written and posted Part 1 of a major two-part article on this fascinating and important company. In this first part, I take the company history from its origins up to about 1955. In due course, a second part will be posted and I am working on it now.
  13. Yes and no, Rog. I will never start a conversation myself about watches in company, and usually wait for a glimmer of interest to be expressed in watches before I engage in watch talk. The other day, I was in our local Sainsburys cafe and at the table next to mine was a guy using what I thought was a Psion 3 personal organiser from the late 1980s. I asked him about it and was proved correct. This guy was interested in old tech, and the subject naturally came round to watches. I had a really interesting conversation with him and he gave me his card - as a fitness instructor and gym employee, he offered to help me with the physio after my elbow replacement. As for Kristina, she doesn't engage in conversation about watches and often says, "It's just a watch..." However, some of the most interesting and unusual watches I have were spotted and purchased by her, for which I am very grateful. I also think to myself what the consequences would be if there were two of us in the house collecting watches.
  14. A question, dear Doolittle, that I have been wondering about myself for a few days. Please understand that, as I stated in the topic post, my source for the information it contained was essentially a single article rather than a product of my own research. Like you, I have been puzzled by the fact that Mont Blanc seems to still be a watch producer based in Hamburg, Germany, and fully owned by the Richemont Group. In fact, the Mont Blanc website indicates that this brand is used for a number of different luxury goods in addition to watches. In addition to this, I have discovered that Ralph Lauren is currently listed as a 50/50 partnership with Richemont and not a wholly owned Richemont brand. I apologise for any other slip-ups, but even when I research as fully as possible myself and write accordingly, it can be difficult to find the exact truth about something or an exact date. This is a nightmare for anyone who writes serious non-fiction and although I must always correct what I have done in error, I have to conclude that it is a hazard of the work and something I cannot berate myself over more than I already do.
  15. Ooooh, it's not fair. I want to see your "Thailand Special." Welcome to the the Forum Robtri, and that Longines is a classic piece of kit with a very good water resistance and a "crossover" style with both dress and sports purposes covered nicely.