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  1. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    That looks really nice, love the blue shades on the dial.
  2. How good are CW watches?

    Don't sit on the fence will ya ? Tell it like it is !
  3. How good are CW watches?

    Keep your eyes peeled, get your feelers out, one will show up I'm sure but you may have to cough up for it like.....
  4. How good are CW watches?

    It was one of their GMT offerings, the exact model number escapes me just now because I'm out and about not home. It's quite a lovely colour combination and it took a while to persuade myself to let it go but an offer I would have been foolish to ignore appeared and next thing you know, it's vanished.
  5. How good are CW watches?

    Nowt wrong with CW watches at all. They're well put together and look the part. I've had more than my fair share (six at one stage if I recall) I'm down to only one now because I think my watch tastes have grown a little more than the brand. Some may call that watch snobbery, I call it moving on. The one and only that I own now, I actually bought it a mere 3 weeks ago. This thread needs photos anyway... A Trio of Tridents C60's, the red one being an L.E. Another L.E. My final keeper, a C61 in 38mm. Having said all that, nice as it is, I don't think I'd be paying a touch short of £ 2800 large for this. Beauty or not a beauty.
  6. Duh

    I wouldn't say that. How about - the servers can cool down a bit ?
  7. Duh

    Watch it or you'll be getting an offer to glove up and step into the ring next...
  8. Both ankle Sunday

    You average 700 posts per month Rog ??? Please don't talk to me about logging off.....
  9. Both ankle Sunday

    I think what he's trying to say politely, Rog is, a lot of your posts are crap, barmy and really scrape the barrel for content. You talk and type some $h1te on here. You said the other day you had stuff in your life before this forum. The mind boggles as to exactly what that may have been, it really does..... Do you get out of the house often or are you actually locked in ?
  10. Bulova Super Seville - Opinions?

    I cant miss and opp to post a shot of a good looking guy on this thread Jimmy JimmyJimmy Jimmy, ohJimmy JimmyPoor little Jimmy wouldn't let go
  11. Bulova Super Seville - Opinions?

    So is it Seville or is it Saville 'cos if it's the latter then no ....
  12. Tax in the U.K.

    How's that then ? It's imported goods. I don't understand your comment about it being robbery. Care to enlighten me as to why you think that ?
  13. Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport.

    They look fine and I agree about the gold one but are they not mahoosive ?
  14. Friday watches 16/2

    Seiko Presage SARX041

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