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  1. reggie747

    Monday wrist attire

    This evenings wear
  2. reggie747

    Seiko dial changeover

    Mmmmmmm. No.
  3. reggie747

    Saturday attire

    OVM 39
  4. reggie747

    Public thanks

    You're welcome
  5. reggie747

    Significant Saturday 9th June

  6. reggie747

    Ticking Tuesday 05.06.18

  7. reggie747

    Tudor Black Bay GMT

    I think it looks actually very nice and the snowflake GMT hand, all good. I'm not suggesting I'd pay over list for it but down the line, if a good pre-owned one comes my way, I'll jump on it.
  8. reggie747

    Super Saturday 02.06.18

    18 quid to my door, brand new. Sound as mate.....
  9. reggie747

    Super Saturday 02.06.18

  10. reggie747

    Tuesday Timepieces 29/05/2018

    C61 Trident
  11. Well I must be a completely thick barsteward then. I've had my own business for 33 yrs, since I was 18 yrs old and if I had made 5% as johhny says and/or 15% as he says again, I would be living under a cardboard box in my city centre. You're telling me then that global trade and business high and mighty are making such small margins ? We've talked about watches, car manufacturers and Orange juice so far. Colour me confused....?
  12. And you know all this, how ?? My take on the OP's question was fairly speculative, yours, both to me and the OP seem quite definitive.
  13. reggie747

    BH Monday 28/05/2018

    Citizen Promaster BN0100-51E
  14. I wouldn't have thought that 5% net is hardly enough to sustain development of future models yet they're pumping them out, 10 a penny. I'll take Ford as a simple example. Have you seen how much you need to pay for say, a base model Fiesta nowadays ? 13.5K and up to than 20.5K for the top dog one. I'd imagine most people, myself included, either PCH or PCP their vehicles nowadays, it makes sense for me. Personally, using my example, I'd say that was overpriced and that there's more than 5% net in there for the manufacturer. Of course, I don't know 100% but they surely couldn't continue with such small margins.
  15. In answer to your question........not as much as car companies !

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