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  1. Monday's Watch.

  2. Hand engraved Seiko 5 sports wristwatch by artist

    Most excellent
  3. Thursday thumpers

    I wanted to post this yesterday but could only see the Wednesday Quartz thread. I'm wearing it again tonight so....have it ! Seiko SARX041
  4. "We have told the seller he has sold our stolen goods he is ignoring us... " Might be better off telling the Police ?
  5. Saturday 25th November watch parade

    Grand Seiko SBGX069 Titanium HAQ. I've waited 2yrs for this beauty. Brilliant !
  6. Super Oyster vote over here
  7. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    This, just in today. Grand Seiko SBGX069 High Accuracy Quartz in Titanium. Lovely jubbly !
  8. how many is enogh

    51. Just one more and that'll be enough for a fresh one every week of the year. Ironically, there's one incoming and I'm in like Flynn !
  9. Bronze Beauties

    I have one bronze piece but it's mahoosive !
  10. Looking for advice on watch purchase

    Have a look at Steinhart Lots of options there and very good watches too. Also consider one of many a Seiko. They have an enormous choice well within your budget range. Are you looking for a dress watch or a sports watch ?
  11. Saturday Automatic

    This again....
  12. Thursday 16th Nov. Automatics

    This (again)
  13. Lug gaps

    I hate lug gaps ! Anyone with lug gaps on their watches should be shot in the ar$e. So there
  14. It's okay to be white

    Yeah, we like white...
  15. “Exploring” My Options...?

    Bet she got a m*nge like a welcome mat !

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