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  1. Pressure Testing. Yay or Nay.

    Rog, just take it off if you do the dishes oh and pull down your sleeve if you get caught in a little downpour. You're about as likely as I (which is completely unlikely) to ever worry about pressure testing I think.
  2. Grand Seiko

    I admire a watch because I like the look of it, the personal aesthetic appeal is what initially peaks for me. Then, obviously the cost perspective raises it's head. If I have to do without other life trimmings then I will do in order to achieve what I want. The name on the front only plays a small part for me. The middle part of your statement about the movements being similar is too true also (Well....except for the Spring Drive maybe.....?)
  3. New in, the Anadigital

    Yes indeed and that's the beauty of a discussion forum - to offer ones views. You're quite welcome to say so if you desire of course. Nothing personal
  4. Grand Seiko

    It depends if you're buying a name or you're buying a watch. Only you can let us know that one.
  5. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Yeah sure, as the sharks are chomping on your butt cheeks as you're passing in and out of consciousness due to hypothermia. Jay, This Steinhart thing you've been banging on about now for a while....You knew all this before you bought it. Am I right ??
  6. Tuesday Tickers 17/10/17

  7. Monday 16 Oct watch thread

  8. Extremely unimpressed

    ooh, touchy ! Send it back then or sell it on and do more research in future !
  9. Sorry the date's off.... whoops !
  10. A sad day

    You beaut ! Well in son...
  11. Another CW thread.

    I've owned 6 watches of theirs over these last few years. I now have only one left and if I'm honest, that sees not a lot of wear (rotation of the masses etc etc). The first piece I bought from them was a full price brand new Trident C60 in blue which was an absolute stunning looker. I joined up to the CW forum and almost immediately learned that there was a 30% or 50% off sale right at that time. You can see what's coming........Although it felt just a touch morally wrong, I sent back the one I'd payed full price for and got an identical other for 30% less. It was a no brainer really. I appeased that by suggesting to myself they'd overcharged me 30% in the first place. All good then. Other pieces of theirs came and went and I liked all of them but I think I'm probably on the next level with my watches now and quite frankly, the frequency of their sales makes me a laugh, hugely. I don't think they're in it now for the long ride and I'll be surprised if they're still around in 5 yrs. Anyway, here's my former blue Trident with some of it's siblings.
  12. Ceramic Anyone

    They're all able to swap out. Do you work in demolition ?

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