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  1. Saturday watch parade 24th

    Lovely.... I’m actually looking at panerai’s for my next watch but cant decide which one I like the most Pam88, Pam90 or Pam104... love the Pam111 too but the lack of a date might drive me nuts
  2. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 15/02/2018

    My most comfortable watch to wear
  3. Monday WRUW

    Explorer II
  4. Seiko Turtle PADI

    It was on eBay guy makes some nice straps his user name is lawr389
  5. Follow the Tag Formula One

    Had this for 25 years now
  6. Seiko Turtle PADI

    Here is mine
  7. It's Friday again!

    New strap turned up today so now wearing this
  8. Thursday Automatics~8th. February.

    Turtle today
  9. The Most Overpriced Watches.

    Hublot! Not sure if they have changed it now but they were using eta movements and charging tens of thousands
  10. Thursday WRUW.

    Sumo today
  11. Wednesday watches.

    My good old Monster today

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