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  1. TFI Friday 23.03.18

  2. My mate asked our main dealer today and the wait for the gmt Pepsi is 6-12 month wait
  3. Tuesday Tickers 20.03.18

    Finally taken the panerai off
  4. Thought I’d show you guys my EDC.... be interested to see your every day carry...
  5. Thursday Autos.

    PAM88 gmt still
  6. Finally took the Panerai off lol
  7. Saturday Watch Parade 10.03.18

    Sorry still got on my newest acquisition and no I’m not driving I’m parked up lol
  8. Friday, 9th March WRUW

  9. Thursdays watch.

  10. WRUW - Wednesday, March 7

    Going to be wearing this as it’s the honeymoon period lol
  11. My new PAM88 with a new arrival strap today
  12. Mondays watch

    My first panerai and the first time I’ve seen one in person lol
  13. Mondays watch

    It’s arrived!
  14. Mondays watch

    Got the cheap watch on as I wait for my new watch to be delivered today....
  15. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 1/3//2018


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