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  1. Both ankle Sunday

    I didn't say anybody made me read it ? It's the whiners that point out the obvious that's spooling the threads lol , so calm down and relax I'm not having a pop just stating the obvious again their is no need to get your socks in a twist
  2. Both ankle Sunday

    Another pointless thread REALLY just saying what everybody is thinking
  3. Young Watch Sunday.

    Tag heuer Monaco for me have a great sunday everybody
  4. Follow the Tag Formula One

    Sort after rare tag heuer formula one gulf edition was produced in limited numbers how many I am unsure and these are regularly on auction site for between £800-£1200 when mine was purchased 6 years ago they were avaliable for around the £600 mark i absolutly love mine that the wife bought me
  5. Top 5 most wanted?

    No 1 tag heuer Monaco Steve McQueen own no 2 Rolex explorer II not owned yet no 3 tag heuer formula one gulf edition own no 4 breitling super avenger own no 5 Seiko spork own so with only one still to get I must be near the end game
  6. must have watches in a collection

    It's the unwritten watch collection rule you must have a g shock To try or keep
  7. Back for a bit. :)

    Good to see you Kev
  8. Saturday Display~ 27th of January.

    Tag heuer gulf formula one for me today
  9. MG Commemorative Chronograph

    I may be wrong but i recall their was a sicura mg watch that was produced
  10. Friday Parade (19Jan)

    Happy Friday everybody
  11. Three of Your Best.

    Top middle bottom
  12. Sunday newbies post 1990

    It would be rude not to join in with the rlt spork club

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