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  1. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Sad news Very very sorry for you loss
  2. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    Come on guys and girls it's a tradition on the twf
  3. TWF Secret Santa 2017!

    6 iceblue
  4. Yep one more sleep to go it's going to a long sleep buddy well worth the wait
  5. Obris Morgan explorer 1 review

    Yep another watch that a great addition to micro brands and well made and looks gorgeous
  6. Obris Morgan explorer 1 review

    If you like a brand that's different with the build quality off some off the other bigger brands then it's a no brainer buddy's
  7. Challenge!

    Without a doubt Obris Morgan explorer 1 £240 full set I picked this up for from the forum
  8. Hi lee having sent Bob a few messages and on the last occasion I got no response I did fear thing we're not good for Bob , the last communication we had I said if he wanted to have a coffee one Sunday Simmons was only up the road but Bob replied saying he was unable too unfortunatly , I only live down the road by the school playing field at the bottom of the estate , as weird as it sounds we never crossed paths or even new we were on each other's door step until recently having a family member at keech cottage and seeing for my self how great all the staff were Bob was in a truly amazing place and was well looked after as the family would off too , I do as much as I can for keech cottage I do the sponsor runs and also volunteer for as much as I can on the open days and events and as many are aware I also used to do charity auctions on the forum to raise money for the chosen charity thank you lee for letting the forum members know Bob will be very missed
  9. Sunday Youngsters ~ Post 1990.

    Tag heuer formula 1 grande date gulf edition today
  10. Many thanks buddy and looking forward to the post mans knock
  11. Saturday 25th November watch parade

    Obris Morgan explorer 1 today
  12. a quick pic off the two hounds ice and blue boy and count me in buddy as it would give me a great excuse to buy a omega to put in it
  13. Time squared? Incoming.

    Oh ok I had a bell & Ross brs98s very nice light and great looking time piece , thanks for the code I'm going looking mmmmmmm very nice

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