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  1. Iceblue

    Tyre recommendations, please.

    Hancock and evergreen seem to be a popular brand in my Peugeot garage
  2. Iceblue

    2,500 posts giveaway

    I like the watch forum becouse I'm always late and I need to know how late
  3. Iceblue

    Breitling B13047 worth owt?

    I am guessing it's about 40mm in case size in my opinion looks very similer to the breitling aerospace but with out the ani/digi display so appleling to any one that wants something different , very nice indeed
  4. Iceblue


    Now that’s more like it
  5. Iceblue


    Sarcasm quote the use of remarks that clearly mean the opposite of what they say, made in order to hurt someone's feelings or to criticize something in a humorous way:
  6. Iceblue

    The Sunday Pre-1990 Thread

    On with 1980s heuer monnin
  7. Iceblue


    Can see by this comment you don't no much about the history of watches lol
  8. Iceblue


    The Cartier roadster is a cracking time piece one that was inspired by the early Porsche speedster and dunhill make some cracking watches , I must admit Mont Blanc watches are a very nice inspiring time piece and very underestimated flys under the radar of most collectors but worth a browse and possible purchase
  9. Iceblue

    Saturday 21st April - WRUW

    Yep I am with you today great choice
  10. Thanks guys I am a sucker for Quartz
  11. Iceblue

    AVO's SOTC, April 2018

    Great collection the cartier is a favourite in my eyes , and the c70,s are lovely too great collection well done buddy
  12. Iceblue

    Good Friday WRUW

    A 1980's heuer for me today
  13. Iceblue

    Man flu

    I feel your pain Roy it's a shame all the lady's done understand or suffer from man flue
  14. Iceblue

    Sunday young guns 25/03/2018

    I of 50 obris Morgan Caicos watches today
  15. Iceblue

    Happy as a pig in **** - Oris Aquis date

    Well done on your new incoming , the oris divers really do make a solid well built watch

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