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  1. Sunday Newbies~ Post 1990

    Triple s today seiko spork Sunday
  2. Friday 20th.

    This today breitling super avenger for me and the watch dog
  3. I had glandular fever wow that's bloody horrible a big get well soon to your step daughter
  4. On with this today
  5. On with this still today been on the wrist since Friday
  6. tag monaco

    Hi ringo a watch of this caliba deserves the correct movement anything less and you are just cheating the wàtches heritage this is my opinion anyway cheers Andy
  7. Saturday Watch Parade 07.10.17

    Had this on yesterday and still on the wrist today breitling super avenger
  8. Fabulous Friday WRUW.

    Breitling for me and the watch dogs Great mind think alike well similar anyway
  9. image.jpeg

    From the album Iceblue

  10. What can I say I have a Quartz gulf edition and a Monaco auto great watch these are my fav watches both great time pieces and sentimental to me
  11. If I use my iPhone I get error 200
  12. Rlt Spork Owners Club.

    I no these were only on sale for a short period of time but do we no how long they were on sale for and how many were made
  13. Clear out challenge and result

    Why wouldn't you for a cartier calibre de cartier
  14. Sunday upstart's made after 1990

    Sunday outing for this one today

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