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  1. Very nice and it might even fit.... I'm in!!
  2. The date window that close to the centre just shouts out how tiny the movement is compared to the case. Even as a biker I find these a bit to "cheap tat" looking....
  3. I have completed the survey but did not see anything even remotely new or original in the design options, oh well....
  4. Scottish info please.

    Hmm, haggis.....I had a bacon and haggis roll for breakfast this morning, was fab.
  5. Chinese Fountain Pens

    I am using the x750 Chessboard just now, really quite impressed with these!!
  6. I can see a nice wee "do not disturb" notice going up later!!!
  7. Shaving.

    Have a look at Cornerstone, a new shaving company. They deliver them to you and they are equally as good as a Mach3, if not better.
  8. Urwerk

    Urwerk and Ressence are my two favourite watchmakers, neither of which I will ever be able to afford (it might help if I actually bought a lottery ticket). I just love the technicality and for me the look of them as well, ho hum....back to realty.
  9. Favorite Type of Music

    Complete metal head here, with a tendency to the more extreme & thrash side of it.
  10. Thingymebob check please

    Repeater chimes?
  11. Explain Yourself!!!!!

    Half my surname (Fitzhugh) and I am a bit of a metal head...!!
  12. Waltham USA Trench Watch

    I am hoping your unhelpful watchmaker in Edinburgh wasn't Tomian as that who I use and they have been great in the past. If it wasn't them might be worth giving them a call....
  13. What Do You Drive?

    Yamaha Vmax (172bhp, mental fun) BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si (the better half's but she lets me have a shot occasionally) Mercedes 320 CLS (comfiest ever)
  14. BMW F650GS

    Oh yes!!!
  15. BMW F650GS

    Nice, a few m8's of mine have BM's and are very happy with them. This is my wee putput I have just finished renovating after 6 months sitting in a leaky garage...