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  1. I have completed the survey but did not see anything even remotely new or original in the design options, oh well....
  2. Scottish info please.

    Hmm, haggis.....I had a bacon and haggis roll for breakfast this morning, was fab.
  3. Chinese Fountain Pens

    I am using the x750 Chessboard just now, really quite impressed with these!!
  4. I can see a nice wee "do not disturb" notice going up later!!!
  5. Shaving.

    Have a look at Cornerstone, a new shaving company. They deliver them to you and they are equally as good as a Mach3, if not better.
  6. Urwerk

    Urwerk and Ressence are my two favourite watchmakers, neither of which I will ever be able to afford (it might help if I actually bought a lottery ticket). I just love the technicality and for me the look of them as well, ho hum....back to realty.
  7. Favorite Type of Music

    Complete metal head here, with a tendency to the more extreme & thrash side of it.
  8. Thingymebob check please

    Repeater chimes?
  9. Explain Yourself!!!!!

    Half my surname (Fitzhugh) and I am a bit of a metal head...!!
  10. Waltham USA Trench Watch

    I am hoping your unhelpful watchmaker in Edinburgh wasn't Tomian as that who I use and they have been great in the past. If it wasn't them might be worth giving them a call....
  11. What Do You Drive?

    Yamaha Vmax (172bhp, mental fun) BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si (the better half's but she lets me have a shot occasionally) Mercedes 320 CLS (comfiest ever)
  12. BMW F650GS

    Oh yes!!!
  13. BMW F650GS

    Nice, a few m8's of mine have BM's and are very happy with them. This is my wee putput I have just finished renovating after 6 months sitting in a leaky garage...
  14. It is a lot subtler than I thought it would be......
  15. Just showed this to a colleague who thought it was stunning, I then asked her how much does she think it costs. After a quick um and aw she said three and a half grand. Er naw, LOL