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  1. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    I am now a happy Squirrel. The replacement buckle arrived from @animalone and has been fitted. Now I can wear my Omega on its new strap and not be anxiously checking every five minutes to make sure the recycled milk bottle top buckle isnt going to give way.
  2. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Not got a problem with WatchObsession I have bought from them before and had excellent service. I wouldnt want this thread to descend into a slagging match when they are simply the supplier not the manufacturer. My problem is with Hirsch and I have emailed them to let them know my thoughts about their recycled milk bottle top buckles.
  3. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Its not a dress style strap and its not a diver strap either I suppose you could call it an everyday wearing strap, at the price not something you would expect to have a stamped Aluminium buckle. @animalone Has very kindly sent me a proper Hirsch Stainless Steel buckle.
  4. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    The H is sunk into the buckle so it must be Aluminium. Thank you for your very generous offer PM is on its way.
  5. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    I didnt expect a reputable company like Hirsch to use such junk. Its like buying a new car and finding the tyres are retreads.
  6. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Its double what I have ever spent before on a strap.
  7. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Yes it came from Watch Obsession via Ebay. I have bought from them before in fact the buckle I have used in place of the cheapo feeling Hirsch is off one of there straps. I have worn the strap for a few days now and love the leather. edit: I have just checked, the ebay seller is called pierstreettime but the paypal payment went to Watch Obsession.
  8. I bought a Brown Hirsch Camel grain strap recently and I am very happy with the strap part its a quality piece of leather that looks like it will age very nicely but the silver buckle! well initially it looks OK but if you have a good look at it you soon realise this isnt quality. Though its not an expensive strap at £34 I still expected Hirsch to at least use a decent Stainless buckle, even plated Brass would have been better than the flimsy feeling piece of...well I dont know what it is but it would blow away if the Cat sneezed at it. Honestly it looks and feels like something you would get on a £3 strap off ebay. Really surprised Hirsch would use such junk and it has left me feeling a bit ripped off I certainly wont be buying Hirsch again if this is what they use I have replaced it a brushed stainless buckle that came off a £10 strap and it looks okay. The photo doesnt do the cheapness justice Attach0-1 by Stuart, on Flickr Attach0-2 by Stuart, on Flickr
  9. My watch is running spot on all of a sudden!

    Mechanical watches definitely run better if they are used. Its like your car if you only use it once a week to go to the shops it will never feel smooth no matter how well serviced and looked after. Run your car every day and it will feel livlier and return better MPG.
  10. Zitura Watches

    Thanks I am currently working on a Zitura single crown compressor and information is virtually non existent.
  11. Single Crown Compressor info

    Taking it apart is the easy bit Its a nice dial unfortunately the caseback gaskets had turned to goo and water has got in at some time. The dial has a fair bit of corrosion round the edges that some gorilla has touched up with what looks like nail varnish. Luckily the movement just needed a quick clean and lube to get going and its been running for 30 hours and only gained 6 minutes.
  12. I have picked up a non running Zitura wind up with a Single Crown Compressor case that I am refurbing and I have done a bit of googling to try and get some info but everything seems to go to pages about twin crown Super Compressor cases. Can anyone give me a bit of info about the single crown models. It is a snap on back type with a plexi crystal which I believe is the original Compressor type though I dont think it has any age or value it looks to be a 70s watch with a fairly simple AS1130 movement. I forgot to take a photo of it when I bought it but I have a some photos of it split open. compressor 3 by Stuart, on Flickr compressor 2 by Stuart, on Flickr compressor 1 by Stuart, on Flickr
  13. a tip ive heard

    Couldnt you just stick a clock movement in the tumble drier. It gets all the fluff out of my clothes so it would probably clear the fluff out of clockwork.
  14. I picked up a scruffy and erratically working Zitura Compressor at a car boot for £10 it had an hour marker loose and I thought its worth a punt if all thats wrong is the marker stopping the movement. I took the back off and there was black sticky goo where the gaskets once sat one in the back and one in the case which had spread to the movement. One of the movement holder screws was missing but luckily the clip that holds the movement was still in there. Took me an hour to clean things up and another hour to get the movement ticking it was little grains of black goo jamming the winding gears. I managed to break the crystal getting to the hour marker ring and then another hour cleaning crystal cement out of everything. Gaskets and crystal ordered from CousinsUK but had to take a gamble on gasket thickness as there was nothing to measure. Its a long time since I worked on a watch and I hope I have got everything measured right. compressor 1 by Stuart, on Flickr compressor 2 by Stuart, on Flickr There is virtually nothing on the non Super Compressor cases on the net I think I have a plain Compressor single crown type.
  15. Things I miss from my former job.

    All the hot women

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