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  1. richy176


    Silly me - only looked at who had posted a comment
  2. richy176


    Congratulations on reaching the milestone but where is @Davey P? Nice big quartz on offer and he has not entered - maybe allowing us to get our hopes up before he swoops in at the last minute.
  3. richy176

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    I have looked at some reviews on Chrono and there are negative ones - could your one just be too long? They may also be concerned about availability of proof for statements about the seller trying to do the deal outside of Chrono. Taking away `trusted seller' status may not be justified by Chrono based on the positive v negative feedback for the seller - no reason why they should consider posts on forums though. They may also consider offering a refund to be in line with `trusted seller' status and even his offer to get it working if you returned it. I have bought via Chrono and had no problems but would be happy with the facility to return a watch for a full refund (exchange rate fluctuations are just a risk - could go either way). I appreciate why you want to keep the watch but do not agree that Chrono should insist that the watch be serviced somewhere approved by you if you have the right to a refund.
  4. richy176

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    The seller offered a full refund - that should be enough. The main issue here is that you wanted to keep the watch but have the seller contribute to putting it into `mint' condition. You have admitted that it was far cheaper than any other example of this watch and it was a bargain - even after paying for a full service yourself it still was considered very good value You could have got your £6500 back but preferred to keep the watch and spend some money on it - your choice so stop crying about it.
  5. richy176

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    I would agree with Chrono24's view. If the seller offered a refund then as far as they are concerned there is nothing really wrong as there is no need for him to agree to pay for repairs/replacements that you requested. If the seller had only offered to have his guy do a service then that would be different. The seller still sounds very dodgy and does not deserve to be listed as a `trusted seller' though.
  6. richy176

    One for the mathematicians....

    Quite right Mr Bond. Why should you pass on the benefit of your PhD in Maths and Physics for free just to allow another member to charge for the information.
  7. richy176

    Incoming soon - insurance

    Highworth Insurance would do it - that was the first one that came up on a google search. Usually much cheaper to include on your main contents cover and surprised they will not add it. Is it over the value of single item value on the policy?
  8. richy176

    make a choice

    Another vote for the Pulsar
  9. There have been many instances of a business failing to register for VAT when they should but HMRC go for the business rather than individual customers. Where they have sold to a VAT registered company they will usually ask if they can invoice for the VAT and most will accept that as they then reclaim it but they do not have to.
  10. If they have never pulled you over then I now feel very safe
  11. As @WRENCH said, it is not really an issue for most people. If you have some expensive items then they are probably declared individually on home contents insurance policies and it might be worth carrying a copy of that or a copy of the purchase receipt. It is very unlikely that HMRC will carry out any further checks once you have shown that you purchased the item in the UK. Without seeing the original case study it is difficult to know if there was more to the story.
  12. @Chromejob I found this on the internet. No idea if it is true but the new owner of the smuggled watch was not charged the VAT but the Jeweller did face penalties as did the original smuggler. Regarding your point about VAT being shown on invoices, it is not always required and for second hand goods there is a `margin scheme' and the VAT should not be shown on the invoice. https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=smuggledjewelleryandwatchesstory.html
  13. The Jeweller could only charge VAT on their mark-up and that would be far lower than the VAT due on original import. The receipt they give may not show the VAT but just the total price and the buyer would not know if they had paid or not. What happens though if you buy a watch in the UK for £6k which includes £1k of VAT. Some time later you fall on hard times and sell the watch to a trader for £3k and the trader then sells it for £4k. If the trader has to pay part of the £4k over to HMRC as VAT then overall HMRC get more VAT on the same item - bit of a rip-off I am out of touch with current VAT regulations since retiring.
  14. The voice of experience?
  15. The case study may have been an actual case or just a `what is the strict letter of law' type of study but I wonder how likely it is to happen in real life. I would guess that in most cases so long as you could show that you purchased the item in the UK, especially from a Jeweller then HMRC would not investigate further. They would have to visit the Jeweller and then the person who sold it to them to try and track if duties/tax had been paid. Maybe if the rind had a hallmark that showed it to have been made outside of the UK it would raise questions but how many customs officers would have that knowledge. Has me think though about the Omega I had shipped over from the USA. I did pay VAT on arrival but don't think I have kept proof of that. Funniest one I had was when I drove back from working in Iraq with the family. Arrived at Dover after spending a few weeks crossing Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia (a long time age), Austria, Germany and Belgium. After the temporary insurance ran out I had to get UK plates to insure it here. Customs guy asked for my import papers - I did not have any. He asked if I declared the car at Dover - answer was NO but I was sitting inside it with my family, roof rack full of luggage and said we had come from Baghdad. Bit of muttering but he accepted that we had not `smuggled' it in and issued a Q plate. Before that it had a number plate 7170 NINEVAH which was great for avoiding parking/speeding tickets (had I been inclined to be naughty)

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