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  1. I don't know my Bumpers from my Beaters

    As @RWP said, it is a Seiko SPR043K with just a couple of letters rearranged to make a name - just do a search on Seiko Spork and you will find photos. Another suggestion for the origin of the Spork name is that it combines a diver case with a pilot style dial making it a combination linked to the spoon/fork used by campers as @Steve D UK said.
  2. I don't know my Bumpers from my Beaters

    I believe that `beater' simply means any watch that you don't mind getting dirty, knocked etc and it could be anything from a £10 quartz to Rolex and beyond - just depends on the owner (and maybe size of wallet). Not come across Bumper but think that `Hummer' refers to a quartz movement that give a humming sound but it may only refer to a specific brand - someone on here will know better.
  3. This is Strange.....

    Just need to make sure that any new purchases come with a no quibble returns policy just in case this one keeps finding its way back to your wrist. Then just need to decide what to spend the money on - the Boz may be able to provide some ideas
  4. SuperOcean Return

    That is a very good looking Breitling and good service.
  5. Bet it was just Roy's way of showing how tough his watches are How do we persuade him to make some more RLT11 and the O&W/RLT - the others are nice nut those two are real crackers.
  6. My Omega Seamaster 2010 Vancouver Olympics can be laid at the feet of Artistmike after seeing pics of his 1994 Lillehammer one. Lots of others that I have seen and liked but managed to resist. No photo as I still have them loaded on photobucket and they stopped allowing links to other sites.
  7. Please help me

    If you have problems deciding between quartz and automatics then there is always the GS Spring Drive which combines an automatic movement with a quartz regulator (may not be the best description but lots of videos available online). Only problem is that they tend to cost a bit
  8. Please help me

    I don't have a preference for quartz movements but have a few in various guises as I would put solar and kinetic (as in seiko kinetic) together with quartz. There are many quartz watches that are accurate to within 10 seconds per year whereas this would be quite exceptional in an automatic. If you do a lot of travel across time zones then this accuracy becomes rather pointless unless it has an independent hour hand otherwise you are resetting it frequently and the accuracy advantage is lost. Some Grand Seiko models allow the battery to be changes without exposing the movement to air/dust and this can mean longer intervals between servicing. Quartz allows for radio or GPS coordination which keeps time spot on and in some cases they may adjust to local time automatically when moving across time zones. Partly this will all come down to why you want a particular watch and what presses the buttons for you. A quartz may be easier as a grab and go watch but even if you have to wind it by hand and then set the time and date, you will only use up a minute or two of your day and a gain or loss of a minute or two a day will not cause most people any major problems.
  9. Please help me

    Easy to see why you thought it would be an automatic so should be no problem returning it for a refund - better than flipping as you could lose money that way. Nothing wrong with quartz watches - they tend to be very accurate and only need adjusting twice a year for dst changes plus maybe the odd trip to another time zone. Date can usually be changed without moving the hands unless you forget if it is first stop or second on the crown to change the date and it does vary between brands.
  10. 9988

    Ask DC to pour you another saucer of milk - might make you feel better.
  11. 9988

    Wow - playing two up on Rog - doing a giveway without a get out clause (only if I don't buy a watch this month). That is only one-up I hear yoy say but no doubt you will also place your post in the `Competitions/givaway section of the forum'.
  12. 9988

    Just shows the quality of his posts that so many of us `like' them
  13. Things to do with watches.

    There are the others that crop up quite frequently based on:- If you could only have one watch. How long can you wear the same watch? How long can you go without buying another?
  14. Things to do with watches.

    Looks like a normal day of posts for you
  15. The 18th century for a `portable' timepiece as this was when John Harrison produced the marine chronometers. Then perhaps the late 19th and early 20th centuries for the first wristwatches for men as previously they used pocket watches. Go back further to the 16th century and we have a female collectors with Elizabeth I who had a ring watch and one set in a bracelet. Another collector was Marie Antoinette who commissioned a pocket watch from Breguet in 1783 which was reputed to have every complication thought of at that time. Apparently it took 44 years to make and she never got to see it as she `lost her head' some 34 years before it was finished. A modern contender might be Richard Mille for making some incredibly light but strong watches.