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  1. Why are Tissot so Faked

    They may be at the lower end of the price range for us but there are a lot of people in developing countries that would consider these to be luxury items so maybe the fakes are produced with them in mind but always someone who will sell then wherever they can.
  2. pre-owned watches search

    II clicked on your link and the website needs work. If you click on the £2k+ link you see the same watches as if you click on the £5k+ link. The next problem is if you want to look at a particular brand as they are not in any order and people will generally not spend much time on a site trying to find what they want. Final comment would be that a `google' type search on a particular watch would find most, if not all, of your listings. Looks like a solution to a problem that does not exist.
  3. Design flaws??

    Does it matter - if they sell then the design worked, if not sell them off at a discount and try the next design. You will never please everyone and so many different tastes out there....plus.....does anyone really NEED a watch
  4. Help.....I have no taste.

    Probably the most open and honest post we have seen from you Rog Suggest handing over all control of the finances to the Boz and only buy watches that she approves of.
  5. I Can Source Any Watch You Want

    That sounds great Dylan and I am happy to let you have a go. One of our members has a watch I have admired for some time and I would be interested in getting hold of one. It is the Omega Seamaster made for the Lillehammer Olympic games. Must be in unused (possibly mint) condition and have the full box including the 5 olympic straps and be the full size (41mm) automatic as these were a numbered limited edition. Look forward to hearing from you.
  6. great looking watch and nice detailed review - could do with more reviews like this on the forum.
  7. Still do not understand why some members now have a big letter beside their name which is the first letter of their username but not everyone has it. Maybe we have been selected for a special category of membership with free trips to Greek Islands? Just worked it out - it is where we have not posted a photo!!!! Got there in the end so the old brain cells still work a bit

    You may have been but I have never been a `her'

    Noticed that more people voted for `no more options' but we got them anyway. Seems a bit like the general election - Jeremy get fewer votes/seats but claims that he won.
  10. What was wrong with posting responses to Roy's thread?
  11. Have I missed something

    Maybe you need to get one of those new fangled computers that run on electricity rather than a wind-up one - hand wind may be OK for a vintage watch but....... Will there be an explanation of the new features e.g. I now have a big R but have also seen a big T for someone else.
  12. Downside of autos.

    Too hot - it's just warming up I remember sitting in my garden in Baghdad at around 7pm and it was 43 (celsius) in the shade.Back then we used to belong to a social running club and my sons and I did a 5 mile jog in the evening and it was still over 45 celsius - managed to down a few cold tinnies at the end though and the watch had a good wind. Stop being a wimp
  13. Downside of autos.

    Think it more likely that you will be `brown bread' as the first 200 year old quartz watch will not be available until 2169.
  14. Tuesday quartz

    Hope the Boz does not catch you and clammy enjoys it.
  15. 70s omega "not guaranteed waterproof"

    When I see this on the forum sales section it makes me think that the seller is a trader rather than a member selling their own watch especially if they also say `no service history'. I would expect someone to say "have had the watch for x years but it has not been serviced as I rarely wear it and not been pressure tested as i never wear a watch in water" or something along these lines.