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  1. Tag hatred?

    If the watches are selling at rrp then the customers must consider the price to be OK. I would not buy a Tag at full rrp simply because there is an outlet store just up the road with a wide selection.
  2. How do you find the time?

    "How do you find the time?" Must admit that I have never lost or misplaced it so not an issue.
  3. There are no high import fees - just the standard 20% VAT. When I have used DHL I have only paid the VAT as their fees include customs clearance whereas Royal Mail/Parcel Force have charged a handling fee £8 - £15. Might be worth checking the DHL service as they may offer some rates that do not include customs clearance. Creation used to mark the customs forms with `measuring device' and they slipped through without VAT being charged but recently more seem to get picked up. Best to buy based on paying the VAT and if it slips through then you have an added bonus.
  4. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    There are so many watches to chooses from they are not forced to buy one with a low w/r.
  5. How can 30m be acceptable anymore

    Why should it be a requirement? If no one wants a watch with less than 100m w/r then they won't sell and the manufacturers will have to change the specs.
  6. I need some answers.......

    That is the litigation culture gone mad - it even says that on packets of `NUTS'. What wouold you expect a packet of nuts to contain? Only by Bulls This is the nation that made Trump President - need I say more. Why is it that if a man has 100 watches it is a collection but if a woman has 100 pairs of shoes it is an obsession?
  7. I could never get my kinetics to charge with toothbrush chargers but had great results once I bought a Phillips electric candle charger (as recommended by a forum member). Takes 3 kinetics and works a treat. This is the link to one on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/PHILIPS-IMAGEO-Rechargeable-Candle-Lights/dp/B0083LMZ7E/ref=pd_sim_201_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=FH040CBX1RBCEXP9HVCB
  8. Why so many mistakes?

    I wonder how many members could quote calibre numbers from a list of 10 or 20 watches and how many could then talk about the differences between calibres? Maybe there are not enough enthusiasts to staff all the AD stores and the stores are not willing to invest in training in case the staff then move to a rival or perhaps they would have to pay more to attract staff capable of learning. All that cost for customers who are not interested.
  9. Anything can be `collectable' to someone but may have little or no value to anyone else. The comment about the Tudor being highly collectable would suggest to me that it was expected to increase in value because so few would be made that `collectors' would fight to own one. That would depend on how many collectors decided that fitted in with their collection. Maybe in a few years we will know the answer but I will not kick myself for not buying one.
  10. Cigars and Whisky

    Are we likely to see half smoked cigars in the sales section any time soon? No idea if it is genuine or fake news but I saw an article claiming that the stump of a cigar smoked by Churchill has been sold at auction for a few thousand.
  11. New watch design : Charleston Watches

    The watch looks just like others on the market and it also seems that you value the strap above the watch as you give no details about the watch at all.
  12. All of mine have screw down crowns and a couple have screw down pushers but never had a problem with cross threading - bit more care required?
  13. Extremely unimpressed

    Obviously a bad experience for you but why did you buy it if you knew that the company had a bad reputation especially for this model? I don't have a Steinhart but they seem to get good reviews from most members. Having said that, I just looked at their website and details about warranty or returns seems a bit thin on the ground.
  14. Maintenance costs.

    I had a kinetic as my main watch and it went for over 20 years without any problem/service and was used in the sea/pool/sauna etc. Only failed when i bought more watches and let the kinetic run down. Found the solution on this forum in the shape of a Phillips electric candle charger - takes 3 Seiko kinetics and charges them fully with no fuss or effort.
  15. Any of those would fit the bill plus my Zenith Defy which has been used for all the above.

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