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  1. Discounts for the canny !

    Managed to get just under £1k off this one Also about £1700 off one of my Zeniths Best I have seen was £32k off but that still left £68k to pay so I left that one
  2. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    Earlier your said it would only be the WIS community that would buy a GS and now you say they would not buy one but something else Someone is buying them
  3. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    Difficult to say as there are so few available - on Chrono24 they have a total or 96 GS quartz on offer and if you narrow the search to 2016 models there are just 3 ranging from £1500 to £2100, then there is 1 2015 model at £1600. Those are from German sellers so no additional VAT.
  4. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    This would suggest that a `WIS' appreciates the quality of a GS rather than buying Swiss because of the better known brand name
  5. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    If I had a Spring Drive then I would know about the movement before buying so would not get `wound up' but then I do have a GS quartz and love it - there are also mechanical GS models and so SD having a quartz regulator would not be an issue. Would it upset you if you had a Ferrari and someone pointed out that they are part of the Fiat group?
  6. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    That will depend on the movement - the Spring Drives mainly have to go to Japan for a service although I believe they can now be serviced in the USA. Over on watchseek this did crop up and if memory serves then it was around $500 so probably not far off an official Rolex service. Maybe just because Switzerland is so far away or they do not get so hung-up on brand names?
  7. Grand plans for Grand Seiko ....

    GS has now dropped Seiko from the dials and now just show Grand Seiko - maybe they feel that is sufficient for branding? The majority of watch buyers will not be aware of the GS range simply because there are so few outlets. If you visit any large shopping area you will probably find 2 or 3 stores selling Rolex but none selling GS. A bit more exposure and sales should increase.
  8. Used Omega Seamaster

    Omega have made automatics and quartz versions and also full size and mid size and your choice will have an impact on the price. Generally, full size sell for more than mid size and automatics sell for more than quartz and so you would get a mid size quartz for less than a full size automatic - only you can decide what you want. If you look on ebay then look at the feedback in detail to see what they have been buying/selling as well as the positive or negative comments. On chrono24 look for trusted sellers and bear in mine that buying from outside of the EU is likely to make your purchase subject to 20% VAT on import.
  9. Watches, torches, and Lume.

    Great idea - BUT....I would need to put my glasses on to read the time on my ceiling and I leave my glasses in the lounge as I only need them for distance (6 foot would be a distance) and so it is much easier to look at the time on my mobile phone.
  10. Watches, torches, and Lume.

    Now I don't want to risk a visit from Nurse but I keep my mobile phone by the bed and that has a torch function but lights up to show the time just by opening the case
  11. Watches, torches, and Lume.

    !!!!!!!!! Br honest now - it is your Uncle Vernon (Dursley) who puts you in the cupboard
  12. Any Android techys on here?

    There is a company called Repair My Device that state that they repair Vertu phones. Based in Ealing and tel no is 0208 7404 089. Might be worth giving them a call to see if they can help with the KitKat and maybe also check if spares are still available before you buy (if you have not done so). Probably not for the market they were aimed at. The whole market seems to depend on people upgrading every couple of years.
  13. Any Android techys on here?

    Right - probably will need some internet searching as KitKat is no longer supported. Lots of information available on upgrading to Lollipop etc.
  14. Any Android techys on here?

    Vertu made some very expensive phones but have now gone bust so it may be worth checking if support is still available e.g. if a new battery is needed. Why do you want KitKat on your phone - it is quite old now and not rated as highly as the newer android systems.

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