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  1. Have you considered just buying a phone and using it on your EE contract? Then just change to a sim only contract when renewal comes around. If EE say you can not change to a sim only plan and keep your number then get a sim only plan from BT as they own EE and it is the same network.
  2. You could start a new thread in the member owners section .
  3. Seems like another attempt to solve a problem that should not exist.
  4. Wise man - family is far more important than watches and, as you say, plenty of time to buy those more expensive ones later in life. Nothing to stop you looking though.
  5. Can't believe that Roy would allow such dastardly cads to join or would soon kick them off. Should be the duty of all members to oust these vile miscreants - they should be flogged, tarred- and- feathered and then severely punished
  6. Bit of bad news for @RWP as the membership number has increased to 36814 so an increase of 4 since 15.58 yesterday and so far only 1 new member has introduced himself. THE END IS NIGH
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum. First bit of advice is to put S instead of D for Wales We are not really that picky on here.
  8. 33k members is misleading as the figure showing at 15.58 today is 36,810 but why is that daft? The forum has been running since 2001 and surely it shows just what a great job Roy has done over the years (with help from member posts) to have generated so many members. At the end of the day it is just a statistic at the bottom of the forum where it also shows the most members online and the breakdown of current online which was 33 members, 2 anonymous and 33 guests at 15.58 but I doubt if many (if any) members check these stats before deciding if they will stay and read threads or post to one.
  9. It depends what you are trying to achieve - are `lapsed' members an issue? If they somehow clog the system then @Roy would no doubt start to clean up the membership list but it would probably be quite a lot of work and maybe need some volunteers to help out. There may be members who enjoy reading some of the threads but do not feel the need to contribute very often - would that count as activity. It is certainly not a daft idea but possibly one that solves a non-existent problem. Maybe having to become a member reduces the number of people who only want to ask one question whereas more might do so if they could ask as a `guest'.
  10. Be kind Hugh - you will be very old one day and perhaps have difficulty remembering back beyond a day or two and constantly repeat yourself. And so, if that spirit of kindness here are mine that I have not seen from any other member:-
  11. Then your choice is Rolex Sub or Rolex Sub - worn with swim trunks and DJ so very versatile. In extreme circumstances it can also be used as a knuckle duster. All other brands are fake Bond watches just to get sponsorship for the films. Very tempting but I will wait for one with a date function.
  12. Only $5 million but Beyonce may have negotiated a discount as Jay-Z has a history with Hublot and even sings about them.
  13. Hi Antonio - welcome to the forum. Need some photos now but just of the watches rather than shaving shots.
  14. Are you certain that it is your birthday @Karrusel? Not showing up on `Today's Birthdays - does this mean that you have failed to complete your profile or that you have upset Roy Anyway.....HAPPY BIRTHAY
  15. I fooled your link to see what was on offer and just had an email from ebay reminding me the auction finishes in 2 hours - all a bit Big Brother