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  1. Speaking of copies aka f@#es

    Close though If they spot the fake within 30 days then Amazon have a refund policy when buying on their Marketplace. After 30 days then it would be down to the buyer to take action - paying by credit card would not help as the card companies are not liable when a 3rd party is involved as payment is made to Amazon rather than the seller. I only found this out when I bought a mobile phone that developed a fault just after the 30 days and ended up going via the small claims process but got my money back.
  2. Rolex as a beater?

    Why would owning a Rolex be considered being an idiot with money? Must admit I find the whole concept of a `beater' watch a non-issue as I could easily remove my watch if doing something that was likely to damage it. For a billionaire, damaging a Rolex would hardly dent their wealth - probably lose far more in depreciation on cars, planes etc.
  3. copies,are you tempted.

    Not copies - FAKES so not tempted.
  4. Vintage Rolex-What to do ?

    It might help members if you shared what the expert has said is wrong with it. I doubt if any watch would remind you of your father as much as the Rolex will but that might also depend on what your local expert has told you. If he said that you could get £1k for it as it is but need to spend £2k to fix it then it would depend on having a spare £2k available. Have you looked on `Chrono24' ? They have a few from the late 1940's which may help your search.
  5. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Hi Emily, It is very kind of you to let the forum know about this sad news. I lost my wife to Motor Neurone Disease on the same day but 11 years ago. It is never easy to lose a loved one but hopefully your Dad did not suffer and eventually you will be able to take comfort from that. I had a look at the Farleigh Hospice web site and when you donate it does ask if it is memory of someone and asks for their name. Could you please let us know what name we should use for donations. This is always a particularly bad time of year to suffer a loss but I am sure that your Dad would want everyone to celebrate Xmas and New Year, especially if there are grandchildren around. Best wishes to you and your family.
  6. New Seiko Sportura Kenetic

    I have had one sitting on the charger for at least 2 months and it is showing 4 seconds slow - charger is not on all the time but maybe once or twice a week when I remember. The charger switches itself off after a period of time.
  7. New Seiko Sportura Kenetic

    I have one and it works but no idea why. If you have Seiko kinetics then buy one of these and if it does not work then let me know and I will send you the cost of it. Here is a youtube video about them
  8. Pilots don't use watches.

    It is a bit like the COSC - go back 50 years and having a watch that accurate might have been essential for navigation whereas today a GPS or quartz watch will at least as accurate but even then replaced by computer technology. It makes me laugh when watches with a tachometer are described as a `motoring watch' - how on earth could you use that dial to calculate your speed whilst driving safely? Speed awareness course watch?
  9. Done a RWP

    Do I assume way too much? Driving over the speed limit just to eff of the police is way different to paying attention at all times - how come you failed to see the speed signs? Yes - some morons play on their phones but that does not mean it is OK to speed. I have not had anyone close hit by a speeding car but it does happen, just as some are hit by drivers over the drink limit or on drugs.
  10. New Seiko Sportura Kenetic

    This is the one - you may be able to just buy the base to save a bit. https://www.lights.co.uk/imageo-candlelights-safe-led-technology-yellow.html?utm_source=pv&utm_medium=google_shopping&utm_campaign=&utm_content=7530296&CAWELAID=120172340000002910&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxdi84Zb-1wIVxbDtCh0RhwKuEAQYASABEgKcr_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. Done a RWP

    Just use your head At 30 mph there is a far greater chance of a pedestrian surviving being hit by a car than at 40 mph and therefor a good reason for sticking to the limit. At hiogher speeds the extra few mph will not make much difference. If you are ever unlucky enough to hit a pedestrian then I hope the family will get comfort from the fact that you were only getting one over on the police. Sounds as if justice was done
  12. Done a RWP

    It depends partly on the speed limit. 7 mph over in a 30 limit would be considered more serious than in a 50 or 70 limit. It also depends partly on the local police force - some have had a zero policy which means you could be in trouble for exceeding the limit by 1 mph especially in a 20 or 30 zone. You only get the option of the speed awareness course if you have not been caught speeding in the last 3 years.
  13. Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the forum. There is a section of the forum that might be of interest to you and that is "Official Watch Manufacturers Forum" where you could better promote your site. Best to contact Roy, the site owner, first though.
  14. Air Pistol Advice Please

    I have not used them but have seen good reviews for Bravo One Field Sports who are in Fort Road, Newhaven tel: 01273 968511. They stock air pistols and BB pistols which fire small plastic pellets. With BB pistols you have to have one in a bright colour unless you take part in airsoft (a sort of war game where you shoot at each other).
  15. Potentially nasty storm coming our way...

    Overcome? No chance - we will just have to close the airports, have trains run late (well, later than usual) and see just how few drivers can cope with these almost impossible conditions. On the plus side it rarely lasts for more than a couple of days.

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