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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. peterhill

    So Be Honest

    Just love mine Pete
  3. peterhill

    A Small Introduction..

    Welcome Welcome You will soon be buying your first SEIKO Pete
  4. peterhill

    Couple Of 7002 Seiko Divers

    Following on from my earlier post. I have dug out my two other 7002 They are now as follows Top left 7002-7000 dated 1995 Left 7002-7039 dated 1995 Middle 7002-700J 1990 Right (not sure about this one ) 7002-700A dated 1993 . This one has a 700J dial a plain black bezel and a 700A case back what you might call a Heinz 57 The quest continues Regards Pete
  5. peterhill

    Couple Of 7002 Seiko Divers

    Hi All Aquired over the last couple of months two 7002 Seiko Divers The one on the left is a 7002-7039 dated 1995 which was the last 7002 before the 7S26 and rated at 200m The one on the right is a 7002-700J dated 1990 which was the japanese market version with 17 jewels on the dial and rated at 150m Both look like they could be all original and need a bit of TLC I am on a mission now to see if I can find any more in the 7002 range Regards Pete
  6. peterhill

    Bore Da From The Principality!

    Welcome Welcome
  7. peterhill

    Saturday Watch Thread

    Hi All Seiko SKXA33 great watch with those monster hands
  8. peterhill

    New Arrival

    Thanks I give that a try
  9. peterhill

    New Arrival

    Hi All My lastest acquisition Seiko Sportura Kinetic Auto Relay Over the last couple of years I have had my focus on Seiko Divers and thought it about time I got my self a nice dress watch Squareleg was selling this one and I was immediately taken to it (Thanks very much squareleg and RTL) It fits on the wrist beautifully and looks very professional One small thing the bracelet is covered in tiny scratches anyboby got a good method of polishing these out. (I have tried to photograph them but to know avail) Pete
  10. peterhill


    Welcome Welcome Welcome Hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have
  11. peterhill

    Seiko Divers On Display

    Great idea My next project
  12. peterhill

    Seiko Divers On Display

    Thats funny you should notice that my son in law has just been round and the first thing he spotted was the one upside down. I spent ages looking at them and never noticed (they say love is blind)
  13. peterhill

    Seiko Divers On Display

    Thanks for your great comments Its took me about two years to get them together I do have some more as soon as I get another stand I will post. They do take a bit of getting out the middle if you open the bracelets they just about slide off Retro 72 the one on the bottom shelf 3rd from right is a 6309 cushion case on a lumpy must admitt out of all the divers this one is the one I wear most when I go out just feels good Pete
  14. peterhill

    Seiko Divers On Display

    When i got the blue dialled sawtooth half the markings had worn away so I took all of them out except for the 5 minute markers The bracelet and case were coverd in fine scratches out came the pan scourer and i have got my very own bead blasted bezelled bare sawtooth (my very first mod) Pete
  15. peterhill

    Seiko Divers On Display

    Hi All Purchased a new display stand and filled it with divers Pete

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