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  1. It works just the same on small parts, the parts just needs to be machined proportionally.
  2. Classic car - someone stop me

    Full house bored and stroked big block Ford V8, with the wick turned up on race days it was about a gallon to the 1/4 mile.
  3. Making a Profit.

    Obviously in some cases it's just down to availability and how much you want one. When I was looking for an LV you just couldn't get them by walking into an AD. They were quoting "if but maybe" and as was the case with a Deep Sea I enquired about when they first came out by the time they got one in and gave me a call the price had gone up by over a grand. So maybe to some people a second hand have it now deal is the way to go even if it is more or near new list price. As for making a profit surely even if the watch was bought here from the sales forum but has genuinely increased in value over time you can't be expected to sell for what you paid.
  4. @simon2 Just out of curiosity more than anything back in another job we used to shrink fit pins into various assemblies. The pins or tubes would be machined slightly larger than the hole or vice versa then rather than pressing them in the pins were soaked in liquid nitrogen which would freeze and shrink the pin by enough to drop into the holes once the whole assembly returned to room temperature the pins or bushes weren't coming out in a month of Sunday's. Is this something that is used in the watch industry on an obviously smaller scale ??
  5. Friday Fun

    Yep, cheap tat at it's best, she has them all over the place. For some reason she likes them.
  6. Friday Fun

    The insomnia is kicking in again, it always does at this time of year and Big M's collection of waving cats are driving me mad. It won't be the first time I've taken all the batteries out of them but she has got wise to that and bought a solar powered one. Still Friday so short shift then out on the lash later that's if I don't get set on fire at work first !!!! Enjoy your weekend, we will
  7. Classic car - someone stop me

    An old boy round the corner from me toots around in this. It's a gorgeous old thing. For me the maintaining wouldn't be the issue but fuel consumption will be brutal and if you plan to use it as an every day run around you'll need deep pockets. I've never had a Roller but I've had numerous big engined Yanks. A couple of Cadillacs with 500ci V8, thats 8000cc in metric money, an old GS Buick with a 455ci a few others with 6 or 7ltr V8's and 10/12 mpg was the norm and that was just cruising around even less, single figures, if you had the foot down. Of course sellers will waffle about getting 20mpg and so on but don't believe a word of it. To use one of these old carburetor fuelled buses on a daily basis will empty your wallet quicker than your missus. This was my last run around It had a 7.3 under the hood and even though it was a turbo diesel and reasonably modern computer controlled injection running around town it still only did about 15mpg. It had two 25 gallon fuel tanks which I filled on a regular basis. Do the math as the Yanks say
  8. Making a Profit.

    Sell them on ebay
  9. Your favourite car you have owned

    You need to pay Romeo a visit for a bit more pep although the price is a bit eyewatering at getting on for £50K https://www.autoevolution.com/news/244-hp-abarth-500-cinquone-corsa-by-romeo-ferraris-is-mighty-impressive-photo-gallery-89988.html Just as an asides are those Akrapovic exhaust cans road legal ???? There is one in our carpark at work and it sounds way to loud for the Plods to ignore.
  10. Real or tribute?........

    Some interesting comments. Firstly the cash availability side of things, if properly skint and couldn't afford expensive shirts or watches why buy something that looks like Armani or Rolex when there is plenty of plain decent quality stuff available and at reasonable prices. Again doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why people do. The cheap fizz doesnt look anything like a bottle of the real stuff and we weren't trying to make anybody think we were quaffing the expensive stuff. It's just a deal the boozer in the carpark has on and Big M likes it and as said she paid so hey ho and you don't get a flashing ice bucket. @WRENCH Is that one of those cheap Chinese or Indian bikes ?? The apprentice at work bought one and it literally fell to bits, within not much more than year it was in such a bad state it was undrivable. Minor things like threads and bolts, the chain, wheel spindles adjusting screws here and there were just made of toffee and he had allsorts of problems getting spares.
  11. Real or tribute?........

    Yes There were a few shops in Singapore that were AD's for Orient watches and had the full range on display so I asume there must be others.
  12. Real or tribute?........

    Have you ever been in a proper Orient AD ??
  13. Real or tribute?........

    Have you had a proper look at both of them ?? Nothing like one another which is the Steinhart problem, they are a straightforward Rolex rip off. I've never fell off my wheelchair
  14. Real or tribute?........

    Recently there was a survey of Vodkas. Glens Vodka came out top. I'm more than sure you understand the "brown envelope" idea We are signing from the same hyme sheet. At the end of the the day the bottom line is that cheap sh!te is cheap sh!te

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