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  1. This pic popped up on my twitter. I got Jackie Stewart, Bugner, Bobby the Klepto and I think the blond bloke was a runner.
  2. My watch is running spot on all of a sudden!

    Both mine especially my GMT seem to ebb and flow a bit a few seconds here or there. I tend to find the longer worn in one stint the more accurate they are if the makes any sense. To be fair I never really check any watch to the second but as an example I've pretty much worn my GMT 24/7 for a few weeks now and it's bang on to the minute. I definitely think that wearing them full time is better. @Nigelp had a thread going a bit back and I tried both my LV & GMT over a week with varying results, maybe I'll try them side by side for a bit longer just for fun. If nothing else it will annoy Big M if wear two watches for a bit. Maybe she will come up with a new expletive other than @rse.
  3. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    How much is your current collection worth today compared to what you paid for them.
  4. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    Maybe you should do a bit of research before spouting off to all and sundry on the world wide tinternet https://www.calibre11.com/calibre-1887-update/
  5. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    Given the lack of reply from the OP I hope there are no tax payer dollars spent.
  6. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    Managed to get back home without falling in the drink GMT again today.
  7. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    Nice and the default choice, I looked and tried loads of them as it was the go to. But I eventually bought this. Just all round a better bit of kit. Flameproof overalls are on.
  8. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    BUT if a crime is reported they have to give you a crime ref! which may be sufficient for pay pal? deano I have a feeling you would need to be able to show that a crime has actually been committed. Who's to say you're not the scammer. Just saying, devil's advocate and all that To the OP Tell us more details, what was the actual watch and how much did you pay.
  9. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    Sorry but these days I doubt if the Plod will waste the tax payers dollar chasing a chancer who is where ???? And hey Mister I bought this Rolex on ebay that was cheap and it turned out to be a fake. We'll you don't say Good luck with that one
  10. Trading Standards and Fakes question

    Obviously I can't comment on your experiences but in a former life I (the company I worked for) did a lot of work for the local trading standards, testing of numerous items and I have to say in general they were keen to right the wrongs. I suspect though like a lot of these agencies they were just overwhelmed buy the general public.
  11. The New Hublot Big Band Unico TMT Carbon Gold

    Don't need to see it to know it came from a bloke with no imagination or R&D, took the money first just on the off chance then made you wait forever hoping to make a quick buck. Arguably it doesn't matter how good it is or isn't. At the end of the day it's a straightforward rip off of someone else's hard work and a few, including yourself, sucked it up and paid stupid money. And yes I've actually been in contact with a real Hublot, it was a superbly crafted bit of kit. Whether it was worth the money is subjective.
  12. The New Hublot Big Band Unico TMT Carbon Gold

    A bit rich given some of the watches in your collection
  13. The New Hublot Big Band Unico TMT Carbon Gold

    Coincidentally this pic popped up on my twitter Now the Ferrari Hublot and something with 12 cylinders of Italian goodness in it. I could do that. Without trying to sound all @RWP I've probably asked this before when the Hublot haters pitched up. Have any of you that posted negative comments actually seen or tried one on or are you just hating for the sake of it.
  14. Camera phone pics

    Possibly but it's not a good look

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