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  1. At my age........

    You get to an age where you can get away with a Day Date. Know where's my camel coat I'll bet you could have a couple if you cashed in.
  2. Tactics

    Big M has a couple of shacks, one of them has three floors and five bedrooms. She paid £6K for it No duck pond but she does have a few pigeons and the odd seagull on the roof
  3. Watch videos.

    One word Consistency Which is why modern timepieces are as good as they are. Although if you look out the window and see my name on any parts get off the plane and catch the next flight.
  4. Opinions please

    When I bought my GMT in typical Rolex fashion the stainless one wasn't available at the time. They had a bi-metalic and an 18k anniversary. At the time even I thought at £8K the anniversary one was a bit over the top and bought one like yours but in hindsight Some here will laugh but if you've never seen one they are stunning and rare. Another one I should have bit the bullet on when they were cheap.
  5. how do you pick your watch

    I fall into the see it, like it, want it, send Big M to the till category.
  6. fossil police or neither

    No idea what the movement is, the rotor is engraved with the Police insignia. I suppose if it was taken out of the case there might be some clue as to what it is. I presume at the price point it's going to be of Chinese origin.
  7. Tactics

    The last one took me to the cleaners, I went to court that often that I was on first name terms with the judge and racking up some serious lawyers bills. That on top of work hassle, I was working in the other side of the world at the time, I just woke up one morning thought enough is enough went into town, bought two tickets to Oz never went back to work again and Big M and I did a runner to Bondi Beach. The oldest backpackers in town Her husband wasn't happy about it
  8. Tactics

    I've got three ex wives as said I never hid anything but they weren't always happy. One of my better ones was turning up at hospital to pick one of them up in a bright pink Coupe de Ville Cadillac, that sent her into a frothing at the mouth rage. Not something you could easily hide
  9. Tactics

    No such issues here, and I say we If we want something and have the money we just sort it out there is no need to be devious or lie. If I'm honest I think if you need to lie to your partner just to get a few trinkets under the radar it makes you look a bit sad and desperate.
  10. Box and Papers

    I bought a Planet Ocean, tried it on and as paymaster general Big M wasn't with me left a couple of quid down then sent her back to get it and pay. When she got back the hang tags weren't in the box. The next we were passing I went back to the shop and asked if they maybe still had them. The bloke seemed a bit surprised I wanted them and by way of an explanation said that they used the tags as the had the barcode stickers on them and something about keeping stock and so on, seemed sort of logical I suppose. He disappeared through the back and returned with a box full of hang tags muttering that it would be in there somewhere and he just gave me them. Surprisingly he was right when I sifted through them I actually found the one for my PO.
  11. fossil police or neither

    I've got a few Police watches from back when they were a bit more popular. Generally derided here as being cheap fashion rubbish but actually not that bad. This one is automatic, powere indicator and independent 24h sub dial has a decent leather strap and see through back. I'd say the opposite why would you buy a cheap run of the mill generic Seiko when you can have something a bit different. Big M paid about £65 for this one for me and ten years on it still keeps good time and hasn't missed a beat.
  12. Box and Papers

    In some cases they don't even arrive at the AD in boxes. I was in a Rolex shop when the girl was sorting out a delivery. They were all in a bigger box in these plastic cases and she was matching them up with a pile of boxes and paperwork. I was a bit surprised that this was done front of shop on the counter while customers were wandering about. I've never seen one for sale that included the plastic box.
  13. Gender and watch collecting.

    They probably do collect watches but prefer blowing off about them on Mumsnet or Facetw@t along with selfies of them and their designer mutt that they treat better than their children
  14. Speedy Homage anyone any experience?

    The thing about it is that with the resale being pretty much easy you could probably own a real one and when you tire of it sell on and lose next to nothing. So why mess about with those mickey mousers.
  15. Saturday Automatic

    As I continually say to Big M when she grumbles at the till as she pays "Standards dear Standards" I liveve in a council flat with a nice new shiney red door If I dress any better and park a convertible Porker outside the neighbours will be thinking I'm some sort of dodgey character and dobb me in to the plods. I only just get away with the blacked out old Merc parked outside

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