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  1. PC-Magician

    CW Trident C600 GMT - Member review

    Said it before and I will say it again CW punch well above their weight, currently I have 7 in the collection three of which are Tridents and they compare favourably with my Omega's. That GMT looks very tasty by the way. Oh and I have a CW Pulsometer coming in the next few weeks from a friend of mine so the collection is still growing.
  2. PC-Magician

    What Would You Do?

    Mine came from Cousins you will need a trade account to get one from them. Contact a local Watchmaker who should be able to get one for you and fit it. Hope this helps.
  3. PC-Magician

    Oceanaught Spada

    Thank you. Patience is crucial and I still find that difficult the eyesight is a gift but I do use magnifiiers as well, now as regards confidence that come with practice and I hope it continues to grow alongside knowledge.
  4. PC-Magician

    Oceanaught Spada

    Certainly would. Dialux Grey for cutting Dialux Green for final finish Use seperate mops for each compound. I would suggest you practice on an old Watch case or bracelet first, i've had some practice polishing by hand over the last year or so and that helped me greatly.
  5. PC-Magician

    Oceanaught Spada

    Surprisingly easy all done with the aid of masking tape and did one section at a time.
  6. PC-Magician

    Oceanaught Spada

    8 hours went into that and actually enjoyed doing it.
  7. PC-Magician

    Oceanaught Spada

    This Watch arrived a couple of weeks ago in reasonable condition so last weekend I set about refinishing the bracelet and some minor work on the case getting rid of some scratches. Oceanaught is not a highly regarded make but I think this one is exceptional, its very nicely made all stainless steel the bracelet has screw in links the Watch itself has a screw in crown which operates very smoothly has saphire glass front and on the display back with a 2824-2 movement. Personaly I think it's a cracker.
  8. PC-Magician

    Bracelet Refurb

    Some of my own work on an Oceanought Watch bracelet.
  9. PC-Magician

    Fixing a second hand on an Omega.

    Simon2 is your man for this.
  10. PC-Magician

    Watches and vibration.

    More precise the movement more variation with extreme activity.
  11. PC-Magician

    Is this a modded Skagen?

    Needs a hammer.
  12. PC-Magician

    7s26 ?

    The 7s26 is a robust and reliable movement capable of going at least a decade before a service is required, as regards regulation yes it can be done but I would suggest best done on a timegrapher a plus or minus of 5 seconds can be acheived as long as the movement is in good order.
  13. PC-Magician

    A new watch on the way...

    You have good taste but I am a little surprised as not one I would expect you to purchase.

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