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  1. Thanks To

    I was lucky enough that Wrench had seen a comment I made and he more than kindly responded. I still look like a rabbit in the headlights . This is the best Watch forum, ok we can have our moments but we are all grown ups and we just get on with each other. I have a theory that it's because we are all grown ups and have seen many things over the years and discovered life is too short to argue and take offense. Stay loyal and have respect.
  2. Thanks To

    Thank you to: Wrench For supplying a great Watch at way more than a fare price. A True Gentleman. It's a keeper. Thanks also to the Strap/Bracelet offers from: SBryantgb DaveyP Pictures will follow when time allows. I doubt Watch will allways be on one strap/Bracelet. Special thanks to Roy for helping with parts for a watch movement, though not needed in the end he was very happy to help and that means a great deal to me and will not be forgotten. Extra special mention to Bridgeman who is a top man and a firm friend thanks to the forum.
  3. Plucking up the courage

    I have done some refinishing myself it isn't easy to get the correct result but can be done with patience. In your case I would buy the alternative bracelet but that's just my opinion. Think very carefully mate. This is what I used. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-X-LARGE-REFINISHING-PADS-STAINLESS-STEEL-WATCH-SCRATCH-REMOVAL-RESTORATION-/322652949388?hash=item4b1f9d4b8c:g:HsQAAOxyBjBTTGrJ
  4. Plucking up the courage

    I have mine on one of these but the brushed version. Can only seem to find polished at the moment though. My Bulova military also wears one.
  5. Steinhart Repair

    Didn't someone on here get a replacement case from Steinhart, I am sure they would supply one.
  6. Which one to go for

    Longines all day long. I have the blue dialed version which goes nicely next to my Omega Bond SMP.
  7. Weak moment and why not. CERTINA Caimano Swiss Made (C0174101105700) ETA Caliber F06.111 A good movement but not expensive, it does have 3 jewels. 38mm case so would suit anyone big or small. No markers to hit so good for the OCD then again maybe not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Roamer 612 searock

    Makes perfect sense.
  9. Service!

    Standards have dropped in shops over the last few years. It now seems they are doing us a favour serving us.
  10. Roamer 612 searock

    Is the crystal a high dome?
  11. Not sure what I was worried about

    38mm is plenty big enough for anyone.
  12. Just arrived back.

    Movement porn .
  13. Just arrived back.

    That pleases me I think. It is an absolute cracker. How is the timekeeping it should be pretty good.
  14. COSC, some musings.

    If I can keep a Seiko or a vintage Omega within COSC standards I am happy, but I will not pay for the privilege. My Timegrapher helps greatly.