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  1. Yep very classy indeed.
  2. All of mine fit perfectly from 33mm to 45mm.
  3. That looks very nice, any chance of more pictures.
  4. Better prospect but more money. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Orient-Ray-II-Black-automatic-Gents-watch-FAA02004B9-Diving-WR-200m-/172636039076?hash=item2831e8e7a4:g:BBgAAOSwax5Y0axS
  5. That model has slack hand setting.
  6. That never occurred to me an excellent point Simon and as a Watchmaker/Repairer you have far greater knowledge than most among us.
  7. While browsing came across this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omega-Seamaster-20mm-Steel-Watch-Link-with-Pin-2-tubes-100-Genuine-/132121841075?hash=item1ec3134db3:g:YgUAAOSw2gxYwrwD
  8. A stripdown and clean would be a good idea and thoroughly check the main spring and barrel.
  9. Paul (silverhawk) has timing equipment for these and is without doubt an expert on these if anyone can fix it paul can, he has done a number of mine and I trust him completely.
  10. Seiko own Orient I have a number of Orients and the timekeeping is excellent notably my Mako which runs around 3 seconds a day.
  11. Very good.
  12. Seen worse the amount of work gone into that is amazing.
  13. That would stretch even my patience .
  14. Welcome aboard as an Omega collector I must say you have great taste.