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  1. Steinhart GMT 39mm Blue/red

    Bracelet for me also.
  2. Steinhart GMT 39mm Blue/red

    Yep looks good to me and I have a few Steinharts and never had a bad one, currently saving for a Damasko so nothing to spend at the moment.
  3. Rotary Legacy a mini review

    Rotary do some very nice and well built Watches the Les Originales range with the 2824-2 or the Selita movement are excellent and punch well above their weight. You have a very nice example well done.
  4. Garrard auto watch

    Most certainly will need a service the movement will be dry as a bone. As Simon but he will most likely need to see the watch in person. Simon looks after mine.
  5. Old timer returns from Switzerland!

    If you play will.the barrel? take care the spring could pop out and poke you in the eye and that wouldn't be nice.
  6. Auto Servicing ?

    Test the case without the movement fitted if ok then with the movement fitted.
  7. Old timer returns from Switzerland!

    As an Omega collector I must say that is lovely and your folks have done you proud. Barrel has been replaced so Omega has been thorough.
  8. a tip ive heard

    No No No
  9. Two new in and strap swapping escapades

    Glad you like the Bulova it is a stunner and I had no trouble reading the time with it.
  10. Watch Winders & Servicing

    Did he say it was on the same winder for ten years I must have missed that bit.
  11. Watch And A House Fire

    Another little vid.
  12. Watch Winders & Servicing

    I remember a seller on Ebay who was selling a rather nice Russain Watch (Can't remember the model) and he proudly stated it lived on a Watch winder most of its life to keep it in good condition, needless to say it put me off buying it.
  13. Watch Winders & Servicing

    He services and restores Seiko Watches for a living and would seem to know an awful lot about them.
  14. Watch Winders & Servicing

    Worth a look.
  15. TAG service N Wales?

    Avoid Timpsons if you like the Watch.

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