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  1. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    Offer still holds Two more in the wings. Grossly underrated and a lot of Watchmakers/repairers will agree.
  2. IMGP0032.JPG

    From the album 2016

  3. IMGP0031.JPG

    From the album 2016

  4. IMGP0030.JPG

    From the album 2016

  5. IMGP0029.JPG

    From the album 2016

  6. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    Hand it over to my Watch museum.
  7. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    Well stay on board and we will see. But for me patina means wear and I look after my Watches.
  8. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    As a longines collector also I can only agree. if the rotary was 38mm or so then frankly they would be perfect, but not far off to be fair. Just goes to show you don't have to spend many hundreds or thousands of pounds to get quality.
  9. rotary les originales Mini Collection

    Thanks they really are stunning and comfy to wear.
  10. Love these and know RWP does also. Currently have three of these and now looking for the black dialed one. This is the last one I managed to get hold of. They punch well above their weight and proper swiss with a 2824-2 movement. The other two.
  11. IMGP0028.JPG

    From the album 2016

  12. IMGP0027.JPG

    From the album 2016

  13. IMGP0026.JPG

    From the album 2016

  14. IMGP0025.JPG

    From the album 2016

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