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  1. A 1956 Swiss Senignol manual wind

    As a collector of Longines I am liking that a lot. Well done Steve.
  2. New In - A Supprise!

    Simon2 of this very forum. Pro watchmaker and very good.
  3. How Useful are Watches

    Essential for me and so much more convenient than the toy mobile phone.
  4. A Little Disappointed With Cousins

    Andy if its faulty and it clearly is they should replace it no if's or but's. Your call but I wouldn't let them get away with it.
  5. Are you happy with your Watches?

    Happy with all my modern pieces but the vintage ones are only halfway sorted with servicing etc. Hope to have the oldies sorted by the end of the year subject to finances.
  6. Reverser Wheel Life Expectancy

    If under warranty then make them fix it no contest.
  7. Good news and bad news from Amazon

    As long as she delivers I don't care.
  8. Good news and bad news from Amazon

    Not so much wait as prey.
  9. Just in from CW and a ?

    Looks absolutely fine to me.
  10. Any opinions on the Tissot Powermatic 80 ?

    Take a look at Hamilton
  11. Reverser Wheel Life Expectancy

    I have a couple of Watches that haven't been serviced yet and are over six years old, both with the 2824-2 movements and can honestly say I have had no issues. Reverser wheels can be over or under lubricated so as mentioned find a good Watch repairer who is familiar with this movement. If you find a repairer who isn't familiar with these then walk away he isn't experienced enough.
  12. An essay in overindulgence

    Whats the aftermarket bracelet? Looks fantastic on the bracelet now got me thinking.
  13. Faulty birthday present!

    Simon2 Gets my vote he does look after some of mine and has a great stock of spares.
  14. Seiko samurai blue lagoon

    Monster looks good Like the blue dial on the Sami.