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  1. Just getting the car packed…. Off to Whitby (Robin Hoods Bay) with my wife, two doggies and a quartz seiko (no kids!!!) Fish and Chips for tea!!!
  2. On a new strap
  3. Just got this in the post
  4. Varies a fair amount... £600 - £900 - lots of different variants
  5. I did have one... great watches... highly undervalued brand
  6. No... I didn't know that... thanks for the info... Now... where to find one??? Steve Burrage will have I would have thought... pretty good resource generally Top tip... means a proper crystal as opposed to an acrylic, so might be worth a go... any idea on cost? Thank you ... why am I looking to sell it again??? the hands (fortunately) are in tip top condition.... as for the crystal....
  7. Look interesting... have you tried them? Do I simply send them my crystal and they do a copy? I could probably send it into Seiko UK and they'd sort something out, I was just trying to work out if I could simply pick one up herss the watch BTW - the scratches don't look half as bad until you photo it... I didn't even know they were there!!!
  8. HiMy Seiko SARB065 watch is with Steve Burrage and we are drawing a bit of a blank when trying to source a replacement glass...Case ref is - 6r15-01SOIt's not available from U.K. Seiko and can't find anything on eBayOther than that I can go for a nice acrylic replacement but non original Any thoughts / suggestions would be gratefully receivedBen
  9. Nice....