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  1. Bucherer Vintage Watch

    id post some images/photos but I dont know how here
  2. Bucherer Vintage Watch

    He did elaborate quite a bit, he said that the watch movement had suffered some water damage in the past, that there were signs of rust in the movement and that a cost to replace the main spring would be £100-200 to include a service but that he would have to see once it was taken apart. He of course didn’t like the fact I’d bought it from ebay as he owned a shop which is fully understandable but he came highly recommended by my friend who gets all his watches repair by him. The watch cost £370.00. Not sure if that’s a good price or not but I was happy if it wound as advertised but now….can’t decide if I've been mugged.
  3. Bucherer Vintage Watch

    Hi, I'm in need of guidance, I've just bought a 50's vintage Bucherer watch with chronograph/two dials on the face and a Lemania movment. The watch is manual wind and after it is completely wound will keep good time for up to 12-15 hours and them lose 10 minutes in the proceeding hour. It keeps running but accurate time is a joke then until it stops. I've got the option of returning it to the buyer who is not a shop but am unsure. As collectors.....do some or all of you only collect watches that run perfectly? would you keep a watch that neede winding twice a day? I visited a watch repaired and he said that was my choice...wind it twice a day or spend £200 to get it repaired..but there is no gaurantee that once it's taken appart all can be fixed. Thoughts??? cheers, bushymusic/

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