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  1. Song Titles Game

    Chicken Little was right - The Turtles
  2. Understand but just don't like

    How the hell did we miss this, actually this is my biggest dislike..
  3. Utter bargain for someone!
  4. I like the Endmill, I already have a Jubilee on a Seiko watch and it feels flimsy.
  5. I was also gonna suggest Rotary, however, that Orient Rally is a cracking good price! Some other good offerings here too.
  6. What Are You Listening To

    Angry music today...
  7. Song Titles Game

    Love, Love Me Do - The Beatles
  8. Nuts about this watch...

    This is covered in the write up... Ordinarily this would bother me BUT this is not some machine produced case spat out in the thousands and finished by machines. I do prefer the case filling dial on the M24, however, it would just be too wee for my wrist. As you can see from my pictures the M27 is a perfect fir.
  9. Song Titles Game

    I touch myself - Divinyls
  10. Song Titles Game

    I guess that's why they call it the blues - Elton John
  11. Nuts about this watch...

    Yes it is indeed. I think so too, thanks.
  12. Song Titles Game

    Midnight at the oasis - Brand New Heavies
  13. Well it's finally here, I ordered the M27 'Nut' watch from Rigano-de Bri. I had to wait a wee while as they were concentrating production on the M24, but I thought that would be a wee bit small for me, I was right. First impressions are wow! The watch has a very special something about it, perhaps, for me the something is the fact that the watch case is completely hand made and assembled and being an engineer, I have a good appreciation of what is involved and how many time a simple mistake can lead to a case being scrap. So here we arew then, delivered in a very tasty and not too ostentatious box ...and inside... The watch and relevant paperwork.. the case donor.. A close up of the nut as I will be mentioning it later. The completed watch also features 'minor bumps and dings' but these can simply be put down to the choice of donor materials and the manufacturing process, the nut itself is a typical industrial strength M27 nut, originally created en-mass and churned out to fulfil some fitting purpose. However, when Guido and his team get thier hands on they need to turn it into a functional watch case whilst still retaining it's industrial heritage, so I should imagine they can polish the bejeezus out of it and remove all of the imperfections but then quite a bit of material would be lost and I don't think it would look right. Interestingly all of the original striations created during the original manufacturing processes are still visible if you swivel the watch in the light, which I really like as it is yet more evidence of authenticity. It's a nice touch that the crown reflects the case (I was tempted to get my BA spanners out to see what size it was but that was me being anal!) and it is also a screw down crown which is elegantly signed. I believe that the lugs are individually crafted, rather than being spat out of a machine and the polished, as each one has minor differences, yet more authenticity. The watch comes in at a healthy 190 grammes so it is not for the feint or limp wristed of us, despite this it does wear incredibly comfortably. I was a wee bit worried that the dial is the same size as the M24 and padded out with an inner bezel or bague but you know what, it works and I think it works well. At every step of the construction process I was kept informed I was also given the choice of dial and bague colour combinations but after some deliberation I plumped for black on black - it was a tight call between this and blue bague and white dial which also looked excellent but I would have preferred that with blue hands - at present not available. I also opted for the SS bracelet as opposed to the leather strap and the SS bracelet is of very good quality, however, I am toying with a plain black leather strap too - watch this space. The crown. Engraved side. Numbered case back with mov't number too, which incidentally, is the ETA 2671, a good reliable workhorse. Here are a couple of pictures of the constituent parts (I nicked these pictures from one of Guido's emails, however, there are more on his thread here...) You may notice that there is a wee gap between the lug and the bracelet, how this happened I don't know, it could be down to over zealous polishing as the measured gap is 20.4mm one side and 20.5 on the other, however, this can be addressed with a 21mm leather strap, it is much more difficult to conceal with a fixed width bracelet, I don't like the lug gap but in this case it is not killing me, it could also have been concealed with shaped end links, however, these would either, obscure the case shape or have to be hand produced, incurring greater cost. The only thing I think that could improve this, would be a date window, as the date is quite important to me as I am constantly writing reports and other engineering documents, so I always look to my wrist for the date. But for a piece with this amount of exclusivity I'll survive. Overall... I love it, I love the originality, and love the crafting, I love the dial that is just different enough to be different without being overkill. I don't think it would be appropriate to state how much I paid for it as Guido and I came to a private agreement but suffice it to say, I think it is good value for money. So there you have it, the RdB M27 watch - you saw it here first! ....and thanks for reading.
  14. Avatar Pics

    That's actually a really good picture. I just like mine 'coz it made me smile and I am generally of a happy disposition.

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