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  1. Faze

    It’s saturday! Watch’ya got

    Getting dressed for the weekend
  2. Faze

    NHS nurse’s fob watch

    My wife goes through them like nobody's business, I just don't think they are of a good standard! Now here's another piece or nurses apparel that will last forever, the buckle. When the wife got her degree I bought her a nurses belt buckle from the 1880's with Birmingham hallmark, then she changed jobs and had to wear scrubs. Grrrr
  3. Faze

    Dive watch under £1000

    Some crackers in the Armida lineup, but a lot cheaper than your request http://www.armidawatches.com/collection.php
  4. Faze

    Dan Henry itch

    Hmmmm, just noticed the lug size is 24mm on the big one. I might have to go with the smaller one to get 22mm lug size
  5. Faze

    Dan Henry itch

    CASE 44mm stainless steel 316L 14.8mm thickness 24mm lug width 50.5mm lug to lug Depth 200 meters - 660 feet 2 o’clock crown operates the inner rotating bezel while the 4 o’clock crown adjusts the date and time Screw-back case with Scaphtopus 3D medal Sapphire coated double domed mineral glass with Anti-Reflective treatment MOVEMENT Automatic Seiko Caliber NH35 with 24 jewels 41-hours power reserve DIAL Matte black with date and 60-min inner rotating bezel Swiss lumens Orange minutes chapter ring
  6. Faze

    Dan Henry itch

    You are a star mate, I didn't spot that Customs & Taxes Customers from The U.S., any EU member state can order their watches without additional import taxes or duties.
  7. Faze

    Dan Henry itch

    Spotted one of these on the forum the other day and was immediately smittened. I have decided I need one in my life, but even though they offer free shipping, I'm going to get collared by customs. So does anyone know of a UK or EU stockist? https://danhenrywatches.com/products/1970-automatic-diver-watch
  8. Faze

    Sunday Newbies~ Post 1990

    Working on the motorbike this morning, so on with this workhorse RIP sweet Alice
  9. Faze

    Incoming Quartz Diver

    That took long enough Enjoy mate, they are a good solid series of watches.
  10. Faze

    Sunday 4th Feb 2018 young guns!

    Afternoon change
  11. Faze

    Not my photo

    Early days, but managed to "acquire" Affinity photo and add Googles Nik Collection plugins and it looks very useful
  12. Faze

    Sunday 4th Feb 2018 young guns!

    007 today suffering from over process in a new photo editor

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