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  1. Montblanc

    Don’t Dunhill’s have JLC’s inside?
  2. Good spot, thanks for the link
  3. Does the Longines VHP have a sweeping hand?
  4. Longines Lungomare

    That’s a steal! Congratulations
  5. The Timex T49803 Expedition Chronograph

    Oh, good shout! Forgot all about that one. No longer available! Darn!
  6. The Timex T49803 Expedition Chronograph

    I like that; obvious Explorer homage but Timex enough not to be crass. Googled it and had lovely domed glass too. Any suggestions for a Timex dress watch? Been looking at the Fairfield sub second.
  7. The Timex T49803 Expedition Chronograph

    I like Timex too. But I’m not entirely sure why. I think it may be because my first watch as a kid was a Timex, plus I have a support of the underdog feel for them. Just me?
  8. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    I think it is a very pretty, classy looking watch. And, it’s arguable that Longines are underpriced. That said, the pearl dial is £810 at Ernest Jones and you can get a further 10% off that.
  9. Kronaby Watches - Thoughts?

    I like them but they feel slightly overpriced, though depends on what they feel like. I love the idea of smartwatches but they only make sense if you keep Bluetooth on all the time. Unfortunately, the more I read about Bluetooth, the more it appears it is inherently vulnerable, making any smartwatch pointless.

    Not the only one
  11. Fortis watches?

    Haven’t they filed for bankruptcy? If they are in financial difficulties this will affect the prices of their watches. Perhaps worth while keeping an eye open for heavy discounts? Can’t imagine that the company won’t be snapped up though.
  12. Good looking G-Shocks

    I wouldn’t want a G Shock to be pretty because then I’d care about it getting battered. I’ve had a couple of G Shocks and the only reason I haven’t still got them is I used to travel a lot and I lost them. I’ve got a solar Protrek which I’ve had for 15 years and it’s still going strong. And Proteks aren’t even as tough as G Shocks.
  13. Price Comparison

    I’m not sure about a comparison site purely for watches though Chrono24 or Watchfinder can give an idea. A good start for retail is camelcamelcamel which does an historical comparison of Amazon prices.
  14. Merry Christmas Everybody

    And to you, too
  15. Full lume dials

    Thanks- it appears that it’s been discontinued unfortunately. An internet search shows quite a bit of variety in design too. I have to say that the one you have is by far the most elegant.

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