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  1. WRUR (What are you reading)

    That may have had something to do with my buying it, as I was at an impressionable age back then.
  2. WRUR (What are you reading)

    I have four more by Bellamy, and didn't realise he'd actually written 14. Now I feel the need to get them all. I guess I'm very lucky to have my man cave.
  3. WRUR (What are you reading)

    While hunting for the next book on my list, I found this, that I reckon I first read about 35 years ago. I'm enjoying it just as much as the first time round. Though it's very dated it's hilarious and very well written.
  4. More browsing, but no buying yet!

    Looks more like a "F***ng HOW MUCH ? !!! " look, to me . I agree about the hands, not a fan of the skeleton look.
  5. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    You're all heart ! Rain held off, but could have used a machete as footpaths were diabolical !
  6. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    This afternoon will be the Tissot I somehow missed off my last rotation.
  7. Sunday newbe after 19 90

    Starting the day with this new acquisition. We're off to town for a BIG breakfast and I was going to walk in and meet family there, but the sky is looking a bit ominous so going for the shorter walk to the farm shop and hope I get back before the rain comes. Vintage for later !
  8. Raffles

    I think this is an excellent idea, (though I haven't won anything yet ) as some of the (old) giveaways got no responses.
  9. Saturday 24 June Watch Parade

    A couple of differently shaped 28,800s today. Stellaris for work: [ And Waltham for later: Last in the current rotation. Need to invent a new one. All suggestions gratefully received.
  10. Friday 23rd June watch parade!

    7005 for work: And this one for tonight:
  11. Help.....I have no taste.

    You could always go and visit my parents for a couple of days. They (mainly my step-dad who is very ill and on some super strong meds) have recently taken to buying some dubious watches that make yours look quite sane. Visited them last night and found these. OK, the Casio is acceptable, though for some reason it's set to Lisbon time. I found three more empty watch boxes, none of which matched the other two watches I saw at the weekend, both £5 off the market jobs. Guess who's going to inherit them
  12. Thursday 22nd June automatics

    I asked the same question. It is there in the top bar, to the right of "size". Phew, that's a relief ! Beater for work. Will be going hand wind tonight. Trying to decide if this one is for the chop as it doesn't get much wrist time. I love it but I have to get ruthless !
  13. 100 - 200 quid spend, recommendations please!

    £200 is NOT meagre ! I have only 4 watches that cost more than that. I too have weedy wrists, and have trouble with the bracelets on many watches. I had a Snorkel, and whilst it wasn't uncomfortable on the bracelet due to the shape of the watch, it was just that little bit too big for my liking. The Precisionist range is more suited to the small wrist, but either buy with a strap or ditch the bracelet (but keep it in case you ever sell on) and fit a strap. My Blue dialed Precisionist (bought new) came on a bracelet and I had to take out all the removable links. It was uncomfortable and at times even painful to wear. I nearly sent it back. But then I tried it out with a strap from a cheapy watch and it's transformed it. The strap is like soft licorice and has made the watch my favourite (well, one of them ) BTW, my Precisionist is the "old" model as the new one has a plain dial and different hands. The 007 is a different kettle of fish altogether. A great watch, but remember that anything bought from Creation will now attract duty and VAT.
  14. The preview button is missing. It has saved me posting some absolute Sh1te in the past. I neeeeeeed it !