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  1. I would never buy a watch just to have it. I wear them all, though I have to keep making up rotations or some would sit for months unworn. No, wait, some still sit for months unworn. Currently on a descending cost rotation, I'm at about £45 and only 2/3 of the way through after 2 months. This doesn't include gifts and beaters. They're next. Do you think I have too many ? Any rude answers will be ignored laughed at.
  2. Well, blow me down with an anchovy, that's very kind of you.
  3. Damn, missed again. Well done @Teg62x,thanks @bridgeman.
  4. @robdenIf by chance the crystal on the pocket watch is 44.8mm, I have one that is just going to sit in a box forevermore. Highly unlikely but yours if needed.
  5. Yes, great suggestion ! And when you decide you don't like it, send it to me please.
  6. Late 60s (?) JWB for this morning. And off to the parents' this afternoon for Mum's birthday, wearing this one. 1981 Actus 7009
  7. White - yes Blue- oh yes please, please please. Red- er...not sure.
  8. I did start to keep records of model, serial no. cost etc, but have slipped a bit lately and am a bit behind. I have a duplicate set of books for the 710 !
  9. Come on then , list the 28 reasons. I wouldn't say I'm fan of Roman numerals and I probably will never buy one, but I do find this one (belongs to a friend on another forum) horribly fascinating.
  10. Yup, did it this morning. Looked at my watch (one of a dozen work beaters) at 7.20 to see that it had stopped. I had set it but forgotten to give it a shake to get it going.
  11. I need at least a date for work, but I have no real preference for my other watches. The only thing that would stop me buying a date or day/date watch that I otherwise liked would be a cyclops !
  12. The levels of excitement were raised today when I realised that I may need to change the bottom chain reel next week.
  13. I've just been reminded of two things. The first was a box I found in the back part of the loft. It was marked " under the bed stuff we haven't used for 8 years". This was stuff we brought from our old house when we moved 18 years ago ! It has now been sorted and most of it dumped. The other is the paperwork we accumulate. It goes through five separate stages. The first stage is to remove all envelopes and recycle or shred, read it and leave it on the computer table until Mrs L tells me to tidy it up. The second stage is to sort it out and decide if it needs to be kept. It is then put in the kitchen cupboard. The third stage is to sort it out and decide what needs to be kept .It is then moved to a box in the conservatory. The fourth stage is to sort it out and decide what needs to be kept. It is then moved to a box under the stairs. The fifth and final stage is to sort out what needs to be kept. It is then put in a box and moved to the loft.This box is usually dumped every five or so years ! I'm sure it would be quicker just to do it as we go along, but it never seems to happen.
  14. I've just started taking an interest in these balance wheel electronic watches, so count me in please.
  15. The black is definitely very limiting and looks daft on anything other than the original bracelet. One of the few watches I prefer on a bracelet. The SS version and the brushed/bead blasted models are definitely more versatile. Nice places to visit, I'm not at all jealous !