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  1. Friday 20th.

    I've finally got a new phone, which seems to take excellent photos. For work today, a bit of a deviation from my usual tastes. Cheap as chips Vostok Komanderski. With thanks to @andyclient Will swap to this one for the evening:
  2. Didn’t Realise

    I have Amazon and Ebay links via TWF in my bookmarks, and use them for browsing the sites. I confess I don't go through them for Ebay when actually buying as I get cashback from TopCashback. I didn't know about the others (sorry, must have missed that info somewhere) but will add them to my bookmarks. Argos is on TCB, but I don't think the others are.
  3. I spotted this tonight in an email from H S Johnson and it quite took my fancy. I've looked at some of the Zeppelins belonging to other members and most seem to say they're quite a good buy. I have small wrists and it's 40mm, which doesn't usually pose a problem, but it's all dial, which may make it look too big for my skinny wrist. Have managed to find a used but almost mint one elsewhere for a whole lot cheaper ! Owners' opinions would be most welcome. Are they really made in Germany ?
  4. Good looking G-Shocks

    I hate them ! But I have three.I think I thought I had to have one or two to complete an eclectic collection. I had an ana-digi RC solar powered one as well, but found it hard to read so moved it on. I find them useful for work/gardening as they are indestructable, but wouldn't have one as a daily wearer. The middle one is on permanent loan to my step-dad as he needed a watch with alarms, legible time, day/date and a light, that he can't break if he falls over (his words, not mine). I will inherit it back soon enough. My youngest daughter also has three which she wears all the time, a red one, a purple one and a white one (her favourite). My eldest often borrows the red one. I don't have any photos of them because they are horrible ! Great big coloured bits of plastic. Hate them, I do
  5. The Most Trouble.

    Not one, but 7 in the same month. Accidentally left my Evilbay page open. Frosty ? Doesn't even come close !
  6. Four for me, never had any problems with them. My favourite: And, surprisingly, this one:
  7. Monday 16 Oct watch thread

    Weekdater for the evening.
  8. What a difference a flash makes!

    Flash and macro reveal the horrors that just aren't visible when the watch is on the end of your arm ! I was horrified by some of the photos I took when selling on Evilbay.
  9. LM 5606-7000

    The case back says "open through glass", which means that the crystal has to be taken off and the whole movement has to be removed from the case to work on it. It shouldn't present a problem to a watchmaker. He'll be removing the crystal to replace it anyway. I'm not sure if all LMs are the same. I think the one I used to have had a removable case back. When you get it, assuming that the day/date mechanism is OK, make sure that you don't adjust the day/date between 9pm and 3am as that's usually the changeover time. I always set the time to 6am as I find that's the safest time. This goes for all watches really, especially vintage ones.
  10. LM 5606-7000

    You're welcome. The Kanji day wheel was standard on the LM range, so hopefully it should have one as the alternative day.
  11. LM 5606-7000

    Never heard of PB. How do they fit in to the equation ? First thoughts were that it makes the price far too high for a watch in that condition. If it needs work, can you do it yourself ? It certainly needs a new crystal, and if it needs adjusting, it has to be done with the movement out as it doesn't have a removable case back. There are a couple of things you should ask regarding LMs before parting with any money. Your seller's description was a bit short ! The first is: Does the day/date operate both manually and automatically ? This movement is notorious for having problems as the changeover mechanism has plastic parts that often break and are (nearly) impossible to find replacements for. Does it have a Kanji day wheel ? Only the English day is shown in the listing and a Kanji wheel is a definite selling point. Not sure if the seller would know that though. Oh, and it sure as hell ain't 50mm !! LMs are often small watches. Also watch out for short bracelets (though that one isn't original) I'm not familiar with this particular model, but hope this helps.
  12. Incoming

    If I didn't already own one, I would have had that as soon as it was listed. It is a superb watch, with a quality feel and mine runs at about +3s a day. You got a really nice watch at a bargain price (I paid twice that for mine new I knew I should have waited ). Enjoy !
  13. Rotary Owners' Club

    I recently acquired this skeleton beauty.
  14. Senior Sunday (pre-1990)

    Failed to sell this (though I did have some insultingly low offers) so have decided to keep it. Pretty sure that at least some of it is pre 1990. Will probably swap later to this one:
  15. Modern Vintage Alternatives?

    Not wishing to hijack the thread, but that looks like an artist's impression. The only way I could get the dial to look as creamy as that was in bad light.

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