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  1. Those that know me will know that my main love is for vintage Seikos. So why did I buy four (yes, four ) G Shocks ? They are great !! Admittedly I sold one of them but that was because I had trouble reading the analogue dial - I definitely prefer the digitals. I have very small wrists but even the big ones don't seem to look too huge. My youngest daughter also has three.
  2. A bit late to the party. Old pic, but this one tonight.
  3. A couple of years ago I would have called you a lightweight ! I think my record was 20 in a month.Not so now, as I have definite goals. But if you like them and can afford them, go for it.
  4. I take off the one (2 on Sundays and days off) that I have been wearing and put it/them in the relevant watch box . I then choose the watch I'm going to wear the next day (work beater at random or if it's obviously going to be **** weather, a G Shock) and evening watch depending on my rotation. Take off clothes and get in to bed. Remove glasses (essential that I do the glasses removing last and put them back on first in the morning to save , er, accidents ! ), turn on to right side and attempt to sleep. Cistern activity is fortunately not applicable (yet).
  5. Ex impulse purchaser ? When I first started I went a bit mad and bought everything I liked if I could afford it, (and sometimes when I really couldn't ). This lasted about 3 years !!! I was fast becoming a hoarder. I did actually sell 25 watches last year and if I can bring myself to do it, I will TRY to sell some more this year, but I will have to really give this some consideration. Now I have only two watch goals. 1) Replace (or rather buy an additional) birth year watch from September. Current one has a charcoal dial and messes up my display box. 2) Find a stainless steel day/date J W Benson watch to complete the "set". I have started a new savings box and hopefully I'll manage to actually fill it before breaking in to it and buying something else.
  6. Cold and miserable today (and that's just the wife ). These two today. Both birth year watches. Edit: Oops, just realised I haven't set the date right.
  7. This one has come round in the current rotation. I like this watch, Mrs L hates it. Shameless plug, it's in the Sale Corner.
  8. I'm sure I did this last time but I've sold the watch I chose as I didn't get on with it (Analogue R/C G Shock). So now I suppose it would have to be this one: It was a toss up between the Orient and my Citizen 300m Eco-drive diver. Which would last longer ? Who knows. The book would probably have been the Ultimate Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy or something of that ilk. Now it would be this one, as I just don't seem to have the time to read it properly (it's BIG !). To drink ? Mmmmm......probably the same as @Karrusel But I would have to buy a new one as I have a bottle in the man cave which is going to get drunk on Sunday (as anaesthetic when we have irritating visitors coming round).
  9. As I practically live in jeans, T shirt and steel toe capped boots, often with a jumper and gilet (that's apparently the posh name for my tatty bodywarmer) over said T shirt, the only watches I've bought to go with my clothes have been G Shocks. In both of the last two years I have exceeded my £30 P.A. clothing budget and have also been able to afford some nice watches too. Whilst none have specifically been bought to go with any particular "outfit", I often spend time considering which one to wear. Actually, unless (as I am at the moment) I'm on a chosen rotation I do that all the time anyway ! I'm not fussed if nobody else likes what I'm wearing. Except possibly Mrs L. if she's in one of her moods.
  10. Another Skyliner today.
  11. I don't have many coloured dials as I prefer the simple black/silver/gold of vintage watches.Blue seems to be the "other" colour I have few of, along with my gold/yellow Pogue and a green Actus.
  12. I've got a couple of those winders and they're great. One of my Sportsmatics has the tiniest crown I've ever seen and even with the winding tool it's difficult to get at, but said tool makes it a lot easier. The only thing I have to watch is that it doesn't slip and damage gold plated crowns.
  13. I was going to suggest a spring bar spring too, and I'm sure the hole is obvious. You may even see a mark on the inside of the case back where it used to go.
  14. Not sure if I'm describing it properly, but a couple of my quartz alarm watches have a tiny spring thingy that goes in a tiny hole and makes contact with the case back. Without it the alarm won't work.
  15. I too have suffered the wrong watch being delivered. Last time, mine went to Spain ! Re the alarm, is the little alarm spring intact and is it touching the case back properly ?