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  1. I thought about offering you this one, but when I took it out of the box I realise I like it too much. Oh well, they say it's the thought that counts ! There's a nice SRP773 in the Classifieds
  2. Update on this. Got a notification of a message re an ad. No question was asked directly in the ad this time, so it seems it's questions in the ads I'm not getting notifications from. Does that make sense ?
  3. Oh don't make me get the fiddle out as well as the gallows ! Well done @Teg62x and thanks to that nice @Davey P fella for the competition.
  4. I have few items for sale but am not getting notifications of questions. Received an email to say that I had a message, but no notification of the question, and the message icon wasn't notifying me either. I've not had any problems with message notifications before (or rather not recently), but I have missed a couple of questions that have been asked in the sales section. Thanks.
  5. This simple Lorus for tonight.
  6. Well blow me down with an anchovy, I've just seen that the next watch in my rotation is its twin ! Nice gesture
  7. I'm having a bit of a sell off at the moment but this one is a keeper.
  8. Damn, and I thought I had been sooo careful checking. OK, 18 then please (that way if I win it will be all the more satisfying ).
  9. I don't really think they should hang you, and my cat does like you really, so can I have No. 17 please ?
  10. Ups: Short working week. Went to a fantastic performance of the Buddy Holly Story last night, unencumbered by kids and had good meal afterwards. Down: Got caught for customs charges for my SRP773, and I don't like the watch. Up: Out for breakfast tomorrow. Going to walk in to town if it doesn't rain tonight. Down: Mrs L has threatened to make me buy more jeans while we're in town.
  11. Only this one: Heading for the sales section soon, methinks.
  12. I'm still crying !
  13. This dinky one for tonight:
  14. A bit late tonight as we've just got back from an absolutely superb performance of the Buddy Holly Story in Ipswich, followed by a nice meal at the Toby restaurant we came across when we got lost looking for the Chinese we were aiming for .The chap carving the meat was overly generous (for which he had apparently been chastised by the management ) and Mrs L and I were stuffed when we left. Also discovered that I could get 20% off by using my AA app. £13.88 inc drinks - reeesult ! Anyway, I was permitted to wear waistcoat and pocket watch, so last night's should have been watch came out of the box and into the pocket.
  15. A few weeks ago I bought a brand new shiny SRP773 from Creation. I went for the J model as I figured resale prices might be better in the future should I wish to sell it (and, if I'm honest, because despite the fact that there's not supposed to be any difference between the J and K, I went for it for the snob value). I gave my work address for delivery as I'm there more than I'm at home.The watch arrived in 3 days from Singapore via DHL (impressive). I noticed that the usual "Measuring device, value $20" now read "Measuring device, value £244" and was chuffed that I'd escaped the dreaded customs charge. I resized the bracelet with much swearing and loss of one collar, wore it for a couple of days and decided I didn't really like it that much. Today a letter arrived addressed to my work's "Accounts Payable". My boss naturally opened it and asked me "What was the measuring device you ordered for £244 ?" I didn't know what he was talking about (he often talks in riddles, so nothing unusual there ). I looked at the paperwork (lots of it, including a declaration from Creation's Jason) and twigged what it was. I'd rather he didn't know I'd spent that much on a watch as he has had the same cheap quartz Lorus for 25 years and might think he's paying me too much. So I've got to pay it soon as he won't be happy if he keeps getting reminders. I'm hurting even more because I could have bought it from Sky Watches for £216, but didn't because research showed that almost everything from SW got caught for charges, whereas from my own and others' experience purchases from Creation didn't. That'll learn me ! Ah well, sold one of my Elnix today, which will pay for it. I knew it was all going too well.