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  1. Cooker clock, clock on the mantlepiece, clock in the dining room, 3 bedroom clocks, 2 car clocks and 5 quartz beaters. All autos will get done when I wear them, and quartz are stored with crowns pulled out, except 4 eco-drives, again which will get changed when worn.. Everything else, including central heating, changes automatically. Oh, and the till and credit card machine at work. That's more than I thought !
  2. Strap changing/bracelet resizing. Battery replacement. I can regulate a watch, and have even taken out a movement to free up hands that were catching on each other. I once disassembled a movement that had stopped, with the intention of cleaning it up and getting it going again . Does anyone want the parts ? Anything that involves small pieces, steady hands and good eyesight rules me out these days.
  3. I always TRY to be on time, and usually, if it's just me, I am. But as soon as the 710 or eldest daughter get involved - no way ! I think the last time we were on time as a family was when we had to be at the airport at 4.30am, last July. I will never give anyone a definite time of arrival if I can't guarantee it. My stepdad is the worst one for wanting to know when we are arriving (40 years at the programming end of the BBC World Service where schedules had to be adhered to means he's a bit fanatical about timekeeping) but I will only tell him an ISH time. I think it winds him up.
  4. A brace of blue 7005s today. Bashed and scratched lunch money beater for work: And gift from a friend from WS for this evening.
  5. @Chromejob that's a nice example, lovely dial. It doesn't hand wind though. Nice artwork (?) subject.
  6. Another challenge. Trying to read and understand rather than translating as I go. Got the set now.
  7. Parts drawer special for work.Put together by a friend from WS. The dodgy day wheel (possibly due to a knock) relegates it to beater status. And with a freshly installed battery, the Lorus for tonight.
  8. What can I say (apart from OUCH ) ?. I really wasn't expecting such generosity, and I thank you all sincerely. A total of £290 was raised, more than half of which was from here. THANK YOU
  9. I only have about 5 watches I consider to be expensive. Sarb035 was mentioned earlier in the same sentence as "cheap", and is my second most expensive watch, the cost of which is probably pocket money to some, but I had to save for it. I love it, but also love the Services watch I paid less than £30 for. Or the Seiko Sportsmatic I paid £25 for. And the freebie I'm wearing tonight. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one man's idea of cheap is another man's HOW MUCH ?
  10. There's always room for one more if you stack them
  11. Change of plan. Flat battery in the Lorus, so on with this one ( breaks the "rules" a bit, not being quartz and all ) which was a gift from @WRENCH
  12. I've arranged the rotation to have quartz watches on today ! 7T32 for work: And inherited Lorus for the evening.
  13. Vintage all the way ! Taking 1990 as the cut off, about 80% of my collection is vintage. Obviously there are some modern watches I like, but given the choice I will go vintage if there is a choice. Actually I have bit of a dilemma at the moment as I fancy a Seiko SRP773, but there is also a 6206 Weekdater from September 1965 on Evilbay that's not 100%, but is almost £100 cheaper. Can't afford both but money is burning a hole in my pocket. First world problems.
  14. Never had any problems with Eco Drives, but my Seiko solar took two whole days of natural light to get it going after completely stopping, so it may be that it has got so low that it needs a long time to recharge. As @Robden says, must be that damn foreign light you have over there.
  15. I've titled this one "Empty wine glass". It was interesting when it was full.