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  1. Same again
  2. ^^^^ Wow! Proper fanboy I'm thinking of picking up a Hawkinge II
  3. Starter Main course
  4. Boring Sub today Have a good weekend TWF
  5. The greatest sketch show ever made
  6. If I was you, I'd just give up watches all together and choose a safer hobby such as, I don't know, cribbage or painting with watercolours.
  7. A link to the watch might be useful. What makes you think it's fake? Have you reported it to eBay? Why did you pick on this particular watch? There are thousands of fake/redial/franken Omegas on there.
  8. Is this your watch?
  9. Not illegal to own Scott, but illegal to sell and import I believe. But in full agreement with Hammertime
  10. But… but… it's not an H20
  11. And this for the rest of the day…
  12. I would have thought a tool watch was more appropriate