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  1. It's like dirt bruv
  2. I had one of these. Great build quality and perfect width for me, but I never got over the extreme height. It always felt too 'toppy' and I wished they'd made it with a normal WR and reduced the height. That said, the whole watch was excellent, and the lume was supernova
  3. Who is Sir Alan? I have a 7a28 that could do with a fix-up
  4. Just in case anyone was wondering what the new one looks like: A dog's dinner in my opinion and I much prefer the clean styling of the original.
  5. It's an obsession. Move on and enjoy watches with whatever crystal they have. I seriously doubt the type of crystal will have any great impact on your life.
  6. Why are you so obsessed with watch crystals?
  7. I believe Steve Burrage at Ryte Time services these, although he has semi-retired and passed the main business on to another party. Try them anyway:
  8. And this for the rest of the day
  9. I so want a thick mesh for this…
  10. Seiko has never claimed a 50 year service interval, merely suggested it as a theoretical possibility. However, considering the nature of the 9F, I would think 10 years should do it, or about every 3 battery changes. I'm pretty sure Seiko UK can service the 9F. It's the Spring Drive that has to go to Japan.
  11. Have a good weekend TWF
  12. Have you looked at the Nomos Club range?
  13. Lovely watch but why did you buy it from the US?