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  1. Hirsch buckle, feels cheap and nasty.

    Funny. I've never had a problem with a Hirsch buckle and they always felt pretty decent to me. There are different Hirsch buckles though. The one on my Pure has lasted for ever but it's chunkier than the one in the pic.
  2. Sunday Oldies - Pre 1990.

  3. Restaurant quality Paella Recipe....

    Paella with chorizo? And mixing meat with seafood? And using stock? Not sure what restaurant serves this recipe but it's so wrong and so not paella
  4. Saturday Watch Show

  5. TGI Friday watches...

    Have a good weekend TWF I've bought two from here and they're really good quality: https://www.miros-time.de/zweiteiler/canvas-split-bänder/ Quick postage and good communication, too
  6. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

    When you're ready to sell, let me know some details and we'll go from there
  7. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

    I'll take the Explorer please
  8. Wednesday watches.

  9. Beverly Hills polo club

    If they'd have just squashed the sub dials a bit closer together, then it would have been really stunning
  10. Saturday Specials (7.4.2018)

  11. Friday 6th April watches

    Have a good weekend TWF

  13. Easter Monday 02/04/2018

  14. Helson Sharkhunter 300

    Fills the gap I suppose until Bill Yao finally releases the Poject 300 in about 2025. But really, a bit meh! This is what you want

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