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  1. Customer complaint

    I might report Roy for creating this forum and wasting my time. In fact, whenever a new thread is started, I'll report it for timewasting. And I might even report the internet itself for wasting nearly ALL of my time. What a grade A bell end
  2. Distressed strap help (Armida A1)

    You need a Steveo Straps Parastrap http://www.steveostraps.com/straps-2/para
  3. Our cat has been shot

    Thankfully, the people that commit these kind of acts are very much in the minority.
  4. Our cat has been shot

    I don't know your cat or the area you live in, but cats don't usually stray too far from home, which could lead me to the conclusion that the low-life scum who shot him will be resident in the vicinity. Do you know all your neighbours in the area? I'd be knocking on doors and asking a few questions. Can the police get involved in something like this? Horrible, mindless scrotes deserve a whipping. I hope Diesel recovers, Martin
  5. Confused Help!!

    Glycine Combat Sub? CWC Navy Diver quartz? Kemmner? Halios Seaforth? Precista PRS-82? £500 is a good price bracket for divers
  6. 14060M for the rest of the day
  7. A foot in both camps - 70s case, dial and bezel; modern hands and movement
  8. Sunday Oldies Thread (made before 1990)

    A foot in both camps - 70s case, dial and bezel; modern hands and movement
  9. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Doxa for the rest of the day
  10. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Must have been a chillly atmosphere, Big M still has her coat on
  11. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    Kicking off with this again My one and only gripe with it is the tiny crown. A couple of mm bigger and it would be the 100% perfect watch
  12. Friday!

    Not a bad little Mickey Mouse Have a good weekend TWF
  13. New Arrival 14th September!

    Either your front room looks like a pub, or you're in a pub
  14. New Arrival 14th September!

    Lovely watches. I've had three of these, and sold them, and whenever I see them again, I want another one. Stupid
  15. Latest Delivery

    Clean and crisp thanks My only gripe so far is the crown action. It feels a bit 'tinny' for want of a better description, but this is probably unfair as I was comparing it to others in the collection way outside this price point. For the money, it's a little belter. I might still move it on this weekend though because I don't actually need an LV homage, but I did want to try the new 39 case. If Steinhart does the Ocean Vintage GMT in 39mm I'll be jumping at it.

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