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  1. Seiko Pogue

    I've been drawn to the Pogue for a long time, but it's one of the hardest watches to find a decent unmolested example of, so I'm still a Pogue virgin
  2. @hughlle the bracelet's great, I've just never had to do the push and bump before. It feels flimsy but strong at the same time if that makes sense @Chromejob my avatar looks how I feel most days
  3. Nige has inspired me (excuse the ropey indoor pics) I struggled with the bracelet for a while until I realised the fork pins do not have a spring-loaded button to release them. It's just a bump that needs a good push to slide it out. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting for £62 But for that money, it's an absolute steal.
  4. Young Watch Sunday.

    It must be Sinnday Is Bill wearing a … dare I say it … snood?
  5. Young Watch Sunday.

  6. Bulova Super Seville - Opinions?

    The end links look a bit Jimmy to me, "Now then, now then"
  7. Scratches,

    OK, I'll give you that And to answer the question, I mostly hate it when I mark a watch, but some watches I'm relaxed with. Weirdly, my Black Bay has desk diving marks all over the clasp that don't bother me, but I'm thinking long term and when it goes for a service in the next 2-3 years I'll get them sorted. I think it must be because it's a keeper. On others that I'm not sure about I'm less blase for resale reasons, not that I've ever made any money from this crazy business.
  8. Scratches,

    You've been here before … many, many times. Please check post history before posting
  9. Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    And now this for the rest of the day
  10. I keep looking at.......

    I've always liked the look of these but worried about the size, which seems mad when I'm happy to wear a Tuna, but the Tuna is compact with no lugs. Have you got a wrist shot Mike?
  11. Saturday Watch Display~17th Feb.

    I love the warmth of an acrylic crystal
  12. Kronaby Watches - Thoughts?

    Looks OK as just a watch, but the other guff does nothing for me. My phone has volume control and vibration alert so why would I need them on my watch? And don't say 'Your phone tells the time, why do you need a watch?' Question though: How does it show dual time and date on the dial? Is it actually a screen? Look uncannily like a standard sunburst dial?
  13. Friday watches 16/2

    Cheeky new arrival Have a top weekend TWF
  14. carlton watch query

    Have you tried the photo suppository sites?
  15. Jaguar Motors Watch Query

    Welcome https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Jaguar-Wristwatches/31387/bn_2462693

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