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  1. It's normal, my Explorer II does this. I think it just needs a little bit of time for the power to transfer to the hands.
  2. Roll on the weekend. What a week Have a good one TWF
  3. Production/Chief Sub Editor for a monthly gardening magazine, and wear what ever takes my fancy on the day. Today's fancy was this...
  4. Congratulations! As Roy says, a watch you've worn will have far more value than one stuck in a safe for 21 years. But you say you've been reading the forum for a while. Have you seen many watches worth $10-12,000 on here? Where are these people coming from
  5. swiss

    Great first post. Thanks. Why did you buy two? What was the fault? Why are you telling us?
  6. Vostok Amphibia. Or any Seiko with 100m WR. The Amazon guy was a crazy fool
  7. But that's the problem with a Grand Seiko. Spring drive servicing and the Zaratsu polished finishing has to be done in Japan by an army of tiny Samurai elves, and in the case of my model, the finishing is one of the unique beauties of it so scratches and dings would be maddening. Agreed, the brushed models will stand up to wear better, and there's no doubting the overall durability of the GS movements, but for the price, there are more viable options to choose from. This article on WUS is interesting:
  8. I briefly owned the gorgeous SBGV009 Anniversary, and even though I sit at a desk all day, I was terrified of marking it. The finish is so perfect it felt like just looking at it would cause a blemish. What a watch though…
  9. CW is having its statutory half-price sale: C8 Flyers come in 38mm and 44mm flavours, with a load of different dial and case variations.
  10. Stunning Ed
  11. Presumably to bake the bezel?
  12. Sorry to hear this Mike, especially after you responded to my topic on cats only yesterday. Must be a shock for you both