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  1. Why no 6R15 outsourced?

    Indeed it is and Bill Yao of MKII fame currently uses it the Hawkinge http://boutique.mkiiwatches.com/ready-to-wear/hawkinge/hawkinge-type-48-non-date.html And the Paradive
  2. got one at last

    So he knew it was fake? Nice!
  3. Wednesday 22nd November Quartz

    I have a Zeno version of this with date window arriving next week so it might be up for the chop.
  4. Rolex explorer 2

    A good tip is wrap some dental floss around the crown thread and pull it off carefully. It usually lifts all manner of gunk and grit. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they did
  5. Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    Ah, that makes sense. And same as you – packet all ripped but the cloths are as wet as a weekend in Rhyl
  6. Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    But isn't the moisture the polish and the cloth just the medium to apply it? So if the polish has dried the cloth is redundant?
  7. Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths

    I'm not sure how reusuable they are? I usually cut off little bits and then throw them away once I've polished whatever I need to. The cloth goes black with metal grime. And I've used them on brushed parts to create a slight sheen, but only on brushed buckles and NATO keepers when the brushed finish doesn't match a polished case. But you need to be careful if you're polishing the sides of a case that has a brushed finish on the top. It can dull the edges and seep into the brushed part so best to tape them off. It's another reason I use tiny pieces for better control.
  8. Switched my Monster to rubber strap

    I prefer the flat vent version, and I'd heard they were a bit stiff and needed dunking in boiling water and then moulding into a wrist shape, but this was fine straight out of the box
  9. Rolex explorer 2

    But I'm saying if St James take a quick look (don't mention the service at first) and say that it doesn't feel right, you can then go back to the dealer that the warranty is with, armed with a second, expert opinion, and ask firmly that they look at it because it isn't right. Who is the warranty with? Watches of Switzerland or Iconic or something, or a little indy jeweller? Either way, if they supply a warranty they should be honouring it, regardless of what they're telling you. St James might well say they also think it's fine, but cross that bridge when you get there. There's no point spinning £500 on a service if it doesn't really need one
  10. Rolex explorer 2

    Am I missing something here? If the watch is under guarantee it should be fixed under guarantee. Why are you paying £500 for a service? Is it an AD guarantee? If so, take it to St James and ask them what they think, then take it back to the AD armed with correct info
  11. Sunday Newbies~Post 1990.

    Flipped to the Strela for a wander around the Wetlands. I love this time of year when it's clear and cool
  12. Saturday Automatic

    Old pic, but went with this for a grey as hell rainy mis-fest
  13. Saturday Automatic

    Cheeky new one Greg? SKX009 to kick things off for me

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