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  1. I'd hardly call £125 every 5 years eye-watering. It's a bit more if you want a full case and bracelet refurb obviously, but £125 for service, battery change and 12-month manufacturer warranty is pretty good. However, I think the model Nigel is looking at has the discontinued movement which can no longer be serviced and needs replacement, which Breitling will contribute to. I'm sure anyone can fit a new battery and gaskets but if something more serious is neeeded then...
  2. The 10-year-old was having a mardy at Whipsnade Zoo because I got him the wrong sandwich – M&S poached salmon and watercress with horseradish mayo on oatmeal. When I was 10, I was lucky if I got a salad cream bap and a slap. Kids these days don't know they're born
  3. Sunday starter
  4. Feeling a bit rough after a night out with badgersdad
  5. Have a good weekend TWF
  6. I see the Wednesday Quartz Thread has gone to the dogs again with autos and hand-crankers. Hey ho…
  7. I don't see the problem, other than your snobbery. Too working class for ya?
  8. Went with the Kemmner and beads for the rest of the holiday
  9. Trying this on a Colareb leather I don't normally 'do' divers on leather but seeing as I'd never go near water with it anyway …
  10. Aaagghhh, wrong date alert Easter Sunday starter Just waiting for the kids to get up and tear the garden apart looking for eggs
  11. I would second the Max Bill proposal. A classic watch that will stand the test of time and won't worry about passing trends or fashions, it just exists for itself. Perfect
  12. Went for the 'grab and go' …