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  1. boycey71

    Incabloc Springs

    Hello again everybody. I have a problem i broke the upper shock spring from the balance on a Perseux 7040 and I can't seem to find any info on the spring number to try and replace it. I have found the complete block but seems a waste to buy when I only need a spring.. Any help greatly received, thanks JB
  2. boycey71

    Tissot Seastar Seven

    Its got use key 315T. definatly a front loader. Thanks for the input as always
  3. boycey71

    Tissot Seastar Seven

    Hello all, havent been on for a while so hello again. As a relative newbie I have a question to ask regarding a nice old seastar seven. the movement is a 783, the number on the bridge is 6705958 which I believe dates it to 1964. the one piece case is numbered 43524. Do all these numers add up or is it a bits and pieces. Also this has a two piece stem which was missing when I got it and have had a pig time getting one but did and have rebuilt the beast and she's running like a train. I cant find any info on the two piece stem for this movement something just doesn't seem right. Any help would be super, thanks all
  4. boycey71

    Tissot Sea Star 783 Cal Split Winding Stem

    I should have mentioned its the two piece part 704 that I need but have contacted the e-bay guy, thanks again
  5. boycey71

    Tissot Sea Star 783 Cal Split Winding Stem

    Gents I owe you a beer thanks as always JB :)
  6. Hello everyone, I have been trying to track down a stem for the above mentioned unit and have drawn a blank at every turn, they see to be rarer than rocking horse poo!. even the best fit is no help. Is there something that anyone has found to fit would love to get this going as its a nice watch. any help would be great thanks JB
  7. boycey71

    Sticky Balance Spring

    Hi thanks for replying, i thing will give the lighter fluid thing ago sounds good. It must be some thing I am doing the seiko wasn't working when I started, got it going but just really fast the spring looks ok when on the bench it just seems to be when i fit it it doesn't look perfect. You can see the little bugger pulsing but the arc of vibration is just about a turn. the other watch was ok but that is running quick and that could be oil on the spring. Thanks for any other help. JB
  8. boycey71

    Acrylic Polish Pictorial

    Am impressed good job.
  9. boycey71

    Sticky Balance Spring

    Morning, thanks for the replys yep think am going to have to go for the clean. I think I will get some one dip like others have suggested on here rather than my ultrasonic. Being a newbie I dont understand why we cant get hair springs is there a monoply like Debeers with diamonds :) Thanks again take it easy.
  10. Hello am yet another newbie trying to learn. I will cut to the chase. I have stripped and rebuilt 3 watches a seiko, bulova and a garrand. Two of them started but are running at hyper time, on investigation the balance springs seem to be bunching together, I de magnetised to no avail and by gently probing and prodding have managed to slow them a little. If the balance is on the bench and i gently lift and re set it it looks fine. So my point is as a newbie is there a method of fitting a balance to stop this happening. sorry for dragging it out and thanks for any tips JB

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