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  1. Friday 20th.

    Just got home from work...so off with the Seiko, and on with this little beauty!
  2. Watches and debt.

    I recently bought a Tag Heuer on 0% interest free.....(thinking about it! I also got another Tag Heuer on interest free, last Christmas. Both watches , I could have paid for...but personally, I think 0%, was (for me) a good idea. Of course....if people get say? A Rolex on 0%...then thats a lot more money, and a longer time....but I guess, if they really needed some cash pronto? They could just flog said Rolex? We are all different, when it comes to money I guess? I am no teenager, I was born in 1960..so I know what its like to have NO watch! one pair of jeans, one pair of shoes , 3 tv channels etc etc...In the past, If I wanted to buy something? I had to wait until Id saved for it...Which was good....because EVERYTHING i have worked to pay for..I take good care of...(unlike todays generation.....easy come easy go!!). Im now in a position, to buy things for myself, which years ago, would have been a dream for me! SO why not! (anybody know where I can get a 0% Rolex sub!!?).
  3. Modern Vintage Alternatives?

    How about one of these, same as above, but a chrono? Personally, I find most chronos hard to read, AND! I prefer larger watches, this one isnt big! (39mmn I think), and its a chrono, but I love it and its easy to read. OR, slightly larger, another Longines, this one is I think 40 or 41mm..
  4. Tag hatred?

    Who cares what other people think?! I have 4 Tag Heuers, love them all. I appreciate, some watch lovers dont like them..I do...so I wear them, and I presume the haters dont! If buying new...wait until they are in a sale, or get them reduced....then you will have a nice watch you like to wear. My 2 "grails" as such, are probably a Speedy and a Rolex sub....Will I get them one day? Not sure t.b.h! Could probably afford a speedy now, and would be able to afford a Rolex sub in a few years (when I retire)...as to wether or not I actually get one or both...who knows! The end of the day...a watch is a watch! Not everybody can afford one Rolex ,Omega etc etc, let alone several. SO people buy what they can afford, and what THEY like.
  5. This one for me today, on a wet grey miserable Saturday morning.
  6. Put Your Hand In You Pocket

    Thanks for posting. I didnt see this in S.C. I "think"! I had one before as well. Just sent a p.m.
  7. Ceramic Anyone

    Just one ceramic bezel watch for me.
  8. Watch consolidation

    I recently culled quite a few.............. Then over the last few months? Yeah!! I bought more again!! Still at least I like all the ones I have now.....and "most"! of them I hope will be keepers! And yeah..............I vote Speedy too.........I will get one...one day! I did have a reduced one....but it was a tad too small for my liking.
  9. Paying for an 18 month wait... !?

    No.. No way...I wouldnt wait 18 weeks for a watch let alone 18 months! life is way to short to wait for a watch! "Personally"? I dont even like them, as I think it would be too hard to read the time easily anyway!! (Preparing myself for all the flak!).
  10. Monday 9th October WRUW

    Off to work in a minute or two, so its on with this one.
  11. I received this beauty on Friday. I saw a heads up on another forum, about some Omegas on "sale", in a jewellers...they also had some Tag Heuers on there. I do like Aquaracers.....this one was on sale..good price...even offered 0% interest free...so i thought? Ahhhhhh go on then! Its quite big, at 43mm ...I prefer larger watches anyway, so that was no problem for me. I like the bezel I like the touches of yellow on it too...so its all good! A few pics just taken...also a few with 2 of my other Aquaracers...an old black dialed one, and a lovely ceramic bezeled blue one. I think its also the only "cyclops" I have in my little collection too..............My" grail"! watch is probably a Rolex Sub....so a "trial"! to see if I would prefer a sub with date or no date!
  12. This little cracker for me today..........only got it on Friday...got the bracelet sized yesterday...so on the wrist it goes today!
  13. Saturday Watch Parade 07.10.17

    This one for me...on a rather damp dull Saturday!...Still Ive finished work now, so took off my Seiko..and put this one on!
  14. Longines Herritage diver

    I love mine as well. I wear mine on a nice shark mesh.........As has already been mentioned, they look great on a variety of different straps too.
  15. Rolex datejust 41 - 2017 updated model

    wow! That does look bloody lovely!

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