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  1. The sad passing of Mr Levity

    Not long in from work.....And just read this thread. Very sorry to hear this, please accept my condolences, to you and your family.
  2. The cull is starting

    Ive done a fair few culls.................. Only trouble is? After Ive flipped/sold some? The watch box looks not empty!....so I buy some more!! Then back to square one!
  3. So sad. RIP Bob Sheruncle

    Just read this post. R.I.P. Bob, Condolences to your family and loved ones.
  4. Just landed. . .

    I like them, easy to read too. I keep meaning to get one... I "should" get one as well, because of my job. Im a train driver! So would fit in nicely!
  5. Longines Hydroconquest & Conquest

    Im on my third Hydroconquest. Theyve all been blue..............The only reason I flipped the first 2, is because (for me anyway!) It was a bit of a pain to wind up!! ("I" found the crown guards to get in the way of my fat fingers!).. So I got a quartz one this time!! Only change the times twice a year, and the date a few times a year!! So my fat fingers dont get in the way so much.
  6. Good morning all. I recently bought (as a hols/work) watch, a Tag Heuer F.1. (F1 WAC1110). The bezel on it is not very good, (all scratched marked etc)....so I bought one from e-bay, it wasnt new, but in very good condition. Does anybody fancy putting it on for me (I would of course pay)... Saying that though? I "assume"? I would need the bezel insert? ( I mean the spring type thingy!) that fits under the bezel?). Or could the old one be used? If not are they easy to buy? Many questions for a wet Wednesday!.. But Ive just finished my night shift..so am writing this before I go to sleep! Thannks in advance!
  7. Ive had all 3...........(well I think it was a slightly different looking Steinhart I had.). Of the 3? The Oris is the best...Sort of regret selling it.....but I will get another one......some day.! I liked the Oris pointer....but I found it a tad too small for me...Though I "think"? there are different sizes. I had a Steinhart. I didnt like it, and I very much doubt I will ever get another.
  8. Ultrasonic cleaners.

    Thanks for that... Day off on Wednesday......so ..some removing of bracelets for me!
  9. Ultrasonic cleaners.

    As it happens.............I bought a cheap one, from Lidl a month or 3 ago.... Meant to get some cleaning fluid...and actually use the thing! This thread is a prompt for me to get some cleaning fluid from e-bay or similar methinks!
  10. Saturday 11th November

    This one for me this morning.......but will change it when I go to work this afternoon.
  11. Friday 10th Nov watch parade

    This one for me today..
  12. Sunday Juniors~ Post 1990

    This one for me ....(again!) today.
  13. The Saturday watch show

    This one for me today... no rain...so things are looking up!
  14. Sunday Newbies ~ made after 1990.

    This one for me today...cold but sunny here today!
  15. Watches you just don't get.


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