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  1. Lovely watch.. Its a grail for me too...............I will get one day. That Longines is gorgeous too!
  2. I just change straps and bracelets...(sometimes takes me bloody ages!) Bracelet resizing.....I take to the local guy....ditto for any battery change!! Anything else...repairs/servicing.....gets sent out!!
  3. Im currently "doing a trade"! with them. They received my watch today...and its now gone for testing etc. All seems very good so far...but will update when its all done!
  4. Congrats ! Can I have number 55 please? Cheers.
  5. This lovely old Heuer for me today!.
  6. This one for me today....cold and grey in South Wales today.........never mind! Day off tomorrow!
  7. This one for me today (but its back on its bracelet today).
  8. This one for me today..
  9. Just got home from work...the sun is its on with this one now!
  10. This one for me today,
  11. A blue day for me today!
  12. This little beauty for me today...... Im off on my hols tomorrow (going to Thailand for 6 weeks of much needed sun rest and good food!) I wont be posting for a while... Im still undecided which watches to take though ?
  13. Ive had one of these in the past. Lovely watch in my opinion...for not a great sum of money too. i think they are cracking looking and great value for money.. Quite "similar" looking to the Longines Heritage I think? (Plus! you have the bonus of the Hunter? case back!). Enjoy wearing it
  14. This one for me for today..will put another one on later today....because Im feeling so frivolous today!
  15. Well I would take this watch... The book? I think The World According To John Irving. As for the drink? Ive thought long and hard about this......... Anything long as it was in the worlds biggest bottle!