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  1. Happy as a pig in **** - Oris Aquis date

    Lovely looking watch, You cant go wrong with an Oris I think, Good build quality too.
  2. Thursday Autos.

    The postie just delivered this one. So its off with my speedy and on with this!
  3. I succumbed......

    Lovely looking watch! You cant go wrong with a Longines..................I reckon.
  4. Mondays watch

    My favourite watch on a lovely "Pav" strap for today.
  5. Sunday Young Guns (Post 1990)

    This little beauty for me today...my cold is going..the snow is thawing...not so cold either.......Happy days!
  6. Saturday's best 030318

    This one for me today.. Treated myself to it for Christmas!
  7. Thursday "AUTOMATICS" 1/3//2018

    This one for me today.....(well and yesterday too!).
  8. Best price for a speedmaster?

    I wanted one for years.. I eventually got one a few months ago. Mine wasnt new, but in very good condition etc. Good advice already given...personally......IF! I would have bought one sooner than I did....I would have got it at a cheaper price....but thats life!
  9. My New Storm Diver - A Bit of a Peach

    That looks very nice indeed Honour. Lovely looking and easy to read....whats not to like?!!! Wear it and enjoy!
  10. Incoming (yesterday)

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nice bikini!
  11. Incoming (yesterday)

    Its blue...a sort of greyish blue ish!!
  12. This little beauty for me today (got it yesterday....love it!).
  13. I "thought" I wasnt going to buy any more watches. Then I sold a few...and 2 arrived yesterday! And another one is coming tomorrow! The first one is a lovely Oris 65 (42 mm) Diver. I did have the smaller (40 mm) Oris 65......but that one wasnt on a bracelet, and to me it was a wee bit too small........so I finally got this one..The bracelet is 21mm ...but it tapers to .......well Im not sure ! But its smaller, maybe 18mm! I love the "vintage" styling on it, and the domed glass is lovely! When it came..I opened the box...and thought I wasnt too sure if Id keep it?! I took the plastic off, put it on my wrist...and all was good in the world! Some not so very good pics of it The next one........... i have looked at some of these Seikos before...(but not this particular one)..and thought. Id like one...but wasnt sure on the size/dial colour blah bal blah!. Then the other day, I spotted this one for sale, on a non watch forum...In the pics...the dial looks really really nice. However, when I got it, I opened the box, the dial looked? BEAUTIFUL!! Here is my lovely Seiko Pressage! Pics really dont do this one justice...the sunburst dial is as sexy as Racquel Welch was in the 60s and 70s! (google her younger members!)
  14. Cheers gents! Finally did it!.............(with the help of Jack Daniels and coke!).
  15. As per title really! I cant remember how to add feedback....anybody able to help this stupid man please!?

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