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  1. marley

    Sunday Moderns

    This one for me ..on this wet miserable Sunday! Though I will take it off, when I go to work this afternoon!.
  2. marley

    Oceanaught Spada

    Im impressed! I wish I had the..patience/eyesight/confidence/knowledge! to do something like that. You must get great satisfaction out of doing something like that yourself, then wearing it. (p.s. I like the watch too!).
  3. marley

    New Arrival - Speedmaster Date - Minty

    Very, very nice indeed!
  4. marley

    Sell or not Sell.

    I buy too many, then sell them, at a loss, then buy more, then sell more, get to a "decent sized collection", for a bit..then buy more, then sell some, then buy some ,then sell them.......where will it stop?!!!!
  5. marley

    Sunday modern (made after 1990)

    This one for me today, on this glorious sunny Sunday!
  6. marley

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    This one for me today , on this lovely sunny Saturday...though Im working at 16.00.....so will swap it for something else to wear at work.
  7. marley

    2yrs on

    Lovely looking watch.. Youre dead right about the bracelet too, it looks like it was meant to be on that watch!
  8. This one for me today on a nice sunny Sunday.
  9. marley

    Bought myself a present.

    Lovely looking watch... Hope this year, and the following years are better for you..... Same birth year as myself too.........I will be retiring (fingers crossed!) in 2 years time.......cant wait!
  10. marley

    Thursday Time Tellers

    This one for me today...sorry for the rubbish pic...I really should take some newer (better!) photos of my watches.
  11. marley

    New Years Resolution Followup

    A pair of crackers ! you have there! Very nice indeed!
  12. marley

    Longines hydroconquest

    I quite agree with this! I got my quartz one, in a sale, Saved a fair few quid that way!
  13. marley

    Longines hydroconquest

    I’m on my third ! Hydro conquest , all have been blue dials. This one is a quartz, the other 2 were automatics. The only reason I got rid of the 2 autos, was because ( very first world problem I know!! Was because I found the crown guards a bit of a pain! when changing time/ dates / winding etc. Apart from that I think they are cracking watches!
  14. marley

    Tuesday ticking

    This one for me.......AGAIN! today! I really love this one....I wanted one for years...never even tried one on..I eventually got this one the other week..it arrived..and I love it! It even came with the proper bracelet, the lovely db 10 strap its on now, original Tag leather with deployant and another rally strap...Not even bothered trying on the strap or other bracelets, (and this from a "confirmed"! bracelet guy!)..as it looks and feels (I.M.H.O. of course!) on this strap......... Sorry to rabbit on...but I love it!!
  15. marley

    Saturday 21st April - WRUW

    This one for me today.

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