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  1. As suggested e-bay Or stay on this forum, make contributions to forum thread, then you will get access to sales corner.. Could trade them on here then. Or I suppose there is always a chance of trading them via watchfineders etc etc.
  2. This one for me today. Ive been "neglecting"! it lateley (ie. not wearing it much!) , as I had a new arrival or two recently. So I put this on yesterday evening........and? I even took a pic of it (instead of using an "old"! pic I mean!) Have a good weekend all!
  3. It is possible to get a new crown........For most makes that is (some "may" have to go back to the "makers" though). As for cost? Depends on what watch it is! I had to get a crown for an Aquaracer a year or two ago, it cost about £50.........others are much less or more! Im no expert, but you may require a new stem or other parts too?.
  4. Id agree with a g-shock or maybe a chunky Seiko diver?
  5. Ive never bought or sold a watch on e-bay..... Ive bought and sold plenty on here and on the other side too! I can "proudly boast"! Ive losst money on each and every one!! Even the ones Ive sold at the same price I bought them for..........when you factor in posting...Im still on a loser! Good fun though! Plus I get to try watches, which I think I will love.................but when I get them? I dont!! All good fun though! I thought you were a bit "specific"! with the guy who left you the negative feedback..................... Then I read his name again!!!!!!!! lol!! Its been a long day and Im a bit tired now!
  6. This one for me today, sunny, but the wind is damn cold!
  7. How about an 007?!
  8. This one for me this morning. Im off to work later, so may replace it with a Seiko or something.
  9. I just leave them as they are. Batteries are cheap enough to replace anyway.
  10. Has to be the Bulova for me too.. As has been mentioned? NOT!! the first watch!! lol!
  11. The sun is shining. Day off work, Cup of coffee in hand, This on my wrist. = Lazy Easter Sunday for me! Happy Easter to you all!
  12. Im off to work in a couple of hours, so its on with this one ..for now!
  13. I "think"..If I didnt sell this one......I "may"! have not bought another gulf...........but then again? Maybe not!! Damn watches...far too addictive! lol!
  14. Nope! Never regretted any of my 11 tattooes! Come to think of it? Only regretted one thing in my 57 years alive! Life is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! to short for any "proper"! regrets!! in case you are wondering ..the one thing I really regret?!!!! Not getting to see Bob Marley live in concert! Good morning to you Andy....yes I managed to get the full set! As you say they are getting hard to find.......(and expensive!) I didnt get mine from e-bay, but they go for £600 and much more on there! I did see one in a jewellers (online) for ....£890!... But im happy again now! I "may" look into getting a strap made for it though!
  15. Glad you got it all sorted, and its all worked out well!