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  1. Please help me

    Hmmn! In the description it does say mechanical/auto. Though it also says quartz lower down?! Personally, Id tell the seller you thought it was an auto, as thats how it was described.( I know it says quartz later down the ad. though!?). A bit of a tricky one. Of course, with hindsight, you should have checked everything, model numbers etc etc etc. It is also the smaller sized model.....these always sell for less than the full sized ones too. Its a nice looking watch.....but I think its a bit expensive for what it is. But others may well disagree! So did you pay £1,000 or £1,195 for it?
  2. No Meshing About...

    Watch gecko have comfy mesh bracelets for about £50? I have one on my L.L.D.
  3. Hirsch strap fitted :)

    Looking very nice indeed. It even matches your shirt or jacket! in the second pic!
  4. Speedmaster advice for a noob

    I will agree with the rest ! For the not so big saving, its well worth getting new with a bracelet. I imagine youd be able to sell the bracelet easily.........box too!.......... Personally, Id keep everything it came with though. IF! you eved did come to sell it....it will be sold more easily with everything it came with. Id love a speedy myself, the way the prices are going for used though........I will probably get a new one myself. A keeper for me, for sure when I do get one.................(but Ive said that about so many other watches!).
  5. Strapped for cash...

    Thanks for that! Just e-mailed them.
  6. Strapped for cash...

    Where do you get the Longines strap for £30 please? I have a couple of Longines, for that price, Id be interested in getting a couple. Thanks
  7. Young Guns (Post - 1990)

    This one for me on this wet. grey . drab, miserable (OK ! you get the idea!) Sunday! Not todays date, as it is not a good day for photos! A little bit of colour to try to brighten up this? drab grey! etc day!
  8. This one for me today.....No sun...rain, grey....where has the Summer gone?!!
  9. Friday watches on my mind

    This one for me today.............Will take it off later as Im ripping kitchen cupboards out .
  10. Sunday Noobies (Made AFTER 1990)

    This one for me today! Not so much sun....but its hot and humid here!
  11. Saturday 8th July

    This one for me today. Just finished nights, got next week off, so on with this cracker to watch the Lions.
  12. Only watch - your choice

    The Blancpain.............if it had a bracelet or nice leather ! I dont think I would buy any of them though to be honest.....Some I couldnt read..and as for the ones I can..id rather spend my money on other watches! Call me a phillistine!!
  13. Thursday Auto's 6th July 2017

    This one for me today.............on another lovely sunny day!
  14. Weds Quartz

    This one in the sun for me today...... Just been for a walk. the dial looks bloody lovely! when the sun catches it! Just realised...........I think I only have 3 quartz watches now? Hmmmmmmm....that means I should buy another one then? Think Id best start looking!! (anyone thinking of selling .say a Tag Heuer quartz? Im your man!)
  15. My dream watch just arrived

    Im in agreement with the others..........It looks lovely! I think it would suit a fair few nice straps too.