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  1. This little beauty for me today...... Im off on my hols tomorrow (going to Thailand for 6 weeks of much needed sun rest and good food!) I wont be posting for a while... Im still undecided which watches to take though ?
  2. Ive had one of these in the past. Lovely watch in my opinion...for not a great sum of money too. i think they are cracking looking and great value for money.. Quite "similar" looking to the Longines Heritage I think? (Plus! you have the bonus of the Hunter? case back!). Enjoy wearing it
  3. This one for me for today..will put another one on later today....because Im feeling so frivolous today!
  4. Well I would take this watch... The book? I think The World According To John Irving. As for the drink? Ive thought long and hard about this......... Anything long as it was in the worlds biggest bottle!
  5. Im wearing this one today................... because...Im thinking of flipping it (as Ive not been wearing it much! trying to get the love back!!)
  6. This little beauty for me today!
  7. I got this one in, at the start of the week..been busy with work not had a chance to post this up! It will be my ..hmmmmmn! THIRD! time Ive had one of these (all the same colour too!)..But this one is different? How? Well its quartz! I have had two autos before......the only thing I didnt like about them (sorrry this is a tiny tiny dislike!) was that (personally) I found the crown "fiddly" to open/turn/change dates etc......Im quite ham was worried with my (lack of!) patience....i would snap the stem or something! So as this is quartz?..................... I wont have to fiddle about with the crown so much!! ( I know i know! I could have just put the other one (s!) on a winder!
  8. Its a Longines Legend Diver A.K.A.! an L.L.D.
  9. Looks like its going to be any decent life in the Welsh valleys today! So, an old pic of what Im wearing now.
  10. Id have thought 20% is a good discount? I didnt get that off a L.L.D................and Im a good haggler!
  11. Not long got back home......Ive been wearing this one today.
  12. I bought an almost new one a month or so back.... Paid more than that though!! I should have waited!
  13. This one for me today...
  14. Something like this perchance?!
  15. Its Wednesday, and its my day off!! (so why am I up so damn early?!!!!! Bloody shift work! On with my Bulova today.