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  1. An update...and thanks to all.

    Good news, Rog. Keep yew a troshin' bor!
  2. TOP THREE BRANDS... and why ?

    Cartier. Style, quality and daring to be different. Very much with @Daveyboyz on this brand. Omega. Excellent quality across a wide range of styles. Longines. More for the superb vintage models and heritage than anything modern. @JonnyOldBoy 2 out of 3 spot on!
  3. Gentleman's Watches.

    This, of course...
  4. 'Shakespear In The Park'

    Naturally, as Miranda is my daughter. Ariel can do the laundry.
  5. 'Shakespear In The Park'

    Possibly, Alan. The idea of spending 12 years on a deserted Greek island (with a supply of books and all my needs supplied)...
  6. 'Shakespear In The Park'

    I have just spent a week doing tech for "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Without doubt my favourite Shakespeare play. We only seemed to do the "heavies" at school, though through it I did develop a love for the Scottish play. And if I could "be" a character I might once have chosen Puck, but now I realise it has always been Prospero.
  7. Surprise Hits

    It has to be the Orient Makos for me. Bought originally as cheap swimming and holiday beaters, they are just brilliant watches.
  8. Saturday 24 June Watch Parade

    Speedy back on bracelet for the summer...
  9. Hi, Pete. Thanks for the reply. No, I decided it was beyond economic repair. The lugs were shot after 15 years hard wear. The bracelet clasp was knackered. The movement was also gone and it would be just too expensive to repair. I sold it as part of a job lot of knackered watches. Pity, I really loved it, but now I have a Speedy and a Tank and a host of others. Which should last longer because they are not being worn every day for obvious reasons.
  10. What was life like back in the days when you only had one watch, inevitably referred to as MY WATCH? I suppose that for most of the first 50+ years of my life I had one watch (with usually some cheap thing in the drawer in case MY WATCH needed repair or servicing). MY WATCH underwent many, or at least several, metamorphoses over time. For the last 15 years of that period (before discovering vintage watches, CW and rather more expensive items) I wore the same Omega Seamaster Polaris, now deceased. I wore MY WATCH pretty much all day every day, and usually slept in it too. I suppose I got to the stage where it was just part of me and I wasn't even really aware that I had it on most of the time. Then, in 2008, I bought the vintage gold Omega I still have. So I had two versions of MY WATCH, with the odd cheap beater in the drawer. It was still another three years before I started buying multiple watches in earnest. I suppose most people I have ever known, or do know, have just one watch, or possibly two. Are we that weird? Or are they? What was your last iteration of "MY WATCH"? When did you go multiple?
  11. Happy birthday RWP

    Many happies, chappie.
  12. Dare to Wear

    "Oh, I say, Giles! Is that vulgar little man really wearing a large black watch on a blue rubber strap – and in Barnaby's, for goodness sake?" "Don't look if it upsets you, Miranda darling. This used to be such a respectable place. I shall have a word with the Maître d'. We don't want his sort in here." I reckon you were probably safe, Roger. I don't think anyone really looks at your watch these days. Hope you enjoyed the meal – happy birthday!
  13. Would Dan Dare?

    ¿Cuánto miden esos relojes?
  14. Christopher ward

    Wera, with a W, aka Mrs Ward, no longer works for the company. After working as head of CS for years, she is now pursuing family and other interests. She will be missed.
  15. And the point is, whatever shape you make the case or dial, the hands go ROUND.