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  1. Buy the moon watch. Eat the lobster.
  2. TBH, Rog, I am out or away so much that it would not be fair to have a pet. I go home to sleep occasionally when I'm not away.
  3. Also worth remembering that members don't HAVE to read the threads. There are sections of the forum I have hardly ever looked at...hummers...Japanese...Russian &c. If I see something in Kickstarters I will probably just ignore it.
  4. I had a cat for many years. Great little guy but his claws were no respecters of nice furniture. When he got ill I determined not to have any more pets. Therefore, when I had to have him put down I went out and bought a new leather sofa. I do things like that. That was before watches. However, more recently, in a year when I could not afford both I found myself thinking "watch or holiday?" For about three seconds. Then I booked the holiday. I know my priorities.
  5. Netherlands https://aevig.com
  6. So sorry, Mike. A beautiful creature.
  7. On holiday... At work...
  8. Head of Languages and Classics in an independent school. I teach Latin, Spanish and French. It's a jacket and tie job, so I wear any of my dress watches, vintages or chronographs. I occasionally go with a waistcoat and pocket watch. The Tank Solo gets the most wear (2-3 days per week). Only one rule...no divers. Don't like them much anyway and my Makos are purely beaters and holiday/swimming watches.
  9. Polerouter, superb watches.
  10. I cannot for the life of me see the point of buying an expensive watch and then not wearing it for fear of getting it scratched. If someone would be so kind as to give me a Vacheron, Patek or Piaget I will gladly wear it.
  11. Great bits of Pan-Am realia, but you need a vintage Rolex.
  12. But not in the eyes of the watch snob. Now where did I put my spectacles?
  13. A guy comes out with some pretty forceful and occasionally left-field opinions. Doesn't make him a troll. Sure, he says some things for effect but there's humour in it. Jay probably overplays the macho bit from time to time, just as I overplay the eccentric Classics teacher and others overplay their own real or fantasy roles. There really is no need to get collective knickers in a twist or act like Mary Whitehouse at a pornfest. As Bond says, it's the Internet, and it's water off a duck's back. Try responding to Jay with the same trenchant humour he uses - he's OK.
  14. Don't worry, Bond. You and I are not simple minded morons so we don't count.
  15. I don't have one. If I were in some faraway time zone and wanted to call elsewhere, my iPhone can tell me instantly if it is 0300 or teatime. However, if I ever find a vintage one of these (just for fun)...