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  1. Certainly was, Rog! They did advertise £200 minimum t/i on any old watch, but I felt bloody cheeky taking that in. Cheers, Unc!
  2. Take a few out. Wind a few up. Try a few on. Put the Tank or Speedy on.* *Others get out the door from time to time.
  3. I almost binned one once...a rough old quartz thing with an expanding bracelet that we found in my uncle's house when we cleared it last year. The battery was dead but I took it to the Omega AD as my trade in for the Speedy, and they gave me £200 against it.
  4. Result all round. Lovely gesture.
  5. Great topic, Honour. They are based in Spain and have quite a nice website. I couldn't find an English button so I hope your Spanish is up to it! https://estore-sslserver.eu/cauny.es/epages/147b8f91-001b-460c-8d97-0e9b40da5e74.sf/es_ES/?ObjectPath=/Shops/147b8f91-001b-460c-8d97-0e9b40da5e74/Categories I used to have this nice chronograph but it wasn't getting much wear, so I sold it...
  6. Not really. I wear all my watches, albeit some more frequently than others. The stuff I don't didn't wear is gone, and I stopped buying cheap watches on impulse years ago.
  7. St George's Day...
  8. Well these two basic designs are about 50 and 100 years old respectively.
  9. Since I like all my watches (I leave it to other people to buy the ones I don't like!) the question is irrelevant. However...no watch.
  10. Bogart died in 1957 so he was wearing what was available and current. But the man was cool!
  11. 1970s JLC Memovox...not nice!
  12. RU thinkin'...?
  13. Why, thank you, Steve.
  14. Just for fun. I love Omegas but I really don't like these...
  15. All 33-34 mm Too small...nah!