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  1. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    @JonnyOldBoy Romance of course!
  2. Nothing hits the spot.

    Not necessarily. “Unless absolutely necessary" leaves it very open ended, so to speak.
  3. Nothing hits the spot.

    Five step cure... 1. Sell the bloody lot. 2. Buy a Rolex sub. 3. Find a tropical beach house with a hammock, a huge pile of books, no internet and hot and cold running floosies. 4. Only move a muscle when absolutely necessary for the next three months. 5. Quit fretting. When you have done all the above you will be so chilled out you won’t give two hoots about watches. Well, that’s what I would do.
  4. About 7 years ago I was into small gold vintage watches. I still have some but I remember writing that I disliked black dials, steel cases, bracelets and chronographs. Last year I bought (go figure)...
  5. @ABaird3 Apart from not having any Seikos I could have written your post.
  6. Watch / Car analogies .

    Where do I sign up?
  7. Wednesday Quartz~18 April.

    Quartz - I can play today! CW Ascari
  8. Tried on the Moonwatch...

    @JonnyOldBoy I have worn my hésalite model more than almost any watch for over a year and it doesn’t show any marks on the crystal. Fabulous watch.
  9. Is less more?

    Yes. And no. Each has its own place in the great big scheme of things. How long is a piece of string?
  10. Roger Taylor (tennis) on the left, and Tony Jacklin between Hemery and Stewart.
  11. @Steve D UK RTFM usually works for most things. Trouble is, on a forum it’s easier to AFSQ!
  12. Customer service. Good idea ?

    It’s mechanical, sir. No it isn’t, it’s quartz, it has a battery. Yes, sir, quartz mechanical. Don't you mean analogue? Could you hold on, please, I’ll just get my colleague.
  13. Online, I agree - pointless and annoying. In a store, I can play the game. 1. Do your homework to find out RRP and general GM prices before setting out. 2. Strap on the Speedy (in my case, or whatever you have in yours) to show you mean business. 3. Say, "I'd like to see the xxxxxxx and compare it with any similar watches you might suggest, please." (Gives them a task) 4. Have lots of WIS type questions ready, even if you know the answers. 5. Play with the watches, ask for a loupe, hoover up the free coffee or champagne. Generally act as if being there is your birth right. Price has not been mentioned yet! 6. Say, "What's your best price for this?"..."Really? And if I were to pay cash and walk out with it today?" Can be fun, especially if you're not driving and the champagne's decent.
  14. Better that than that they should wish to stroke his Parnis.

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