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  1. Big watches

    43mm pocket watch movement. A bit girly.
  2. How do you find the time?

    Wait until some self obsessed wannabe muscle man with an image problem walks past wearing a chunk of metal the size of a kitchen clock on his wrist. Then I say “Hey, you useless tøssër, I left my girly watch at home, tell me the time or prepare to feel pain!“ Actually, what I really do when I’m not wearing a girly watch is step out of the shower and look at the clock.
  3. I need some answers.......

    When I am 75 will I wear a beige zipper jacket, p1$$ people off and enjoy scones? Do cows get bored? Do French dogs bark in a French accent? Oueuf, oueuf!
  4. Who does cost matter to?

    TFFT! We get to keep the cake and circuses, chaps!
  5. Who does cost matter to?

    Ah, this old topic. I have missed it. It must be at least a week. The two euro watch is very attractive and appears to do its job very well indeed. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with cheap watches provided that they look decent and do the job. However, there is no moral high ground in the buying and wearing of them either. There is room for all sorts. Some of us just have a passion for Omega, Cartier and others of that ilk.
  6. The Most Trouble.

    Poor girl must be in almost constant pain.
  7. Struggling to decide

    Özür dilemene gerek yok.
  8. Struggling to decide

    Y yo compré mi Omega sábado, no obstante que la opinión que exprimí fuera escrita en inglés.
  9. Struggling to decide

    @owain1 You play a dangerous game asking for a 50:50 choice like that on a watch forum! Especially when the majority vote against your obvious preference. So what do you do about it? Answer: what ever you want. It’s your watch. PS. Omega, but only on a day that ends with a Y.
  10. This, but I won’t lend it to the gardener, the cook, the cleaner or the odd-job man.
  11. Better than Sunday night TV.
  12. And whose fault is that?
  13. @RWP I’m too busy levelling my own mountains, Rog. Reviewing the things I actually give a #### about, so to speak! It’s very refreshing and cathartic!
  14. Too busy. They’re all out blasting the tops off mountains to return them to molehill size.
  15. Chef's Jewellery?

    Then what becomes of product placement?

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