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  1. Where did you see it? A picture would be useful. The Tank Solo XL looks like this, and I can't recall seeing one with LC on it...
  2. Smiths produced a number of watches for Garrard, and these would have contained the English movements such as the 12.15 and the 19/25 jewel calibres used in the Everest and Imperial ranges.
  3. Or as one of my pupils said recently: "You are always very fair, sir. You're equally horrible to all of us!"
  4. I think I'll stick with Cartier. 50m WR isn't worth putting on the dial. Don't shower in it. And "Quartz" on the dial...what's that about?
  5. Yes you are mad. I had one of those for a while but gave it away.
  6. KICKS Keith is Chanel's knickers stylist. PANTS
  7. I experimented a lot with tat until I discovered a taste for perfection. I sold most of the tat and I'm now only interested in perfection. With high end brand names because I'm shallow.
  8. The joke is that Mach always threatens to ban those who mention Orange Monsters and other watches he doesn't like. He can't talk. But then, not everyone has impeccable taste, as I do.
  9. About 5mm...I think!
  10. Vintage Vacheron Ultra-Thin in 18ct white gold...
  11. Something about No Man's Land and a luminous balaclava springs to mind.
  12. Interesting question, Jay. If I'm honest I would attach more importance to looks, material and size (36mm, gold, Roman numerals etc). However...Swiss and Sapphire all things being equal.
  13. I'm having one for breakfast with yoghurt and café con leche.
  14. Not well, I suspect. Then as a Catholic/Buddhist, I would rather follow his example than the Pope's, however admirable that may be.
  15. Normal service resumed. Thank goodness. You had me worried there for a while.