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  1. Bronze Beauties

    hi all,have a bronze precista.i tried the patination proccess several times,natural and chemical but the watch just looked grubby to me so i now keep it boringly bright and shiny..
  2. Sunday Oldsters (Pre-1990)

    longines hummer now..
  3. Sunday Oldies~ Pre 1990.

    ww2 era leonidas now..
  4. Sunday Oldies~ Pre 1990.

    turtle now..
  5. Saturday 11th November

    bullhead this morning..
  6. The Saturday watch show

    old pic but this now.........
  7. The Friday parade~ 3rd November.

    going out tonight so i will wear this ll wear this..
  8. The Friday parade~ 3rd November.

    gold longines this morning..
  9. Saturday parade~28th October.

    sub c for me..
  10. Friday 27th Oct watch parade

    constellation hummer now...
  11. Friday 27th Oct watch parade

    speedy today..
  12. Wednesday Quartz~ 25th October.

    bully moon for me..
  13. Sunday Newbies~ Post 1990

    oris big crown pointer now..
  14. Sunday Newbies~ Post 1990

    SMP for me today
  15. Friday 20th.

    Hamilton today,the one i have in the sales section

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