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  1. greasemonk

    Friday's here again...

    speedy moon for me today,HAGWEE.
  2. 1958 18ct gold seamaster today..
  3. greasemonk

    Friday's here again...

    HAGWEE visitor duneshore auto today [old pic]..
  4. greasemonk

    Significant Saturday 9th June

    new in Visitor Duneshore automatic for me today..
  5. greasemonk

    Chrono24 Wonder Invest SP

    i believe the op was right to chronicle his negative experience here where an internet search would find it so others can read it and make judgement if they are thinking of making a purchase from the same seller through Chrono24.i recently started a thread regarding a very positive experience with a small prestige watchmaker.two days after starting the thread i received an email from the person i had dealt with at the company.it was to thank me for the positive feedback which their head of sales had seen on this forum and congratulated his staff on their good work..
  6. greasemonk

    It's funtime Friday!

  7. greasemonk

    The Vintage Chronograph Thread

    i have two older chronograph's,a leonidas from ww2 era which a bought because i fell in love with the patina[and i was drunk but no regrets] and an avia from the 1960's,they both have launderon movements....
  8. greasemonk

    Trouble at mill

    no expert me,but if it makes noises when you move your wrist and has power reserve problems ,could it just be a loose rotor?.if so might be an easy fix for your watchmaker.hope you get it sorted one way or another to your satisfaction.
  9. greasemonk

    BH Monday 28/05/2018

    dunhill facet automatic for me...
  10. greasemonk

    The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    Carronade electro-mechanical bought as non runner for £2 at this mornings car boot sale,a little fettling and a new battery and shes going like a good 'un..
  11. greasemonk

    BH Saturday..... WRUW?

    1967 seamaster chronostop today..
  12. greasemonk

    Friday WRUW

    sub c for me.HAGWEE..
  13. greasemonk

    Saturday 19.05.18.

    9ct gold eterna today..
  14. greasemonk

    Friday timepieces

    Dan Henry today HAGWEE..
  15. greasemonk

    Fridays Favorites.

    PRS30 for me today..HAGWEE..

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