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  1. Saturday watch parade 24th

    bronze PRS30 now
  2. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    1981 turtle for me now.
  3. dan henry for me ..
  4. It's Friday again!

    seiko turtle from 1981 today..
  5. Burei Sale Watch

    i like that,sword hands ,nice looking watch ,bargain!
  6. Recent arrival!

    i do like that,lovely classic look and easily legible,wear in good health sir..
  7. Sunday 4th Feb 2018 young guns!

    sorry i know i am getting boring but still with the compressor today..
  8. Saturday Watch Parade 03.02.18

    still with the compressor today..
  9. The TGI Friday thread~ 2nd Feb.

    new arrival Dan Henry compressor today...
  10. Wednesday watches.

    hummer for me...
  11. Sunday Seniors (pre-1990)

    turtle now..
  12. Friday watches - 26.01.2018

    old pic but seiko SUS GMT today..
  13. Sunday Oldies (made before 1990)

    helmet now..
  14. Sunday Oldies (made before 1990)

    west end watch co "matchless".indian civil service stamped.1930's...
  15. The Saturday display~ 20th January.

    bullhead for me now..

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