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  1. Wednesday 20th Sept quartz parade

    this one now..
  2. Our cat has been shot

    very sorry to hear this Martin,we know just how you feel as we had something very simular happen many years ago,our thoughts are with you,all the best ,,kevin
  3. Watch Parade 16.09.17

    old pic,smp today..
  4. Friday!

    speedy this morning HAGWEE..
  5. Sunday Young Guns (after 1990)

    still with the Hamilton .......
  6. Fridays Watch Thread

  7. What's the right size for a dress watch?

    i have a collection of gold dress watches but this is my favorite ,its 36mm and i woudnt personally go any bigger in gold than that although i have a 8 inch wrist,they wear much bigger than most watches as they are all dial..........
  8. Friday watches 01.09.2017

    vintage Delma for me this morning HAGWEE....
  9. Got a soaking

    nice bike ,love the colour and the single seats,is it an an indian one,i guess it is by the indicators...
  10. It's Friday again!

  11. Thursday Auto's

    vitage seiko and 9mm today
  12. My birth year watch arrived today!

    like that,made me look at this model of seiko in a new light,might have to find me one,but 1983 ,you are a real whipper snapper Rob.. i have children ,cars ,motorcycles all way older than you......
  13. Saturday 19th August

    longines hummer today......
  14. old BSA in the sunshine

    thank you gentlemen for your kind comments,the BSA is a relative newcomer to me,i only had it since 1989,i have a triumph bonneville i have owned since 1977,same year i started courting the wife,the bonnie would still be a great ride, but.......................................

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