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  1. when i was young and daft and used to fly about on my T120 bonneville the vibration at over 6000 RPM induced blurred vision and i used to have to loctite the screws in my glasses ,remember the tingling hands well..,still got the bike,have owned it for 40 years, now its a shed queen.i am too old to ride it...
  2. this one is 40mm,just right for me but there is a bigger model..
  3. oris now,
  4. sub c this morning....
  5. this today HAGWE...........
  6. nice diver Rob,the colour scheme really spot on.i have enough divers but will have to visit CW's website to see what else they do..
  7. monster 45mm Buler............
  8. fresh in from the forum revue thommen..
  9. i do wear a watch at night,SMP with sword hands is my favorite for its lume..
  10. sub c this morning...............
  11. there are some lovely gold vintage watches inside that budget but they are a little small for some tastes but if you find one which is all dial and little bezel they do wear larger..this MuDu is only 34mm but i am quite content to wear it on my 8"wrist....
  12. i have found a cigarette lighter quite good for this,enough localised heat to soften the loctite but not enough to discolour the metal.sorry..just reread your post i woundnt not apply any direct heat near the movement,but if you heat up a metal rod the same size as the pin and hold it against the threaded end of the offending pins this might do the job.....
  13. i like it,if you really like it ,go for it.
  14. starting the day with an oris [old pic]...
  15. super buy well done.hope you get much pleasure from it,that box looks great but i carried one around a spanish port all morning in a carrier bag[the watch was on my wrist] and it was a a pain in the bum.but wearing the speedy i was on cloud nine so didnt moan..