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  1. New watch Sunday - the kids are alright!

    prs 30 for this evening...
  2. New watch Sunday - the kids are alright!

    revue thommen airspeed this morning...
  3. Saturday newbies post 1990

    sub c this morning..
  4. Friday 11 08 2017

    bullhead today HAGWEE..
  5. No Meshing About...

    i wear my vintage seiko diver on this chinese cheapy mesh i bought a couple of years ago,its one of those you have to cut to your size.i have to say on this watch its very comfy...
  6. Wed 2nd August quartz

    bully moon today,[old pic]
  7. New strap for speedy

    yes,its a beautifully finished strap,probably the best quality i have ever bought.i intend to buy the darker brown Lucca at a later date
  8. New strap for speedy

    here you go ,my speedy on hirsch Luccu tuscan in golden brown,great minds think alike.
  9. Saturday Watch Parade

    constellation hummer for me..
  10. Friday 28th July watch parade

    sub c this mornining HAGWEE..
  11. Wed 26th July quartz

    bully moon today
  12. Saturday 22nd July watch parade

    still with the bully moon..
  13. Friday watches 21.07.2017

    this beastie has just arrived..
  14. smp today...