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  1. this just now..
  2. ok i will start off with sub c..
  3. wear in good health sir,hope you enjoy your speedy as much as i do mine,that box is a beast ...
  4. this 'un today..............
  5. cousins would be also my first stop for these as they stock thousands of crystals,they are cheap enough for the crystals but their postage can sting a bit,but might be cheaper to measure the diameter with a vernier and then try ebay.
  6. this today.
  7. or this ww2 era Leonidas......
  8. Oris today..
  9. hope you get this sorted Alan,having been in business in the motor trade for 30 years i know a good reputation is everything.i cannot understand why in the day and age of the internet would want to risk damaging their good name and utimately their livelyhood for the sake of a relatively small sum of money..
  10. lovely,hope you enjoy it as as much as i do mine
  11. lovely watch Rog ,i do love a bit o'bling,
  12. love my bling,1958 seamaster,18ct dennison case with 18ct bracelet..... 9ct geneve....
  13. this now..
  14. speedy now..
  15. not sure which thread this wee beastie belongs to....