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  1. this now[old pic]
  2. hi Mike,i just remember pushing and shoving then it snapped into place.watchmakers use a special tool with lots of fingers to compress the crystal..
  3. hi,i have done this and managed to push the glass back in with pressure from my fingers, .be careful though as if you slip you could possibly mash the dial/hands
  4. speedy now,HAGWEE.
  5. sorry deano,it was a used watch and there are no markings on the watch at all apart from japan movmt on the dial.
  6. i get where you are coming from deano ,i first thought that,but the struts are the stops, there is a spring inside the lid.the watch was an ebay purchase and quite suprised when it a arrived.the whole watch case and lid etc are machined from the solid die cast parts at all,almost like a prototype..
  7. love the bracelet,another one on my list now..
  8. this gimmicky beast arrived this week........................ pull the little button and............................................
  9. sub c now
  10. this hummer now.....
  11. speedy moon just now....................
  12. not the best redial i have seen,.did you have a look at the movement?.there is a seller on ebay that sells these every night.i think its the same seller who sells the fake oris big crown pointers all the time.the bay is a right minefield at the moment.i am no expert but there are so many fakes/frankens of all types for sale its does not bode well ..
  13. some really nice straps there,well done and welcome to the forum..
  14. i have found the chinese proper shark mesh [ebay] ones to be aware that they will most likely need trimming to size as there is very little adjustment.i found the best way was to cut the mesh links one at a time with wire cutters although i know others prefer to use a dremel,cheers..greasemonkey
  15. my seventies bling my 1950's 18ct gold bling,cant have to much bling,i love it!