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  1. helmet now..
  2. SMP now..........
  3. and i thought it was just me!.i have to punch extra holes in between the others on SMP i have to wear on a strap in summer as there is no micro adjustment on the bracelet.great thing about a rolex sub as montybaber says is the glidelock clasp. i adjust mine about three times a day.i have an 8 incher [wrist] perhaps larger wrist swell more in proportion to size.whatever its a major irritant to me,ah,first world problems eh?
  4. speedy for me..
  5. bought this for £4 at the car boot sale this was a wreck, smashed crystal, case scratched to hell and a non -runner with half a strap.i got lucky,when i took the movement out of the case it started working,pressed out the crystal and found another in my bits box perfect fit.painted the small hands red and the second hand orange.gave the case a going over with the buffer ,assembled the watch and found a nice comfy pavstrap for it and now got myself a nice old beater and gave myself a pleasurable couple of hours..
  6. changed to SMP on its summer choice ,cant wear the bracelet in warmer weather no micro adjustment.
  7. this for now..
  8. speedy moon now....
  9. this today ..
  10. hi all,i have a soft spot for vintage seiko's,some great designs and interesting cases.i have a pogue and a helmet among others and both are keepers so when i saw this come up over on TZ i jumped on it.being made for one year only 1997/1998 and JDM its probably no suprise that i had not seen one has a hacking and winding movement .case is about 40mm so a nice size for my gorrila wrist and black dial which i like.have worn it for the weekend and its a keeper.please if i have got my info wrong someone correct me ,cheers greasemonk..
  11. still with the 1997 SUS GMT jdm...
  12. seiko SUS GMT Hi-beat from 1997 just in..
  13. not my cup of tea Trigger,but looks as tough as old boots
  14. i like it,mind you i married the wife