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  1. this is new in this week and yes i know the date is wrong but its non quickset and fridays my lazy day ..
  2. this now..
  3. this today..
  4. no worries gave me a chance to brag about my desk
  5. hi,if you mean the desk,its a vintage oak bankers desk made in about 1905..
  6. gave my wife this gents gold rolex as it was a bit small for my plowboy wrist.strangely enough she likes it,but i have to wind it up before she wears it.her daily wearer is a gents skagen i bought and she took a liking the OP i would say if you choose it she will never like it........................
  7. this now..
  8. vintage citizen chronograph on fresh in from vietnam custom made hornback croc strap..
  9. new in techne pilot this morning............
  10. my local watchmaker charged me £70 for a dress longines service and £150 for a tag chronometer service.i usually find his prices reasonable.he's the only chap i know who will take the back of a mechanical watch while i wait,if its an easy fix he will do it there and then regulate it ,last time he did this it cost me £25.if i had your poljot and it functioned ok and kept time within a few minutes a day i would leave it alone,hope you enjoy your russki
  11. these watches look great with the leonardo straps.i will put in a bit of a sour note here,i have three ,two in 22mm and a 20mm in nappa leather,as said ,i love the looks of them but i have fitted them to many watches but within a couple of days i have taken them off again,to me they feel uncomfortable,but thats just me....
  12. this this morning,HAGWEE..
  13. giving this big chap some wrist time....................
  14. thanks,about the same as the moon watch then,just right, enjoy
  15. thats a real nice speedy,what size is the case please?..