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  1. Gone full China again

    i have a few chinese watches including the portugeezer homage like yours jaydeep but with a white dial.perhaps i have been lucky but they all work flawlessly.excellent value for money but i dont know why but they all fall out of regular useage with me quite quickly.i think sometimes that if the chinese can make a watch like this for sub £100 just think what they could make for£500..
  2. The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    seiko h357 5040 as worn by the late Great Sir Roger Moore playing James Bond in the 1981 film For your eyes only....
  3. Air Pistol Advice Please

    hi Honour,as a regular target shooter,for your needs i would suggest a single shot co2 powered calibre .177 air pistol.the pistol advised by Wrench is an excellent choice..most gun clubs will only allow .177 calibre to be shot on their ranges.spring powered air pistols are good fun but after reloading them 50 times in a session it can be quite tiring even for the most able bodied of shooters.i co2 capsule will last at least 30 shots and reloading is simply a matter of putting a pellet in the breech.ask your local club if they have any club guns which they can loan you for your use at the range.my club has this facility.it is an relaxing hobby as you suggest also a great sense of achievement is felt when your scores improve with practice..
  4. Sunday Young Guns (Made After 1990)

    oris this morning.....
  5. Saturday 9th watches

    sub c now..
  6. Single subdial auto Chrono?

    hi Jaydeep,i could be wrong,i am no expert but i dont think the dial is right on the ebay helmet.if you look at the spacing between SEIKO and chronograph its different to mine and others on the internet,mind you the ebay one could be genuine and my dial could be hooky..
  7. The Sunday Oldies Thread - Pre-1990!

    avia marino today,think this has a landeron 248 movement....
  8. The Saturday display thread~2nd December.

    seiko SUS GMT today..
  9. Nuts about this watch...

    i really like these watches,i am a bit jaded watch wise but this is the best watch style i have seem in a long while,well done!
  10. The Friday Thread~ 1st December.

    bully moon this morning HAGWEE..
  11. Sunday Youngsters ~ Post 1990.

    speedy today..
  12. Bronze Beauties

    hi all,have a bronze precista.i tried the patination proccess several times,natural and chemical but the watch just looked grubby to me so i now keep it boringly bright and shiny..
  13. Sunday Oldsters (Pre-1990)

    longines hummer now..
  14. Sunday Oldies~ Pre 1990.

    ww2 era leonidas now..
  15. Sunday Oldies~ Pre 1990.

    turtle now..

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