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  1. no8yogi

    Oris limited edition.

    Oh I have got one just like that! But it's original and certainly didn't cost over a grand! Poorly Heuer in the background :-(
  2. no8yogi

    Do you think......

    got a rubber one on my RLT 11 divers watch, it hardly gets worn because of it! I keep thinking just give it another try and then the poor thing ends up in the glove box as I get angry with it somewhere on the M25!
  3. no8yogi

    Heuer 1000 Professional 1985

    thank you all, if it was the Tag I wouldn't mind just switching out the movement (somewhere in this forum is the thread from where I got the Tag re-lumed new bracelet etc etc turned a beast into a beauty!) but if I could keep the movement in this Heuer I would prefer it, they only made this one between 1984 and 1986 so I feel it is rare (not that rare but rare enough in my eyes!) I like the idea of keeping the movement should I move it on, I will whip off the back tonight and see what it says. I cant find simon2 when I search?
  4. no8yogi

    Heuer 1000 Professional 1985

    I know it might sound silly but it is the original movement and I know it doesn't have the same appeal as the mechanical versions there of but I would like to keep it as original as possible as it is a Heuer after all, are there people who would service the movement not just chuck it and replace?
  5. no8yogi

    Heuer 1000 Professional 1985

    Good afternoon All, With children and work I have somewhat neglected TWF for my sins, some of you may recall I craved a Heuer 1000 for some time, I love my Tag Heuer 1000 and a few years ago purchased its older slightly battered older brother, both of which have served me well since. I thought the Heuer was running out of battery so took it to get a new one fitted (there is a good shop right outside my work) but when I got there it was ticking again, now it seems that it will tick and keep perfect time when it is being jiggled about on my wrist but seems to get stuck/stop when its off my wrist, the man in the shop helpfully told me its old you won't get parts and its time to be binned! I obviously don't want to do this, can this watch be repaired? I am more familiar with mechanicals than I am quartz watches. I mean ticking versions of this watch still go for £600 on ebay so not likely to chuck away anytime soon! Any advice gladly received Cheers Yogi
  6. no8yogi

    Do you think......

    agree with Jonny it is watch specific, my old Garrards would look silly on a steel. Most divers I think look best on steel of some sort, I cant stand a NATO but they have their place in the world. That said my favourite watch is my Breitling diver and that is on an ostrich skin bracelet so go figure! Horses for courses it seems!
  7. no8yogi

    Friday 6Th Post-Apocalypse Thread!

    From Russia with love for this evening
  8. no8yogi

    Watch Photo Competition.

    Hmm I'll try some varied focal points to catch the eye (plus my nicest watch too)
  9. no8yogi

    Friday 6Th Post-Apocalypse Thread!

    I feel hummy too Yogi
  10. Arrived today straight on the wrist thank you to the seller for a most pleasant transaction (as always is on here!) Please note even in the sun still got a jumper on!
  11. no8yogi

    Wednesday Watches...

    Is that all original? Looks in fantastic nick!
  12. no8yogi

    New In Hmmmmmmmm

    Stop it not till 2016!! But yes that's them!
  13. no8yogi

    New In Hmmmmmmmm

    It is an electronic I have on my list!
  14. no8yogi

    Wednesday Watches...

    A bit of class for Wednesday! Please note also got a jumper on
  15. I handed my notice in on Friday! Heinz is no longer for me, good luck to them but it's all got too commercial and no fun, back into foodservice I go selling breaded cheese! Mozzarella stick anyone?

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