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  1. From Russia with love for this evening
  2. Hmm I'll try some varied focal points to catch the eye (plus my nicest watch too)
  3. I feel hummy too Yogi
  4. Arrived today straight on the wrist thank you to the seller for a most pleasant transaction (as always is on here!) Please note even in the sun still got a jumper on!
  5. Is that all original? Looks in fantastic nick!
  6. Stop it not till 2016!! But yes that's them!
  7. It is an electronic I have on my list!
  8. A bit of class for Wednesday! Please note also got a jumper on
  9. I handed my notice in on Friday! Heinz is no longer for me, good luck to them but it's all got too commercial and no fun, back into foodservice I go selling breaded cheese! Mozzarella stick anyone?
  10. I might add a Bulova to the collection and a witnauer but that will have to wait till 2016 unless I flip some as I have hit my (personally set) limit for the year!
  11. I love that, had my Breitling on today I love the detail on these! If you flip I'll be first in line
  12. I think the pendant tube O ring will be the weakest point on these Cones, even if it is replaced. I only consider Cones to be splash proof. Noted I will treat it as such
  13. Seeing as these are seamasters how water resistant would they be? Or would it be best to treat them like I do my older dress watches unless they have had a full service (gaskets etc)
  14. I agree with that, busy but not fussy if you see what I mean? WIH
  15. Pretty watch! I've stopped buying for 2015 unless something leaves so will just have to dribble over your purchases! Nigel I think you will soon have a really large and enviable collection!