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  1. Valjoux 7733 problem

    I have a manual valjoux 7733 chronograph from the 70s where the main seconds hand, operated by the chronograph, won't reset. The watch is running well and winds fine, but the bottom pusher wont reset - it doesn't engage, it feels like it's hitting / catching on something so wont reset. Any ideas?
  2. Sale Of The Watch Forum

    Great to hear
  3. Removing Lume?

    I'm sure Mach will answer this the best
  4. 2014 Sotc

    Some lovely pieces there, beautiful Zenith
  5. My Christmas Present.....

    That's quite cool. How much u pay?
  6. Ebay Bund Strap Quality

    I'm so sorry but I just despise bunds
  7. Stolen :(

    Jesus christ.
  8. Botta Design

    Such designers' watches
  9. Buying The Watch Forum

    What would it cost to buy the forum then?
  10. Remember Me ?

    We love you for this forum Roy, don't forget that
  11. New In

    Love those
  12. A Bit Of Nomos!


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