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  1. webby

    Stealth Wealth

    nice looking watch there :yes:
  2. webby

    Morning All

    Welcome Luke And enjoy :yes:
  3. webby

    Watch Repairs

    Thanks just what i have been looking for ,good luck with the venture ,this needs to be a stcky having holiday first 2 weeks in the sun lol cheers Dave
  4. webby

    Breaking News!

    yes they say a million quid ....my guess is less than that :ph34r: . :eek: .they just want to make some money out of the insurance company . :thumbsup: ...well we are in a recession :feck:
  5. webby

    To Restore, Or Not To Restore

    get it restored ...then keep it :thumbup:
  6. haven't heard that song for many years, still made me laugh :lol: thanks :thumbup:
  7. webby

    Seiko Yellow Face (Dial)

    I wish i had the money :swoon:
  8. webby


    welcome and enjoy :yes:
  9. webby

    Hank Wangford

    you sure it aint Bert Weedon :lol:
  10. webby

    82 Jewel Watch

    my thoughts as well :tongue2: :wink_kiss: :blind: lol
  11. webby

    Mystrey Evilbay Buy

    love the gold and clear face ...nice looking watch
  12. webby

    New To The Forum

    welcome and enjoy the ride .......lots of knowledgeable people on here :D
  13. webby

    Mystrey Evilbay Buy

    nice watch :yes:
  14. webby

    Conditioning An Old Leather Band

    so that is why my wife has a permanent tan :yes:

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