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  1. Stealth Wealth

    nice looking watch there :yes:
  2. Morning All

    Welcome Luke And enjoy :yes:
  3. Watch Repairs

    Thanks just what i have been looking for ,good luck with the venture ,this needs to be a stcky having holiday first 2 weeks in the sun lol cheers Dave
  4. Breaking News!

    yes they say a million quid ....my guess is less than that :ph34r: . :eek: .they just want to make some money out of the insurance company . :thumbsup: ...well we are in a recession :feck:
  5. To Restore, Or Not To Restore

    get it restored ...then keep it :thumbup:
  6. haven't heard that song for many years, still made me laugh :lol: thanks :thumbup:
  7. Seiko Yellow Face (Dial)

    I wish i had the money :swoon:
  8. Hello

    welcome and enjoy :yes:
  9. Hank Wangford

    you sure it aint Bert Weedon :lol:
  10. 82 Jewel Watch

    my thoughts as well :tongue2: :wink_kiss: :blind: lol
  11. Mystrey Evilbay Buy

    love the gold and clear face ...nice looking watch
  12. New To The Forum

    welcome and enjoy the ride .......lots of knowledgeable people on here :D
  13. Mystrey Evilbay Buy

    nice watch :yes:
  14. Conditioning An Old Leather Band

    so that is why my wife has a permanent tan :yes:

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