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  1. Hi, As part of my tinkerers apprenticeship I'm now trying to repair a Seiko 5 Actus model 6106-5440. It's an unusual (for me) rectangular watch.It has a problem with the winding stem & also will run ok for a while then just stops. So far I have removed the rectangular bezel/ case top which is complete with the crystal & lugs etc. I can't remove the movement because the dial is covering the crown stem release screw or lever. I'd prefer not to remove the hands & dial to get at the crown release screw but can't see an alternative. Any advice / suggestions would be much appreciated. p.s. Since starting as a tinkerer on a pocket watch which I pulled to pieces & reasembled a couple of times I've recently tackled a couple of watches & only destroyed one (so far !) Cheers, Rovert.
  2. rovert

    Hello Watch Aficionados

    Hello & welcome ! Rovert.
  3. rovert

    Movement Transplant For Seiko Diver 7002

    Thanks wook. I'm keeping an eye out for a 7002 & looking forward to he job. Thanks Rovert.
  4. Hi, Not sure if this item should be here or in Tinkerers Corner. I have a 7002-7001 Diver (March '91) & the movement is kaput. I've looked for a donor watch / movement but the ones that are available are too expensive. So now looking at what other movements will fit. The 7S26 & similar won't fit . Does anyone know what would be a straight fit i.e. mounting ring , stem position ,dial feet etc .etc. I think that the 7009 (from Seiko 5) may fit & the existing dial would cover the day indicator ??? Your comments / advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rovert.
  5. rovert

    Movement Transplant For Seiko Diver 7002

    Thanks for your help Wook, much appreciated. I'll start looking for 7009. As a matter of interest I wonder if there is another movement that is a straight fit (that isn't from a diver.) Rovert.
  6. rovert

    Hi I Am New Here

    Welcome Joe, There is a wealth of good info & advice on this site. Cheers, Rovert.
  7. rovert

    Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso

    I bought one new in the late nineties. Single sided stainless steel with bracelet & manual movement. Beautiful watch ! Size was Ok on my smallish wrist too. Didn't wear it all that regularly as it really was a dress watch. I sold it about 5 years ago to fund another purchase & regret it ! Wish I still had it ! Rovert.
  8. rovert

    A Nos Arrival For Me - Tissot Seastar

    Very nice looking watch & the mesh bracelet really suits it. Cheers Rovert.
  9. rovert

    How Are New Watches Packaged

    I agree. Definitely sounds like a display model & you did right in refusing it if it shows signs of being previously worn.
  10. rovert

    Seiko 66 Questions

    Had another look at the watch today. Movement was being held in by a very deteriorated case back seal. Movement & crystal now out & case cleaned. Would still appreciate any advice /tips on stiff winding mechanism. Cheers, Rovert.
  11. My next project is the repair & refurbishing of a nice Seiko 66-8050 from 1963. The crystal needs replacement , the manual movement needs cleaning & the stiff winding mechanism rectified. This is a gold filled unit with white face. First : How do I remove the movement ? I have removed the movement holding screws but the movement won't come out. Does it come out of the front ? How do I remove the crystal ? do I need a crystal lifter ? The crystal has quite high shoulders & there is a gold coloured metal retaining or compression ring between the glass & dial. I have downloaded the info available but this only consists of a parts list.... no case or movement assembly details are available. Cousins have the crystal but only with a silver ring. Crystals with gold rings are available on the Bay but are significantly more expensive. Can I reuse the existing ring ? Any tips on freeing up the stiff winding mechanism / mainspring drum would be appreciated. My tinkering experience to date has mainly been on Seiko autos.... the only manuals have been a Waltham pocket watch & a Tissot visodate auto/manual: both of which had good winding systems. Cheers Rovert.
  12. Ian, Hi & a belated welcome. Sounds like you have a nice start to your collection. I joined the forum mid last year & have had a great deal of help & advice since . Theres also a lot of useful info in the old posts if you have time to browse. Rovert,
  13. rovert

    Spit On Those Dials, Makes Them Like New!

    Recently our local watch guy in Sydney posted on his site how he cleaned up an old Omega dial. He used distilled water & a small paint brush. Came up a treat. I tried it on an old Tissot dial ..... no luck .... but no damage either.
  14. rovert

    Sunday Oldies (Pre-1980)

    The old Seamaster looks great - lovely condition.
  15. Thomasr you were spot on. Thanks for your advice. It's working ok now.
  16. Hi, Today I got back for repair today a small Omega Seamaster Quartz which I had given as a present in the late eighties. The caseback is marked with the number 1430 & the movement has the number 1430 on the metal bridge , 6 jewels. The IC has the number M701 8149. I removed the old battery , doesn't appear to have leaked & no corrosion evident on the terminals or elsewhere. I installed a new battery but it won't work. The only sign of life is the second hand is pulsing a little every second but won't move. I have very little experience with quartz movements as my tinkering apprenticeship has been limited to manual & auto mechanicals. This watch has been sitting in a drawer for over 10 years......................................... Any help advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers, Trevor.
  17. rovert

    It's Friday!

    Love the look of that Aristo ! Will have to save up a bit or flog one of the collection .
  18. Hi William, Thanks for info. Rovert.
  19. Hi, Whilst waiting for bits for a couple of Seiko autos I am attempting to restore a 5T52 Quartz World Timer I've had for many years. I would appreciate some help / advice. 1/ On the inside of the case back there is the usual label re shorting AC to the battery +. Underneath this there is a larger thin plastic or ceramic disc which is cracked & falling to bits. The parts list shows this as part No 4589 801 "Piezoelectric Element". What does this do ? & where can I get one ? ( I thought it was only an insulator between the battery & the case back) . 2/ On the 3 pushers there are tiny button spring retaining circlips. Ping ! one is lost forever & the other 2 are now broken ! Any suggestions on where I can get say 6 (as I'm sure to lose a couple trying to refit them) The case has been polished & replated, new crystal from Cousins & new band. Will post pictures when completed. Cheers.
  20. Hi Roger & thanks, Will contact Cousins tomorrow .... I got the crystal from them & it fits & looks great. Thought a bit more about the ceramic disc & think it could be the alarm module ? Rovert.
  21. rovert

    Another Noob

    Hello & welcome, There's quite a lot of watches out there to choose from on your budget . I suggest that you try the watch on your wrist before you buy ..... You really can't go too far wrong with Seiko or Citizen. I also suggest having a look at our sponsor RLT product if you don't mind a manual wind chrono. (RLT73) . Roy may also be able to help with a suitable metal bracelet if you prefer. Cheers,
  22. rovert

    My First Rlt!

    Roy certainly puts out some great looking watches. That one looks great with the blue dial.
  23. Very nice looking movement & the dial looks like it may clean up ok.... if your that way inclined.
  24. rovert

    Citizen Navihawk

    Very nice ! It looks really great. Another one to add to my wish list. Cheers, Trevor.

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