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  1. dicknixon

    As 1802/03 Mainspring

    Thanks' very much Marc, I'm just new at this, and it's great to get some help from people with a bit of experience. Cheers, Dick
  2. dicknixon

    As 1802/03 Mainspring

    Hi there, I've been looking on the net for a new mainspring for an AS 1802/02 movement. I can't find a specific replacement and was wondering if it would likely be a generic type? The next problem is, how do I determine what size mainspring I need? I've had the old one out a couple of times, and it's almost straight at the end that contacts the wall of the barrel. The watch only runs for about 8 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dick.
  3. Hi all, I've got a Seiko SQ 8122 8000 that has a manky corroded movement which I'd like to replace. I know the watch is not valuable, or even of sentimental value to me. I jus thought it would be interesting to try. I've found a suitable replacement movement, but I can't work out how to get the old one out. It seems as if the crystal and bezel are bonded to the plastic movement holder, and then inserted into the front of the watch case. Before I get the new movement, or trash the watch trying to get it apart, does anyone know if these watches were designed to be "disposable" if the movement stopped working? Has anyone had one of these to bits before? Maybe I should have cleaned it up a bit more before taking the photos..... Cheers
  4. dicknixon

    Acrylic Polish Pictorial

    I've done this now on four watches I've been renovating, and the results are great. I don't know if anyone else has found that the Wet and Dry paper is best used wet? In a former life I was a model maker, and we always used it wet, that way it doesn't clog up with dust. You can wet it with water, but a bit of spit on the end of your finger and onto the crystal works really well. The spit acts a bit of s lubricant. Yeeuucchhh! I know! Just remember to use a different finger each time you refresh the lubricant. Cheers
  5. dicknixon

    New And Slightly Irritated

    DeeDubya, Yes, my nickname in school was Tricky. Some friends still call me that, but as we're all approaching 50 we seem to be ditching nicknames and trying to "act our age" these days.... I still feel young, but I wouldn't want to 20 again.
  6. Hello, Can anyone give me a rough idea of how long a Timex 24 movement should run one one full winding? I've just serviced one and it's going for about 28 hours before stopping. Is that about right. Thanks everyone.
  7. dicknixon

    New And Slightly Irritated

    Thanks Jason, that trick works but it would Venice to have it explained somewhere. Anyway I'm slightly embarrassed by my search example. The reason I was looking for that is that I've got one with a corroded movement which I was going to change. However I can't see how to remove the old movement. Does anyone know if thes watches were glued together and designed to be "throw away" if they stopped working?
  8. dicknixon

    New And Slightly Irritated

    Hello all. Seems like a good forum. I've learned a lot so far. My irritation stems from the fact that the Search won't let me look for things like "Seiko SQ" because of the four letter rule. Is their any way around this? And what's the point of it? Cheers.
  9. dicknixon

    Tension Ring Or Just Bright Trim?

    Got a reply from another forum. Cheers
  10. dicknixon

    Best Glue To Re Fix Hour Marker

    Thanks for your advice everyone. After a bit of research I found that the watch was a fake! The eBay seller has refunded me. He seemed very genuine when I challenged him about it. He wasn't a dealer so I don't think he was out to scam anyone. The lesson I've learned is to do a bit of research before bidding. I think I was lucky this time.
  11. Hi there, I just bought a Citizen 7 Automatic, the one that looks a bit like a Seiko 5. Unfortunately I believe there's a bright chrome ring missing from inside the crystal. From looking at pictures of other watches this should cover the edge of the dial and reflect the hour markers. Anyway, I was wondering if this ring is a Tension Ring to keep the crystal in, or just a piece of bright trim? Also, short getting one from another watch, are these available elsewhere? Many thanks in advance.
  12. dicknixon

    Best Glue To Re Fix Hour Marker

    OK, so is the Hypo Cement the best glue for the job?
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the site, and new to collecting and fixing watches. I've just got a Citizen 7 Automatic Dive watch, and unfortunately the six o'clock marker has come off and is loose under the crystal. I was wondering if anyone could recommend the best glue to re fix this. After looking on the net all afternoon nothing has come up. I have some G S Hypo Cement, would that be the correct stuff rather than the dreaded superglue? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Apologies for what to some of you might seem a really basic question. Dick.

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