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  1. mrzee

    Saturday Watch Parade 23.06.18

    This today
  2. mrzee

    Friday's here again...

    Just this today
  3. @Laughing gravy well, I would HIGHLY recommend Dan as a watch builder and I love my 1016 diver. The biggest issue for me is that I simply don't wear it enough. The level of customisation, help and guidance through the whole project (especially for me as a noob) was outstanding. @JonnyOldBoy cheers Jonny. I have tried on several Conquests including the VHP and HydroConquest so I know I love them. I had never seen the AirRace until this morning and it certainly caught my eye. Nice display back, sandwich dial and it just looks well, ace. I will have to see if my 'local' jewellers has any in stock. Also the Hamilton date window looks "forced due to the stock movement used" [ not my words , the words of the AD I was talking to ] , which I sort of get , but its not a deal breaker. I hadn't noticed but now that you've said it, I see what you mean.
  4. I have been in love with the Longines Conquest for as long as I've been active on this forum and it was a SERIOUS contender before setting on the D Hodge diver I got in Feb. It is back on my radar currently if the Omega PO doesn't pan out as I still love the watch but today I came accros this: The Hamilton Khaki Air Race. Well, let's just say I think it is a stunner. So, what do you think? Would you buy a conquest or the air race? Do you own a Hamilton Khaki? Are they any good? I know the Khaki field is incredibly popular. Cheers all.
  5. mrzee

    Not sure I understand

    @Daveyboyz Actually, I have found the exact sale thing. I have recently been looking at Seiko Pressage, Cocktail Time and Orient Bambinos. Prices differ wildly depending on colour. I can only assume this is because the more popular colours can demand a higher price. Shame because most of the ones I like are in the higher bracket. I would imagine this is the same for lots of watch brands since it makes sense to charge more for products you know are in demand.
  6. Dunno where GQ get their pictures but I would assume they come from a PR agency or similar. They often have ‘street shots’ of the fashionista
  7. mrzee

    New arrival

    I think it looks ace! I’d have one for sure!
  8. mrzee

    Omega Planet Ocean Opinions

    @smithswatches I'll certainly bear it in mind. Thanks.
  9. mrzee

    Omega Planet Ocean Opinions

    @BondandBigM Cheers, that's the plan! To be honest, I don't think I'll ever be in the favourable mates rates position again (unless he gets bored quickly of the next purchase) so I really hope it looks and feels great.
  10. What a splendid watch & what a great wife you must have. Bravo!
  11. mrzee

    Wednesday Watches

    Well I hope you have a great day! Are you retiring?
  12. mrzee

    New arrival - and it took me 45 years to save up for it

    Congratulations! A fine watch indeed. Beautiful.
  13. Wow, my first Watch of the day post: Happy hump day
  14. mrzee

    First post... First Rolex

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your mother. While I’m usually in the cheap seats, there are plenty of knowledgeable folk on here that will be along to help. I believe that buying a watch as an investment is a tricky thing but if I were in the market for a Rolex I reckon the vintage would be my pick.

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