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  1. Time for change

    and the horribe lugs , and that crown , and the date window , the straps choice and yeah that PRICE
  2. best all rounder / tool watch ever and not a bank breaker neither is it not
  3. Recommend me

    this i bought used and was supplied with the incorrect bracelet with poor end links but it works well on leather or nato ... i have added the bars and replaced the resin strap with the composite bracelet , best tool watch ever !!! and yes i use most of its functionality anyways ... what thay said i tend to alternate between these two for work
  4. didn't keep the tag on for long yesterday but being a lazy sod I went on with the Seiko auto as it was set and running... pfft !
  5. Today I am mostly wearing......

    got this on my other wrist now all RWP's fault could this be early onset machitus ?
  6. on a strap from Pav of this parish ok, so i had to set it to take a picture , then i had to wear it on t'other wrist as i had set it
  7. include the seiko and i'll throw in a proper guess
  8. she is clearly exactly the right height and the watch movement could best be described as working
  9. Guinness playing cards

    pm me you address and i'll get the cards in the post this week mate
  10. Guinness playing cards

    Giveaway Winners Hussle Gallery Member Points 1 Content count 320 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  11. Ups and Downs on TWF w/e 13-8-17