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  1. Help me decide!

    of those two the marine master by a country mile
  2. any thoughts on getting back to compatability with tapatalk ... or perhaps you could put together an RLT app ? the android based browser experience on my phone is
  3. I Can Source Any Watch You Want

    oh i dunno, if you can source a jlc reverso duoface ss large day/night at 98% discount i reckon you might be forgiven
  4. Tuesday quartz

    Following my earlier post I noticed this one still running, although it gains a few secs a day more when not on the wrist. So back on for a few hours to wind. Office day tomorrow so might wear it again then...unless of course tommoz is an auto day, in which case I will bring a quartz and swap just to confuse things [emoji14] Des
  5. Tuesday quartz

    not actually worn a watch since sunday except running and rowing - the cull could come sooner rather than later
  6. sapphire that looks like mineral......

    That same crystal pulling method is used in the semiconductor industry to produce huge silicon single crystal ingots from which wafers are cut which ultimately become the silicon chips in all our modern technomancy. Des
  7. easy for me - have always maintained i am not a collector. currently 7 down from more than double that - all seven equate to about a months mortgage so nothing too fancy really. current thought is to go to about 5 but that would be selling 4 current and buying 2 but moving up in price a bit - no hurry but in the next year or so. thats just me , i dont understand the need for multiples or safe queens or not wearing a watch. lucky really, got better ways of spending my money
  8. This for a few hours just to keep it wound then back to the tag... Toasty [emoji41] Des
  9. A few straps - opinions welcome :)

    bracelet - scratch the bloody thing thats what its for.
  10. Arise, Sir Billy...

    BIGYIN !
  11. Friday Watches

    HAGWE Des
  12. Thursday 15th June automatics

    oh go on then ... Bonks thought the Seiko ok but ... ... was more interested in the remnants of cheddar and branston just off shot.
  13. Thursday 15th June automatics

    what in the name of god is wrong with you people ? do you have spies checking what i have on my wrist and then choose the opposite for the WAYW thread this so far today for sleep and training (rowing and weights - not much still getting back into it and struggling for motivation to be honest ) might swap back to the seiko auto later for a while to keep it wound - but wont post a pick just cos