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  1. with the exception of the case, hands, that bloody hideous strap and the crown - i really like it don't like the bracelet either
  2. i wouldn't say prettier but less busy certainly ... that said some chronos are way way too busy
  3. Prefer Zulu or HEAVY nylon to regular nato straps. Also get the Zulu the right length and no cutting/folding required. That one looks pretty good though. Des.
  4. yes & yes. you can tell that i spend hours setting up shots and thousands on high end photographic technomancey sometimes i even move from my chair use tapatalk to quickly pop in q&d shots, sometimes i remember to wipe the finger prints from the watch sometimes from the mobile lens (not often both though)
  5. [emoji48] Des.
  6. long storey short, now wearing both i have this thing about fridays - if i get home early and change i will get called out again, hence must also leave work watch on (solar) but want to wear the auto this weekend and as i set it earlier i am wearing it to wind it .......and 30 minutes of techno babble of another phone call later i can finally get back and press the submit reply button ... bloody fridays .. bloody customers ..... and relax ......
  7. Phone going already... Still working from home for now wearing the other Seiko. The solar now at the window having breakfast until i actually have to step outside. Des.
  8. Tucked up in bed until the phone rings ... Seiko lume [emoji41] Des.
  9. please stop pm'ing me, thats two of mine you've had now. only got seven left - bugger off ! ...
  10. theoretically
  11. yes , but thankfully no grail and the mortgage and annual holiday will always take financial precedence over horological expenditure, nah-aah-mean-liiike ? one is down with the kids don't you know
  12. i agree with everything everone has said so far - my opinion will have changed by next week anyway but generally - yes
  13. the new (to me - on its continuing tour of south wales ) work beater ... one in one out the same week - more watch actin than i have had in months