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  1. Rotundus

    Best tool watch under 2k

    and on that basis , I give you the best tool watch ever ... all else is vanity
  2. Rotundus

    Watches....show and tell.

    nope its a watch you wear it , yay ! its not as if anyone has to scale mountains and tackle raging torrents to get a watch - you bang your card number in and someone delivers it - ta da
  3. had the same run around in a car dealership last weekend - was asking for very specific info on two very specific deals. the problem being one would make the dealership much more money than the other. surprisingly I could only get most of the info I wanted on one and none at all on the other AND was told that the deal would get worse if I waited - yeah right BYEEEEEEEEEE !
  4. Rotundus

    Choose a single Seiko

    best feature legibility - nobody asks me the time anymore as you can read this from across the room … and I can read it arms length without specs on - looks good on zulu and bracelet too ...
  5. Rotundus

    Where do you rate yourself?

    1. and luckily 8. hence the 1. though thinking about it partially a 2. but luckily found a tag I like and cant really be arsed much with any other swiss stuff. and I might have been a 5 there for a while , but it got old very fast … certainly no 7 thought about 3 but saw sense , deffo not a 4 can be a 6 from time to time , starting to feel like a 9 the more I type... with my low boredom threshold unlikely to be a 10 until nearing 11
  6. Rotundus

    Friday WRUW

  7. Rotundus

    Sell or not Sell.

    I don't even consider myself a collector ; based on the fact I have a number of multiples of various items which I also don't consider myself to be a collector of …
  8. Rotundus

    Another 'What would you buy?' thread

    buy the JLC and a calendar - what is that people find so difficult about remembering the date ?
  9. Rotundus


    millennium hand an' shrimp +1 to the magnet (wood floors) btw
  10. Rotundus

    Sell or not Sell.

  11. Rotundus

    Thursday timepieces.

    thats me until 06:45 Monday
  12. Rotundus

    What does this mean?

    picture ?
  13. Rotundus

    Short question, date change.

    I win … or not … cannot seem to add a video clip from flickr as before - it becomes a still of the first frame
  14. Rotundus

    7s26 ?


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