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  1. Snap, theoretically speaking :-) Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  2. Not sure what I have done so far today, but it has taken all day to do it. This evening looks like being more productive though as it's a pub/curry/quiz night with some of the neighbours... [emoji48] Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk oh bugger - this is the old friday thread - damn this sobriety ! anyway can't be arsed re posting so .........
  3. Quiet day so far ... Both Seiko now on NATO as it's that time of year... Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  4. ... but which do you suppose is awesome - DP or the prize draw ? ... perhaps a bit of both ... 48 please, your shared awesomeness
  5. Still this ... Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  6. I've been to the forum in Rome - its a bit run down now, but apparently it was pretty nice a couple of millennia ago.
  7. leave both of mine on the window cill for the wekend to gasp for light, never had an issue - but then I live in Wales
  8. Never quite understood the fascination with case backs. Perhaps a sapphire on a pretty chronograph movement but that's about it. Des.
  9. all of the above
  10. not bothered about the pvd , and would put it on a zulu anyway - so would go for this one i think - not a huge fan of the indiglo so accidental moving the gmt hand might not be such big deal. thanks
  11. How good is the contrast between the hands and dial ? Generally what's the build quality like ? Is it a 20 mm lug width ? Amazon prime have these for 60'odd quid, seems like a good price to me :-) Des.
  12. Des.
  13. Hurrah ! Des.
  14. not going to do a cat pic today as our two look like stunt doubles for the pair we have seen already. anyhooo, an early start for some routine fettling in the marches and a quick jaubt back down the M5/4 and home for some paperwork and a seat in the sun wearing this until the weekend ...