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  1. oooo i like that (dammit a dive watch - i must be slipping) whats the model number and lug width please ?
  2. this is the only dive watch i want other than the date window its perfect
  3. still this except when fettling then its the 5610 as usual ...
  4. to err is human , but you need a microprocessor to really feck things up have spent a chunk of this afternoon bringing an old pentium laptop back to life - slow but with windows 7 with old office on board. updates (ya right) and antivirus installed its not quick but its fine for sitting on the end of my desk as a web browser ... old works laptop about to be replaced with another cheap crap and actually worse specked laptop - but todays salvaged machine means once i have got the new works lappy the way i want it i will hardly ever switch it on unless out on site or doing end of month paperwork. to be honest i am no longer a power user - if i really wanted to i could most of my work documentation from my phone - but hey thats another storey ...
  5. this is the one for the 540D & 541D models - dont think i am stepping on Roy's toes here as i don't think he stocks casio parts anyway - take your endy bit off and see if it looks the same - might be ok might not they have complete bracelets too - contact them directly if in doubt...
  6. 2824-2 in a couple and no over night issues - have you tried winding the watch when you set it to give the watch something to chew on from the start, rather than relying on kinetic action to wind the watch from empty after setting ???
  7. unfortunately they don't ship internationally - but i see tiktox have them back in stock again (ok i hadn't looked in ages) so i'll go that way instead...
  8. yup i used wear a 5600 on a 20mm zulu with adaptors - pretty good. i have a very flat 7 1/2 wrist though and i would not recommend adaptors for anyone with very big flat wrists. they make the watch sit slightly high. slim or medium wrists will not have this issue though. as ever i highly highly recommend the bracelet - like what i have got
  9. Where can I get the bull bars for my 5610 ????????? Des.
  10. not sure bout the colour of that, are you drinking enough water ?
  11. arrived this morning - well done that man
  12. all dive watches starting to look the same, chrono's too busy. got a sports watch and a work one and a weekday and a weekend and a pocket watch and a family one and a dress one - can see anything i want at the moment that doesn't duplicate what i have - may have to sell a couple to get the juices going again ...
  13. i sleep on the upper surface of the bed on the correct side. cistern activation still at less than 10% unless supporting the local or not so local brewers and distillers