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  1. what wasn't it ?
  2. nice that
  3. not for me but not a dive watch so
  4. specifics about timekeeping do it for me - so many ads are so general , i always assume if the seller isn't specific then the timekeeping is way out ...
  5. a what now ?
  6. there is your problem right there mate
  7. other than the cut digits it is quite nice
  8. ok, found a use for the strap and cushion - box now bulky, empty and in the recycling bin here end'th this thread ...
  9. first thing to do is find a new pub !
  10. i just have the one exotic fountain pen - oddly i use it for writing ...
  11. i think i meant that its not a tool watch which many divers would choose to use - to be really honest i think i am just a bit anti acquaracer as i prefer the discontinued 2000 range and it just does not compare in my eyes to the acquagraph. but then i am no diver either so on a purely aesthetic level i would go seiko omega tag and of course i'd change the blue for black - the omega has the better bracelet but i dont like the hands ( if i could get on with the hands i'd have a black SMCc already and have sold what little else i have). so in the end its seiko for me although again i really liked my old black sammy ti ... i digress ... do divers wear expensive watches these days anyway ? need omega to bring back the sword hands
  12. normally a tag heuer fan i think that the acquaracer watches fall short of the mark - the 2000's i like but if it aint an aquagraph it isn't a dive watch. so seiko on a budget - sensible tool watch ... omega - yeah ok overpriced but its the right stuff - the acquaracer just falls between the stools. for once the crowd are right
  13. Just been down the garden center for this year's chicken poo. Half term next week, the garden will keep the 710 out if trouble for a few days ... Des.