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  1. Oxcitizen

    Heads up - Grovana

    That would have been me then. Thought I'd give one a go. Worst case I can move it on.
  2. This link is no good. It starts with https and your drop box images are password protected I believe. You need direct image links that are accessible on the Internet publicly not protected in any way. At least I think that's what it is. I think the part of the link 'dropboxusercontent' is supposed to get round that. I looked back at some post I made in the past, which worked and they followed the same link structure. Will have to do some more searching on Web. Thanks
  3. Does anyone use Dropbox to upload pictures. I have used it in the past but can't seem to get it to work now, see the above post. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  4. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/jg0igmobhyrsaht/Seiko 6139.jpg?dl=0
  5. Oxcitizen

    seiko 6139 club

    Posting image failed! Mods please delete post. Thanks
  6. Oxcitizen

    Breitling Vs Zenith

    Zenith all the way (imo)
  7. Oxcitizen

    New Seiko

    They're not dates. They're nuts. First thing I thought when reading. Second thing, what a good looking watch.
  8. Oxcitizen

    1 Year 8 Mths Later...

    In March 2013 not long after joining the forum I posted up my collection, I thought today would be a good a time as any for an updated. Collection as it stood then. These are all still here (not good at letting them go) plus these... 5 of the 9 some may recognise, having been previous owners.
  9. Oxcitizen

    Saturday 01.11.2014

    This one today....
  10. Oxcitizen

    Tissot Visodate

    Have you look at Creation Watches? They have some from just over £300.
  11. Oxcitizen

    Grail Watch

    I don't have 'grail' watch but more a range of watches, the Zenith El Primero, I will hopefully one day choose from. Until then I do have a wish list, one of which was spotted and snapped up today from this very forum, the RLT 73. I suppose these watches will fall out of favour, not because I've gone off that particular watch but because I want to wear another be it for a day or 2 weeks. Same problem all watch collectors face, which one to wear....? None will be sold though! As for what happens if/when the 'grail' is achieved I don't know, I'd like to think I will be able to find some wrist time for the rest of um.
  12. Bought two divers so far this year, both off this forum. The latest, a Divex will be used for open water swimming, not quite diving but I needed something tough and waterproof. The other an older Citizen auto will not be getting wet.
  13. Oxcitizen

    Obris Morgan Explorer

    Just pre-ordered one will post some pictures when it arrives.
  14. Oxcitizen

    Now I Know I Have A Problem.

    Lovely pair by the way
  15. Oxcitizen

    Now I Know I Have A Problem.

    If you do decide to let one go PM me straight away, am on the hunt for one. Cheers

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