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  1. Cutting back on the number of watches?

    I currently feel like I have too many, but pinpointing the ones to go is proving difficult. And yet identifying new recruits is surprisingly easy! The only way is up...
  2. window shopping patek

    A Patek dealer in Blackpool? Who'd have thought it!
  3. Vacheron Constantin. Real or counterfait

    The cooks have spoken!
  4. Hi, I've just received a watch off eBay with a scratched mineral crystal. Annoying as I specifically asked the seller if there were any marks to the crystal and he said no. In case he offers me a discount, what is the typical price to have the crystal replaced, including labour of course? It's a domed one about 32mm across. Any suggestions on where to go/send? Many thanks!
  5. Another addition

    Tres bien, mon ami!
  6. Micro brand watches suggestions

    Halios and Raven are both great but maybe a little above the £350 budget.

    Interesting warnings, especially as these ads often garner a lot of interest/sympathy and the sale price far exceeds the market value... seems to be a great way to boost the price even if the goods exist/are genuine.
  8. Great watches - did you have a moonwatch previously then?
  9. Ooh that Longines is nice, @greasemonk
  10. That's what I like - a good strong opinion! Thank you!
  11. I tried a 34mm Longines on earlier this week and was surprised at how good it looked and so comfortable on the wrist.
  12. Let's say a 7.25 inch wrist. T'internet suggests 38mm is best but I wonder if there is a case for smaller?
  13. Your opinions please - nowadays they can be found in many sizes even up to 44mm, but what size do you think is right for an average sized wrist? Does a gold dress watch permit a smaller size?
  14. New Arrival

    Nice Einzieger!
  15. Longines Legend - they come in a suitcase?

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