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  1. Nice little lot, especially the Nomos and Longines.
  2. Not a bad looking Armani to be fair. The Stauer is very different to the norm but does look a bit cheap.
  3. Lovely Roamer and the Citizen is not bad either.
  4. Little bit girly.
  5. Don't mind a 42mm myself! And I've still got a few 45mm ones.
  6. I must admit there was a time when I wouldn't touch anything under 42mm and 44-45mm was my range but nowadays I am finding most joy in 40-41mm watches. Anything below 39mm still looks and feels a little bit dinky though, which is a shame as I otherwise love the look of watches such as the 37mm Seagull 1963 or the 37mm new Rado Captain Cook.
  7. Great quality watches. I've had both Buccaneers, a titanium Gauge, a titanium Shark and still have the Blackbeard!
  8. Happy Birthday Sir!
  9. This is legendary self-control!
  10. OMG they stole your IP!
  11. I think you'll find that the first watch is a very rare piece indeed, often sought after by collectors. Wear it well!
  12. Preying on the ill-informed...
  13. I'm always pretty sure before I take the plunge but I'm currently up into the forties. Oops. They're not all my favourite but I would really struggle to whittle them down to even say twenty.
  14. Oops! Recover well sir.
  15. Reasonable lume or good lume? Make up your mind