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  1. Rado Captain Cook.

    Mine is the 37mm and is certainly a different look on my 7.2 inch wrist but it's just so cool that I'm happy to compromise a little on the size.
  2. Rado Captain Cook.

    Mine says hello! And yes, the anchor rotates, but slowly.
  3. New arrival!

    I love the vintage look of the Oris Sixty Five but it took me a while to decide on which dial colour to go for - blue, green or silver, ignoring the black "Movember" edition. All three are awesome but I decided that the green perhaps wouldn't be suitable to wear as often as the silver or blue. And I have a few silver-dialled watches, so I opted for the blue, which is dark enough to go with everything. I bought it on the rubber strap, rather than the aged leather (which looks great) or metal bracelet. I found the Oris rubber a little hard so switched straps a couple of times and it has ended up on this black Isofrane, which is really comfortable and I think suits the aesthetic of the watch. What d'ya think?
  4. Longines Lindbergh

    Hmmm I love a bit of Longines and a bit of vintage but that one is just a tad over the top for me I think. Lovely though.
  5. I used to only wear Breitlings but then David Beckham switched to Tudor so I've had to sell them all and buy some Tudor. It's a real pain. I hope he doesn't switch again anytime soon.
  6. Panerai luminor gmt 00063

    Tom Cruise? Is it a small watch?
  7. Seiko SPB053J1 arrived today!

    Ooh proper nice!
  8. Romanian Watches 1978-2018: A Singular History

    Sounds like a Mastermind chosen specialist subject! Good write-up.
  9. The Postman

  10. Longines Flagship Heritage , 38.5mm

    Beautiful dress watch. Make it so, No.1!
  11. Both ankle Sunday

    Missed your meds again?
  12. The only Kickstarter watch I signed up for was cancelled due to lack of interest, even though the order goal was reached. I think there have been some gems, but very few and far between. The best deals have probably been from existing companies, e.g. Ventus and Zelos, who some might argue shouldn't be allowed on Kickstarter - doesn't bother me though.
  13. There are nice people about

    I think they've had quite a few problems with Chinese copies, which are often available on the Bay, sometimes being sold from the UK and so looking more legit. Beware!

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