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  1. Mondaine watches

    My mate picked the 37mm one for his 40th birthday gift and when he put it on we all laughed. He sent it back for the larger version.
  2. Box and Papers

    Box and papers yes, but swing tag?!
  3. Timex Goes Back to Basics: The Marlin

    Great review thanks rhaythorne
  4. Red Barron has arrived

    Really beautiful watch. Shame it's the size of a dinner plate though. Would be perfect as a 38 or even 40mm. Sorry, my tastes have downsized.
  5. medical question

    Rubber straps can help as they have a bit of give in them. Recently I have bought a holemaking tool and have been in-between holes to my leather straps to make them more adjustable.
  6. Saved me a trip out tomorrow ?

    You're very welcome!
  7. New arrival!

    Thanks gents. They're £1,430 in the UK to those who've asked!
  8. New arrival!

    Thanks. My wrist is 7.25 inches so about average I think.
  9. New arrival!

    Cheers gents, yes it's an auto with rotating anchor and comes on that leather strap. UK list price is £1,430.
  10. New arrival!

    I loved the look of this watch when it was released at Baselworld 2017 but at 37mm I thought it was just too small. However, my tastes have changed recently to smaller, perhaps more elegant, watches and so I took the gamble that it would be OK. Although being from Goldsmiths I guess I could always have returned it if it wasn't. So here she is, the limited edition Rado Captain Cook:
  11. Timex Goes Back to Basics: The Marlin

    Looks great but although I now have a taste for slightly smaller watches, 34mm is just a tad too small for me.
  12. Saturday Night in the City

    Absolutely shocking. Best wishes and hope those responsible get all they deserve and then some.
  13. A change of strap

    Its amazing how a simple change of strap can often change a "must put up for sale" into a "keeper".
  14. Opiate Clock

    Nice clock! Looks very large though.

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