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  1. What are the panel's thoughts on this?

    I don't know about that one but earlier this year I saw a load of Davidoff watches on a US website for a fraction of "original price". I don't think that anyone pays full price.
  2. A kind of blue…

    Nice, a tiny touch of the Tudor Pelagos blue to it in my eyes.
  3. AXIOM watches

    43 viewers so far and not one with an opinion of any kind
  4. Gnomon sold 130 out of the 300 available in the first 24 hours so pays not to hang about! The first editions of 150 vintage and 150 modern in black sold out pretty quickly too.
  5. I've ordered the blue one so will feedback how it is. But $499 for a Swiss movement can't be bad, surely?
  6. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    Yes that's the one thanks Wrench. I will have to ditch Photobucket and follow the instructions on how to upload and post on TWF! I hate change.
  7. Have a look at these. Anyone like the look of the "Lemonburst" or only me?!
  8. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

    Oh bugger, the photos showed up fine on my screen! Another try:
  9. That does look very nice, great name "BLU1"
  10. So as a big fan of bronze watches I loved the Baselworld 2016 releases of the Tudor Black Bay Bronze and the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Bronze. I set my heart on getting one but since both have bronze cases and brown dials I needed to choose between them. The Tudor is undoubtedly a fantastic watch but I do feel that the brown tones can look a little "washed out". Also, the Zodiac is based on a genuine historical model whereas the Tudor is not. The Zodiac is a limited edition of just 82 whereas the Tudor is unlimited. Oh, and the Tudor is almost double the price of the Zodiac. So the decision was made and here she is. 44mm across the bezel and 16mm high and sits on the wrist like a smooth pebble thanks to the lugless design. Tremendous visual depth to the dial which my pictures don't really show. Your thoughts please!
  11. Oris 1917 reissue.

    Yep agree, nice but crazy price.
  12. Davey P Winner

    Perhaps loosen that strap before your hand drops off?
  13. Just in.

    Nice bit of yellow!
  14. U-Boat 8000 Black Swan

    Classy, understated and elegant... what's not to love?