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  1. Friday 20th.

    New Orient Star GMT:)
  2. Good looking G-Shocks

    It's always worth browsing the Casio Outlet site "Although there may be defects in the product's external packaging, the product itself is in pristine condition, and will work exactly the same as a new Casio product. Even better, our B-Grade Products are covered by the same warranty as new Casio products." https://outlet.casio.co.uk/
  3. Bargain Watch??

    The only critisism I have of it, is that the line on the hands is utterly pathetic. But at £20 I might re-lume with some Blue Tritec Luminova I have
  4. Bargain Watch??

    The top dial does actually rotates once a second - so 8th's is about right right (not sure why they didn't mark it in 10ths though??)
  5. Bargain Watch??

    While reading through the latest Stuff magazine, there was an advert showing a Megir watch from www.gwcwatches.com for £59 with a 10% off offer. It looked like a nice cheap watch and then found it on Amazon for £19.99!!! I just had to buy it at this price and it's a very nice watch indeed https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01IVG9P3C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Wednesday quartz

    Bulova Accutron II - 98B220 today
  7. Watch Modding

    If I get time I can repost my Vostok service tutorial - see gallery photos ...
  8. Marathon watches

    I have a JSAR Built like a tank ! (bought from Windycitywatchcollector.com). I always thought they looked great and US and Canadian authorities can't be wrong
  9. Mid Week Best Buys

    This seems like a good price for a Casio Edifice??? I think you can still use the code 8val8 to get it for £69? https://www.hsjohnson.com/watches-c123/mens-watches-c116/edifice-ef-326d-1avuef-mens-edifice-p7582 Also this bulova dress watch for £61 with discount?? https://www.hsjohnson.com/watches-c123/mens-watches-c116/bulova-96a184-mens-dress-collection-p6579
  10. Vostok brass bezel.

    I wonder if it's worth coating the bezel with the stuff they use on brass clocks - ie a thin rub on eg Horolacq Brass Lacquer??
  11. Saturday Specials....

    My newly acquired Marathon JSAR (What a Beast of a Watch!)
  12. Vostok Amphibia Service

    Dateless Vostok Amphibia Watch Service (2415b)
  13. Basic Watch Tutorial

    A watch tutorial I did a while back on a simple hand wind Russian watch
  14. Still showing in stock at Southampton High street Argos???

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