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  1. Best smart watch for running

    I have a Garmin Vivoactive 3 that looks more watch like and has GPS, heart monitor, step counter, floor counter, phone notifications, etc etc. A lot cheaper than a Fenix too
  2. So Cold Time Froze

    Time will definitely freeze at 0deg Kelvin !!!
  3. Saturday watch parade 24th

    This Sharkey DSSD homage today!
  4. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Love the gold and black look if you move it on then let me know
  5. Controversial first one in this year

    One of the best films of all time, especially the rant from Steve Martin at the Rental Counter
  6. Controversial first one in this year

    That is a bit naughty to be sure
  7. Controversial first one in this year

    Well said Sir, now put on the hard hat or as you say leave the country I like the fact the watch is waterproof to 5ATM - so what's that mean? I guess you can just about sneeze on it without knackering It?
  8. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Love the Poljot Aviator II - a real classic. I could only get a leather strap version and tried in vain to find a matching bracelet. Mine was a strange grey sort of bead blasted finish???
  9. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Very interesting ...but what is it??
  10. Controversial first one in this year

    It's a nice watch. But I do get sick and tired of those who say these kind of watches are copies/fakes. It may well look identical to an Omega, but clearly says Alpha on the dial - so it's a homage to me. The end
  11. I know, its a fashion watch but

    How come I can't see imgur image files in chrome
  12. Bulova heads up

    A nice looking Bulova Chronograph on a flash sale? https://www.watches2u.com/watches/bulova/98a142-mens-dress-brown-leather-chronograph-watch.html
  13. TGI Friday~ 23rd Feb.

    Practical and surprisingly stylish for a G-shock

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