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  1. Well on ebay you can save a search and you get an email alert if something comes up. That said I wish I'd gone for the Orient Star GMT (white dial) on TZ, there are a few on ebay but hovering around the £500 Mark (went on TZ for about £350)
  2. I managed to find a new Orient Sparta on ebay, would have preferred a metal bracelet but still a nice looking watch. The lume is very bright unlike some of the more recent Orient watches I have bought
  3. This is exactly why people use online auction snipers.
  4. I think it a case of losing every time from CreationWatchesnow that they are declaring full value, gone are the days of $20 value and being charged a few ££'s by DHL
  5. Looks like a brand to avoid just like Stuhrling watches. My wife's plastic bezel insert broke and Stuhrling customer service said send it back to them in New York!! I asked if they could send me a new insert but they said this is not company policy. In the end I removed the bezel insert and found some clear gems stones the same width of the bezel insert and glued them in with clear epoxy
  6. This arrived today Very slim Seiko dress watch (6mm thick) White dial and dark blue hands SKP391P1 - http://www.seiko.co.uk/collections/men/premier/skp391p1#.WPJmndLyuUl
  7. Trouble is for the watches I bought the end of last year, I just paid a few £'s to DHL as Creation only put value of $20 on the DHL paperwork - this they do in advance of actually posting. Since a month or two ago, the DHL declaration from Creation now gives the full value in £'s - so of course DHL will charge the VAT + £12 or so handling charge. A watch costing £200 will get charged some £54 by DHL unless its under £15 (or £39 gift)
  8. Orient FET0T002S0
  9. Xbox one - Battlefield 1 (before that Battlefield 4) - every Friday night with a party of co-workers getting spanked by a load of kids
  10. You can't beat Tritec Superluminova !!
  11. Not if you use an oiler It's important to use the correct lacquer because you don't want it to dry to quickly.
  12. Looks like Creationwatches are now declaring full value to DHL, so you will get charged customs fees in UK.I paid £32 on a £106 watch. There are a couple of threads on TZ about this and it looks like everyone is having to.pay DHL so you need to factor these costs in now
  13. I rather like my Tissot La Locle Powermatic 80. Yes it's sweeping maybe less smooth but I'd rather have the 80hrs power reserve??? What's not to like about it?? BTW it's on a Hirsch lizard strap now
  14. I've now put a Milanese watch strap on, instead of the black leather deployment. The strap is poIished silver from Watch Gecko looks more dressy now IMHO??
  15. I hate them - I don't know why though, I'd rather stick to Seikos, Citizens and Orients...