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  1. In Defence of T W Steel

    I think you said it yourself... a complete Bell-End verging on the edge of insanity, chastised on many a Watch forum
  2. Good news and bad news from Amazon

    Well if my wife can collect from an Amazon locker, anyone can
  3. Good news and bad news from Amazon

    They should only deliver to a safe place you have indicated.Why dont you get it delivered to an Amazon locker near you??
  4. Good news and bad news from Amazon

    Do you get them to leave item in a safe place if you are not in???
  5. Any opinions on the Tissot Powermatic 80 ?

    Shameless plug, but i do have for sale in the classifieds, a Powermatic 80 le locle bought from CreationWatches (only a few months ago). It certainly seems to run for 3+ days as stated due to modified main spring and bear rate
  6. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    The new Cocktail Time watch is better known as the SRPB43 (as I mentioned earlier in this thread). http://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/2017-seiko-cocktail-time-srpb41-srpb43-srpb44-srpb46-4164802.html#/topics/4164802 you can pre-order from http://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/2017-seiko-cocktail-time-srpb41-srpb43-srpb44-srpb46-4164802.html#/topics/4164802
  7. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    You really love to troll dont you? For your information i got the Sarx029 from Saiyajapan...no doubt you will say they sell fakes too??
  8. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    Even Roy has said he bought two watches from citiwide-online_uk, so just give it rest you are getting very boring now!
  9. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    I thought about the SARB033, then I decided to push the boat out and buy a SARX029 Urushi instead
  10. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    You can't argue with that Which models did you get Roy??
  11. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    The OP wanted to know if the two ebay sellers were OK for getting a SARB065. Two people have bought SARB065 from one of those sellers without any issue (including me). JOB stated he.. "I suspect the Hong kong seller is selling fakes to unwitting buyers...." WITH NO evidence to back this up. The only person bringing up the subject of fakes or replica's in the first place was JOB As to other ebay sellers or sellers on internet sites, is not a topic for this particular thread. I posted photo's to prove that my SARB065 from citiwide-online_uk is genuine to give some reassurance to the OP.
  12. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    As I said with JDM, forget about the warranty - although someone did mention a UK/EU watchsmith who was happy to service & repair JDM or was I thinking about Orient watches??
  13. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    You would most probably have got stung for Parcel force custom charge and VAT then - I see they do the Black version (SBDC031) from EU but not the Blue
  14. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    You would only pay taxes IF and only IF the watch was being imported directly from China or Japan. As I pointed out earlier, the ebay auction state an EU source and therefore there will be no VAT to pay. So where did the seller say the Blumo was located?? So does this apply for CreationWatches and SkyWatches too then??
  15. Looking for a SARB065 cocktail time

    If you want a JDM then this is the price you have to pay I'm afraid I just didn't know what my money possibly would be funding...... I'm not with you on this??