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  1. Perlon strap opinions

    Perlons are good on hot, sweaty days, and EULITs are the best.
  2. Amazing accuracy for an automatic

    My Aramar is also very accurate. Lovely movement, 9015.
  3. Perlon strap opinions

    http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// Casio F-91, Citizen E510 and Sea-gull ST16 skeleton.
  4. Perlon strap opinions

    http:// http:// http:// http:// Casio F-91, Citizen E510 and Sea-gull ST16 skeleton.
  5. Perlon strap opinions

    I found these to be the best and the only ones I would buy again, http://www.yellys.ch/zub/zub-eulit.html#andere. I have a bunch from other well-known sellers sat here waiting for a trip to the Salvos.
  6. Sea Gull Chinese Military Watch

    I've owned both and they were both too noisy for me so sold them. The ST25 is known as a noisy movement but the military were really loud.
  7. Citizen.....Eco drive.....Precisionist

    I'd like a sweeping, eco haq for <$200.
  8. Weishi 1000 timegrapher, Are they any good

    I have one. I use it to make my watches COSC, especially the Sea-gulls (I have gotten the odd one that wasn't COSC out of the box). It helps you to appreciate how finicky watches are. The regulator needs a tiny, tiny, non-existent nudge. What happens is you get it to +6 and decide to give it one more go to get it closer to zero. Oops, it's now +30 and you are cursing yourself. Bit of advice - keep off the alcohol whilst tuning.
  9. 70s-watches.com What's your experience?

    His post is a sign of desperation to me. £1300 is a lot. He contacted Graham and got nowhere. I wonder why Graham didn't try to assuage him? Obviously, this is the OP's viewpoint. Be interested to hear Graham's take. Personally, I would be well peed if it happened to me. I would expect re-assurance from the dealer that I wasn't sold a pup, and if this didn't happen I would expect a refund. I'm poor!
  10. 70s-watches.com What's your experience?

    That's a bit harsh. What do you want to know? I would be a tad peeved in his shoes and looking for answers. 1300 quid is a lot, whether it was 8 years or 8 minutes.
  11. Buying from Japan

    http://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?335220-How-I-buy-from-Japan-and-China&highlight=Japan Hope Roy doesn't mind cross-posts. Thing to remember with using FJ is that they take no responsibility for sorting problems so best to use Paypal using credit card when depositing money so that you can shout at Paypal/CC. With Taobao you have to be careful of the fakes. A lot of time they won't have the good-price item in stock. Best to buy from TMall. I now have an English-speaking contact at Taobao who can help with resolving problems. I closed my FJ account because I was not impressed with them siding with a seller whose description was far from true. But, I have to say, there are deals to be had relative to Ebay, particularly Seiko. Don't be surprised if you keep going back for more - it can get addictive.
  12. Hints on regulating a 2824

    Well worth getting if you like to play. I just regulated a Sea-gull ST16 from +23 to 0 in about 10 mins.
  13. Seagull 63 input wanted

    I hope it's perfect. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f72/1963-chinese-air-force-style-watches-thomas-others-821627-97.html#post20916505
  14. Advice Needed On A Watch Winder......

    I bought a 4+6 watch-winder and now just use it as a exhibition case. Think about it - it keeps the watch wound, it doesn't keep it accurate, so you will most certainly end up re-setting, whether it is on a winder or not. Most of my watches are in placcy leather watch storage cases that fold. I now regret buying a watch-winder and don't recommend them.
  15. Manual Russian Ideas?

    Here it is. The crown is interesting. :yes: Once I realised I had something small enough to get the back off I regulated it - it has gone from +50 to +3/day. I got lucky as that was my first attempt. :D