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  1. jackteet

    what is beneath the gold plate

    Hi Alan, Many thanks for the suggestions.I have looked on ebay but small "Tank" style watches seem to be in the upper price ranges. I shall persevere. regards jack
  2. jackteet

    what is beneath the gold plate

    Hi Karrusel, most kind of you. I am only looking to spend up to £300. My lifestyle is one of retirement here in sunny spain. The most energetic thing I do is drinking coffee so a watch will never have a hard life on my wrist. Look forward to your suggestions. jack
  3. jackteet

    what is beneath the gold plate

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the pics; great watches especially the Cartier. My problem is I have girly size wrists so all of my watches are around the 33mm lug to lug or diameter. This limits the watches that are available to me. I normally go for watches made in the 70`s and 80`s. Given the current trend to wear watches the size of railway station clocks it is even more difficult to locate small watches. I would welcome any suggestions for makes that may fit the bill. thanks jack.
  4. jackteet

    what is beneath the gold plate

    Hi All, Many thanks for your very helpful info, I shall look for a stainless steel watch then.
  5. .Hi, I have always loved the Cartier Tank but refuse to spend silly money. So a couple of years ago I purchased a Seiko oblong watch 2620-5049 I had a new crystal fitted and the case re-plated. I put a good quality lizard strap on it and it looks like new. I rather fancy a stainless steel Cartier look a like so thought I would pick-up from ebay another well used Seiko tank and strip the plate and polish the stainless steel.It occured to me that under the gold plating may not be stainless steel. Does anyone know what the bass metal is please.thanks
  6. jackteet


    Hi, Can anyone please recommend a good guy for replating in the UK. Thanks
  7. jackteet


    Hi, I have found two guys in the uk who will strip the watch themselves and then electroplate it. Easy Electroplating on info@easyelectroplating.co.uk they charge about £65.00 plus postage. The other people are The Gold Plating Company again in the uk on sales@goldrush-plating.co.uk again about £65.00 plus postage. I hope this helps.
  8. jackteet


    Hi Antony, thanks for that. regards jack.
  9. jackteet


    Hi, I have just purchased off ebay a 1986 Gucci 4200 watch. Being rather dull I decided to clean the case with a peice of brasso wadding. Youv`e guessed it the plating has come off and my watch is now silver instead of gold.I understand that I can have the case electroplated for little money. I have read articles criticising the end result so I thought I would ask you guys if you can recommend anyone who carries out electroplating with good results. thanks
  10. jackteet

    Parts/ Watchmaker

    Hi bry1975, thanks very much indeed cheers jack
  11. jackteet

    Parts/ Watchmaker

    Hi Bri1975, Thanks for that. I am going round this forum in circles trying to find the means with which I can send a p/m to Roy but without success. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction please. thanks jack.
  12. jackteet

    Parts/ Watchmaker

    Hi, I am interested in a Raymond Weil watch which is being sold spares/repairs. It needs a new crown and crystal.I live in spain and the only watchmaker near to me is rubbish so I am looking to send the watch to the uk for the repairs. A Raymond Weil approved repairer will charge a fortune so I need a good and experienced repairer who can source a crown and cut a very thin mineral crystal.I would very much appreciate any recommendations you guys could make. thanks jack.
  13. Thanks guys most appreciated. Jack
  14. Hi, I need to shorten a couple of watch bracelets. I have looked at the cube type with pin pushers and hammer and at the vice type with pins that screw into the watch link. I would appreciate opinions as to which type is better. Thanks Jack

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